Heptagon is a fanfiction by Streampaw, Mistleheart, Willowlight, and Foxpaw. It is about nine young cats who form a group and sneak out at night to seek for excitement. It is the first (chronologically) of the Chronicles of Chaos series

Summary Edit

We travel in shadows. No one sees, no one knows. And it stayed that way (sometimes, I wish it hadn't).

Allegiances Edit


Leader: Rosestar- dark cream-coloured she-cat with pale green eyes

Deputy: Hawkfeather- golden brown tabby tom with white paws

Medicine Cat: Snowspeckle- silvery-white she-cat with grey flecks down her back

Apprentice, Thistlepaw


Dapplefeather-  tortoiseshell and white she-cat with yellow eyes

Birchclaw- pale brown tabby tom with white ear-tips and tail-tip

Pinefeather- fluffy dark red tom

Juniperpool- tuxedo she-cat with one blue eye and one green eye

Apprentice, Mosspaw

Berrystripe- brown mackerel tabby tom with amber eyes

Dawnstreak- ginger-brown she-cat with golden streaks

Apprentice, Goldenpaw

Moosefoot- dark brown and white tom with large paws

Fernspots- fluffy pale grey tom with white spots on chest

Gingertail- white tom with ginger spots and a long ginger tail

Apprentice, Hazelpaw

Branchshade- dark brown, almost black tom with yellow eyes

Suncloud - pale ginger, almost yellow she-cat with amber eyes

Fallenshadows- long-haired dark grey she-cat with an orange dash on chest

Apprentice, Featherpaw

Eaglesong- brown tabby she-cat with cream spots

Dusklight- soft-furred pale brown and white she-cat, crippled from a rockfall

Swallowstorm- dark ginger tom with yellow eyes

Darkstream- dark grey she-cat with white ear-tips

Stonespark- ginger, grey and white tabby she-cat with amber eyes


Thistlepaw- brown and white tom with spiky fur

Mosspaw- sleek white she-cat with soft green eyes

Goldenpaw- golden-brown she-cat with white patches

Featherpaw- soft-furred grey tom with a very fluffy tail


Fawnwhisker- tan she-cat with green eyes. mother of Branchshade's kits- Petalkit (tortoiseshell and white she-cat) and Mintkit (pale grey tom)


Roseflight- White she-cat with pinky-orange splotches and long legs

Scorchwing- dark ginger tom with blue eyes and a white tail-tip


Leader: Duskstar- pale brown and white she-cat with violet eyes

Deputy: Rainwing- speckled grey tom

Medicine cat: Thornfeather- grey-brown tabby tom with spiky-looking fur


Flashheart- scarred white she-cat with ginger splotches

Ivystep- wiry dark brown tabby tom with green eyes

Jaywhisper- lithe pale grey and white she-cat with blue eyes

Robinstripe- cinnamon tabby tom



Prologue Edit

The night is our mask. We stay up until the stars fade; in our world, the sun is a speck. Respect the night. Nighttime keeps our mouths opening and closing, keeps us from snapping at any chance we get. Nighttime keeps us going. Be grateful. We travel in shadows, no more than three at a time; it's our secret. No one else saw, no one else knew. "And it will stay that way," Lilywind says.

There's nine of us and almost too many to mention. Featherfall is elusive. Always alone (she prefers it that way). At day, she is swarmed by others, mostly from her own clan. Bees over a field of flowers. Except the flowers are long since dead and the bees are just as fake as anything else. We don't talk about day, but it's something we all notice.

The three WindClan cats travel together but their faces are anything but friendly. Icejay shifts like ocean water, the calm before the storm, and the lightning that follows. Poppyleaf is a fox and she knows it, never saying anything straight. She's the one who comes up with all the ideas; climb trees to the top, peel the bark off branches. Jump into the river. Crawl through brambles and return without burrs (We fell asleep bleeding that dawn, scarlet). Grasstail is almost nice but too bitter to be anything else.

Shadowfern hardly talks but does more than anyone, and the most mysterious cat I've known. Only Featherfall knows why she came and she hasn't told. Yet. Dappleflight and Lilywind, sisters. Both of them are RiverClan, and one of them isn't what they look. Lilywind is both the gentlest and most startling cat I know. Swallowstorm, ripped at every edge. And me, Darkstream, shunned by both my mother and Starclan. To them, I'm just a speck of dirt. A tangle. A mistake. Something to overlook. Isn't it ironic that we like think of each other in the same way, but only one succeeds?

The hollow overlooking the sea became our meeting spot. We slip out as the sun sets, a curious band of newly-made warriors. We never had a name, although Dappleflight suggested it once, always referring to us as "us" or"them" or "the group", or simply not at all. Dappleflight made the group in the first place. "Open to anyone looking for adventure in their life," she had announced to me at the gathering. Except now it was only for the nine of us. We never had an established leader; we met up, we did things, we talked, we left. We have roles; some, not at all. Poppyleaf gives the ideas. Dappleflight sorts out which nights we meet, and which we don't. Shadowfern scouts. We take turns being look out, always ready to scatter in case someone came, but nobody ever came, and nobody has.

Chapter one Edit

Written by Streampaw and edited by Mistleheart

We arrive a few minutes behind everyone else. Featherfall gives me a look, which I ignore by instinct, shuffling into place just in time to hear Poppyleaf announce, “We’re doing something special today.”

“By special, you mean weird.” Icejay snorts, which Poppyleaf decidedly ignores. It’s almost routine; Swallowstorm and I make the trek from Thunderclan, Poppyleaf has an idea, Icejay undermines it, and the rest follows.

“You see those rocks?” She flicks her tail toward a series of ragged ledges situated halfway down a gorge across from us, just outside WindClan territory. They stretch all the way to ThunderClan's forest. “We’re going to jump along them.”

"...okay, she’s crazy.” Lilywind dismisses jokingly with a wave of her paw. The others laugh, or in Shadowfern’s case, look pointedly away.. “But joking aside," the RiverClan she-cat continues, "won’t it be dangerous?”

“Well, there are piles of leaves, and-” Poppyleaf begins, when Featherfall stops her.

“So what if it’s dangerous?” she argues. “Anything could be dangerous. As long as we’re careful enough, nothing bad can come of it. Besides,” she adds, “We came here for adventure. And there won’t be any adventure if all we do is sit here and talk."

Silence falls. Although we have no leader, Featherfall has the most unspoken authority out of all of us. And why wouldn’t she? Even though she isn't the oldest out of all of us, she has a breezy, mature way of speaking, something I wish I had.

“...I think I’ve made my point," Featherfall finishes. "Any questions?”

Grasstail looks as though he wants to say something, but doesn't.

“Good.” This time, it is Dappleflight speaking. “Then we’ll start. Remember, only make the jump if you think you can do it. We don’t want any unnecessary injuries. One at a time, and wait for the cat in front of you. That includes you, Swallowstorm.” She glances toward the ginger tom, who snorts.

“No pushing, and climb back up or jump down if you want to stop. Any way across is fine, but we stop once we reach ThunderClan territory," Dappleflight finishes. “Is that clear?”

Without waiting for an answer, she continues. “Good. Then let’s begin.”

Poppyleaf goes first. She focuses on a ledge just across from where she stands, and jumps, landing safely on the rock before heading to the other. Watching her makes it seem easy.

“You nervous?” Lilywind asks, padding up to me as Featherfall takes her turn, effortlessly springing from rock to rock. I hesitate, before shaking my head.

“It’s not that far from the bottom. Besides, it’s not like any of us are forced into this anyway.” I shrug.

“Good for you," she says, moving along in the line. “I am, though, but only a little bit.” And with that, she jumps onto the place Poppyleaf previously was. “Good luck!” She calls after me.

I pay attention as Grasstail leaps onto a lower ledge. His usual nervous demeanour is replaced with a look of concentration, and I realize that WindClan cats probably don't have to deal anything like this. Then Icejay goes, scowling as he lands messily onto the first ledge, barely making the jump.

“Darkstream, it’s your turn.” Dappleflight nudges me. I look over my shoulder. Only Swallowstorm is behind me, and he is looking pointedly away. “Unless you want me to go first.”

“If you want,” I say.

She leaves without replying. Like the others, she starts in the same place, before selecting the lower of the next two ledges. I watch, mesmerised, as she bounds seemingly effortlessly along the gorge, overtaking one after the other. How could she do it so easily?

“Hey, if you’re going to go, quit ogling Dappleflight and get on the rocks,” Swallowstorm grumbles from behind me.

“Oh- right- yeah.” I say quickly, remembering. “Sorry.”

“Don’t,” I think I heard him say quietly, before I jump. And suddenly there's wind rushing through my fur and empty air under my paws before they hit rock, hard, adrenaline still coursing through my veins.

The next ledge is slightly harder; there's ivy growing next to it which either helps you, or doesn't. There was a Windclan warrior, once, who died when he was strangled by it. I try not to keep that in mind.

"I'm at the end!" Poppyleaf shouts from far, far ahead. "It's actually pretty short-" And then there's a crash and a crack, then silence. I brace myself for a sickening thump, but it never comes.

Several minutes pass and neither of us move. The thought of loose stones tumbling down from above our heads, sending us spiralling downward until we broke our necks is enough to keep all of us still.

"She's alive!" Featherfall announces finally, and I let out a sigh of relief. Any deaths would bring questions we could never answer. Now to make sure we could all live till daytime.

Chapter two Edit

Written by Mistleheart

“So how’s the prey been running?”

I step into the shade of a palm tree and glare at Darkstream, who had spoken. “We’re in the same Clan. Why don’t you ask Rosestar how the prey’s been running?” 

Another night, I think. Another adventure. 

“Why don’t I?” Darkstream muses. She rambles on, but I am lost in my own thoughts.

Hawkfeather. An image of the ThunderCla deputy flashes in my eyes. My father, and the reason I'm here. Hawkfeather wants me to be deputy. But I hate his goading and support, and I don't want to become deputy.

 But I didn’t come to jump along rocks, I think. 

“Darkstream and Swallowstorm!” a she-cat calls from the island. Dappleflight. “You’re in time for Poppyleaf’s idea.” 

I leap onto the island. “Poppyleaf’s ideas are mouse-brained,” I grumble. 

Poppyleaf’s eyes rounden in indignation, but she doesn't reply. “We haven’t climbed trees before,” she announces. “And that’s we’re doing tonight. You see the forest there?” She flicks her tail toward the mainland. “The trees are - ”

Darkstream jumps in with a frown. “We ThunderClan warriors climb trees every day.” 

I nod. I can't see the risk in climbing trees; it's as simple as catching a mouse.

“You haven’t ever climbed trees as tall as these.” Poppyleaf’s eyes shine with enthusiasm. “The oaks reaches through the clouds! The sycamores too.”

I roll my eyes. No oak or sycamore can reach through the clouds.

Darkstream is shaking her head too. “Impossible.” 

“Come on, it’ll be exciting!” Featherfall encourages, leaping to her paws. “The trees must be really tall if Poppyleaf says they reach through the clouds. What are we waiting for?” And with that, she dashes off. 

Dappleflight nods. “It’ll be an adventure,” she mews as she follows the ShadowClan she-cat.

I sigh. “Poppyleaf must have bees in her brain,” I mutter. “Unlike some of us.”


"It's true!" Lilywind gasps, awed.

I'm annoyed because climbing oaks as tall as these would result in injury or death. More, Poppyleaf had been right - or close enough.

"No tree can reach through the clouds," I snarl.

"Lighten up, Swallowstorm," Icejay grumbles. He rears and and plants his forepaws on the side of an oak to stare up the trunk.

I sniff.

"If you'll stop bickering," Dappleflight calls from where she stands, "here's the plan."

I prick my ears, but I don't turn to face her.

"You'll be climbing in pairs," the RiverClan she-cat says. "Featherfall will climb alone. Grasstail, you're with me. Poppyleaf, you're partners with Lilywind. Icejay and Darkstream." Her narrowed eyes scorch my pelt. "And Swallowstorm, you're with Shadowfern."

I glance at the ShadowClan she-cat. She didn't speak.

"Why does Featherfall get to climb alone?" I demand.

No one replies, but Featherfall looks smug and Shadowfern's face crumples. I steel myself against a flood of guilt.

"She asked for it," Dappleflight says sharply.

I snort, turn, and leap onto a branch of an oak. "See?" I flick my tail. "Simple."

Icejay springs onto a branch of another tree. "It's easy," he calls down to Darkstream, who paces in the clearing. "Come on."

"Of course." She twitched her tail-tip in annoyance. "I know how to climb." And she jumps up beside Icejay and passes him.

Icejay scowls.

I concentrate on a branch slightly above my head and leap onto it, then the next. I glance down at Shadowfern. Anxiety glints in her eyes.

"It's not too hard," I reassure her.

Shadowfern crouches and leaps onto a branch on our oak. She lurches forward, but rights herself and waves her tail to me. I sigh in relief and continue up the tree.

Poppyleaf springs confidently from branch to branch. Lilywind is more cautious and doubtful, examing each bough before leaping onto one.

Darkstream is ahead of Icejay. I launch myself upwards as she's about to pass me. I pass the branch I was prepari to land on and crash onto a small branch. The branch is too high. And it's cracking beneath my paws.

Terrified, I rocket up. I find a stronger branch and huddle there, my heart pounding, and glance down.

The clearing is a speck below me, and Shadowfern is catching up.

"I'm fine," I say simply. I push myself to my paws and go on.

"Help!" yelps a tom from an oak tree to my right. Grasstail is clinging to a small bough by his fore paws, thrashing around and yelping in terror. His partner, Dappleflight, stands above him, helpless. "Stop thrashing!" she snaps. "The branch is cracking."

Grasstail whimpers, but doesn't move. "How do I get down?"

Dappleflight clenches her teeth, and then glances at Darkstream and then me, as if expecting me to answer.

I narrow my eyes. The branch Grasstail clings to will snap any moment. There is a smaller branch below him, but it won't hold his weight for long.

"Grasstail, there's a branch a tail-length below you," I call out.

Grasstail squeaks in horror. "Do you want me to let go?" It's as if he's never heard such a thing. Which he probably hasn't. I sigh.

"Yes, let go," I order. "But you'll have to jump down quickly. The branch below you is too light for you."

"No, no." Grasstail shakes his head. "I'm not a ThunderClan warrior! I'm not a squirrel, leaping around trees as if it's the easiest thing in the world."

I hiss in disapproval, but I had wasted one critical monent. The branch breaks with a sickening crack, and Grasstail tumbles down. He crashes against the lower branch, which breaks as well, and then plummets toward his partner, Dappleflight.

With a yelp, Dappleflight leaped aside. Grasstail hurtled past her, but she leaned down, caught his tail in her teeth, and pulled him onto her branch.

I exhale, relieved.

"I think it's time we go down," Darkstream calls anxiously.

"You can," Dappleflight snorts. "We've only just come. I'd like to climb higher." And with that, she gracefully leaps to a branch on the other side of her tree.

I continue climbing as well, until I realize the tree is swaying. I'm perching precariously on a tiny branch, and the wind threatens to push me off. "We've climbed too high!" I yelp.

Shadowfern, who stands a fox-length below, backs down.

Helpful, I think.

The tree shudders as I swarm down it. I glance at the clearing and it's as small as a beetle. My stomach flips over.

I nearly fall, many times, but I make it down.

Grasstail has trouble coming down, but he does eventually, with Dappleflight's help. I'm surprised that Poppyleaf and Icejay can climb trees so well. The moorland isn't exactly a forest scene.

Featherfall isn't doing so well either. She chose to climb herself, but I guess that didn't go well.

She clings to the trunk, and there's no way down except for scooting around the tree or backing straight down the trunk.

"Well, she did ask for it," I grumble, but I'm worried. To my annoyance.

Darkstream yowls up to her. "You have to wriggle down. Slowly. Take your time."

Featherfall clenches her teeth. I know she'd never admit she's scared, but I can tell. Slowly, she backs down the tree. One paw step at a time.

Finally, she pushes off the tree, and crashes messily on the ground. Dappleflight runs to her aid, but she picks herself up with a scowl.

So I made it through another night alive. Congratulations.

"I think we should be heading home," Lilywind says. "Look, the sky is lighting up."

Dappleflight nods for once. "Alright." She gives each of us a glare. "If you're asked about where you've been, never reveal yourself," she warns, just like she does every night. "Say you woke up early and went for a walk, or the Dirtplace."

I sigh. "We know."

"I'm reminding you," Dappleflight replies sharply, and dismisses us.

Darkstream and I race towards ThunderClan territory, me without a brief goodbye to the others. The sun is rising, and I know we have to hurry.

Within minutes, our camp is ahead. Darkstream puts on a burst of speed, and I follow her, not wanting to be caught. Rosestar is not to be messed with. We push into the clearing, trying hard to be casual.

Rosestar is there, with Hawkfeather. Both cats turn to stare sharply at me, curious and suspicious.

"We went for - " Darkstream begins hurriedly.

"- a walk," I finish. I can't trust Darkstream to not say something strange, like to visit a fox den with mice inside.

Rosestar narrows her eyes, but she nods finally and turns to pad away. Hawkfeather, my father, glares at me and goes after her. I catch Darkstream's gaze. We are both relieved, but I won't show it.

Another night is over.

(Rest coming soon)

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