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Gummypaw by: Lily That Shines Like Dawn

"This mailbox is mine"-Stingy

Gummypaw is a small, silvery-gray striped tabby tom, who has green eyes the color of grass.

On The Blog ๐Ÿ“‚

Gummypaw joined the blog on November 3rd, 2016. He mostly hangs out on the Tavern, and is friends with Birchy, Juni, Rainy, Sunny, Wollow, Owl and Owl, Daisy, Flo, Breezey, Goldi, Emb, Moony, Mistle, Wistep, Lily, and Frosty (sorry if I missed you, add yourself if you want)

On The Wiki ๐Ÿ“‚

Gummypaw joined the wiki on December 23rd, 2016. He has 243 edits, and is currently ranked #74. He can be found on the chat often, and is quite friendly.

Personality ๐Ÿ“‚

Gummypaw is somewhat shy, but still adores meeting new people. Gummypaw sometimes worries a lot, can be more of a worrier than a warrior.

Biography ๐Ÿ“‚

Gummy has a one sister, and their parents. He reads Warriors, Wings of Fire, Percy Jackson, and Harry Potter, and loves them all.

Trivia ๐Ÿ“‚

  • Gummypaw has a cat! She have no official name, but goes by a number of nicknames, including Meow-Meow, Lucky, Whitestripe, and Mew.
  • Gummypaw hates geese.
  • This page was made mostly by Daisypaw on 3/11/2017
  • He ships Frodaisy.
  • Lily nicknamed him Mr. Gumso - lily
  • Gummy's favorite color is greeeeen - lily
  • Gummy was married to Lily That Shines Like Dawn but they are now laufully divorced.ย 
  • Gummy is a ninjaย 


Gummy: Mmhmm

Lily: Yep

-Thing that's said in PM every few minutes

I love geese-Gummy

BAWWK-Greeting Sunny

Shushy-Lily telling me to shushy