A dark forist kit

By Appledapple.

Allegiances Edit

RiverClan Edit

Leader: Adderstar-gray tom with two black stripes down his back
Deputy: Ripplethorn-golden tabby with amber eyes
Medicine Cat: Brindlewater-brindle tortoiseshell she-cat with blue eyes
Warriors: Berryshadow-very dark gray she-cat flecked gray with age

Fireshade-black and ginger tabby tom

Mossbird-gray-brown tom

Wishtail-black tom

Apprentice, Runningpaw

Fallingpoppy-long-haired ginger tom

Apprentice, Silverpaw

Brackenbreeze-golden-brown tortoiseshell she-cat

Apprentice, Birdpaw

Chillwhisper-gray-and-white she-cat with amber eyes

Blazeriver-ginger tabby tom with white eyes

Apprentice, Daisypaw

Morningnettle-tawny she-cat with patchy fur

Fuzzycloud-cream colored tom with feather soft, glossy, thick fur

Hopesong-pale brown tabby she-cat

Darkeye-silver-gray tabby tom with very dark brown almost black eyes

Blueriver-gray-blue she-cat with white markings

Snowstorm-pure white tom

Apprentices: Runningpaw-blue-gray tabby tom

Silverpaw-silver-gray tabby she-cat

Birdpaw-gray she-cat with a white chest

Daisypaw-white she-cat with green eyes

Queens: Dappledmist-white she-cat with dappled brown patches, mother of Ripplethorn’s kits: Honeykit (golden-brown tabby she-kit) and Leopardkit (pale gold she-kit with a golden dappled pelt)

Nightnose-pale-gray she-cat with a black nose Mother of Blazeriver’s kit Dawnkit(very pale gray she-cat with bright ginger paches)

Elders: Heatherbloom-white she-cat with delicate silver markings and bright heather-blue eyes

ThunderClan Edit

Leader: Lionstar-yellow tabby tom
Deputy: Eagledawn-brown she-cat with a white tail and head
Medicine Cat: Cherrypelt-dappled russet tortoiseshell she-cat
Warriors: Toadripple-dark brown, almost black tom with a white belly

Apprentice, Thrushpaw

Willowflight-golden flecked she-cat

Sparksoul-old dark ginger she-cat

Apprentice, Weaselpaw
Spottedmoon-gray (with black flecks) she-cat with amber eyes

Emberfrost-smokey gray tom

Blazingleap-gray tom with a white blaze on his face

Leafpelt-brown and cream tom

Apprentices: Thrushpaw-brown tom with a white belly

Weaselpaw-dark brown tom with a pale brown belly and chest

Queens: Spottedspirit-dark cream she-cat with brown spots, expecting Emberfrost’s kits
Elders: Lightningleap-yellow tabby tom


ShadowClan Edit

Leader: Stormstar-brown she-cat with amber eyes
Deputy: Tigerrock-dark gray tabby she-cat with long tiger-like stripes
Medicine Cat: Shadowice-small gray tom with white patches
Warriors: Oakpelt-skinny red-brown tom

Cedarwind-dark ginger tom

Sharpstorm-black tabby tom

Apprentice, Raypaw

Slowwhisper-tortoiseshell she-cat

Endlessleap-light brown tabby tom

Dogtooth-black-and-white tom

Apprentice, Tallonpaw

Jaggedpelt-gray tom with long fur that sticks out at all angles

Brightstripe-bright ginger tabby tom

Sunpool-pale yellow tabby she-cat

Apprentices Sunpaw-pale ginger she-cat with light blue eyes

Raypaw-yellow tabby tom with dark blue eyes

Queens: Heavytail-white she-cat with a fluffy tail, mother of Endlessleap’s Kit: Leapkit (Pale brown tom), Wiskerkit(white she-kit with a large dark brown tabby spot on her back and long whiskers) and
Elders: Tallheart-long legged light brown tabby she-cat with a white heart shaped marking

WindClan Edit

Leader: Breezestar-dark blue-gray tabby tom with pale green eyes
Deputy: Harewatcher-gray and brown she-cat
Medicine Cat: Cedarleaf-long tailed ginger and white tom

Apprentice, Silverleaf, fully trained

Warriors: Gorsethorn-ginger tom with a white muzzle

Daisystorm-pale-gray tom with blue eyes

Apprentice, Riverpaw

Wolfseeker- gray tabby tom

Sparrowwisper-small brown and white she-cat

Blackcloud-black-and-white she-cat

Flametooth-brown-and-white tom

Moonfeather-black she-cat with white spots and feather soft fur

Apprentices: Silverleaf-calico she-cat blind in one eye

Riverpaw-light gray tabby she-cat with blue eyes

Queens: Gorseflower-very pale tortoiseshell she-cat with blue eyes, mother of Wolfseeker’s kit, Tinykit (small dark tortoiseshell she-kit)
Elders: Twilightflower-very old black she-cat

Prologue Edit

A dappled brown she-cat forced herself to her legs, pain surging through her. It had been a bloody battle with ShadowClan over a small stretch of land on RiverClan territory. Adderstar claims we won, But how is it winning; Shedding less blood isn’t winning, it’s losing.

Suddenly, a pale-brown shape came towards the stream. Distracted from her thoughts, instinctively her hackles raised. Her hackles flew down and concern flashed through her when she realised it was her daughter, with tears in her eyes. “Dappledmist, they killed father!” her daughter yowled in shock. “Bring me to his body Hopesong,” Dappledmist said, with a shaky voice. They raced through the Bloody battlefield in silence, Maybe Hopesong is wrong; maybe I’m dreaming, thought Dappledmist. Despite her desperate hopes, she knew she wasn't dreaming. The scars of battle were too painful to be dreaming.

Suddenly they stopped. “Over here!” shouted Hopesong, pointing her muzzle. Hope flared in her heart. This cat’s fur is russet, several shades away from his golden fur! but hope quickly turned to icy horror as she recognized the unique stripe down his back. She looked closer and noticed that the tom’s fur wasn't red, It was bleached with blood. No not my mate not, Ripplethorn!

She looked down at her mate’s battle-scarred body feeling numb with pain, as she stared at his lifeless blood bleached body. Flashing before her eyes were images of her other lost love - her  son, Brownbirch,who had recently died of greencough, and her father, Mudspots, who had died of old age.  Is StarClan punishing me for something?

Chapter 1 Edit

Leopardkit and Honeykit were trying to swim in the Little Pool with the help of their foster mom, Berryshadow. They splashed each other in the cool late new-leaf water. “Hey can we play mino-hunt!” Leopardkit squealed. Berryshadow shook her head slowly.“Maybe tomorrow kits, it’s starting to rain.” she

“Pleeeeeease.” Honeykit begged.

Tell you what, will come out here first thing tomorrow morning if it stops raining." berryshadow compromised

Ok! Honeykit squealed The more I swim the more things I can learn when I become an apprentice and then I can be the best warrior ever…… me and Leopardkit.

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