{this is how my fursona, not me, found BlogClan, also, it is only blogclan, no rp clans}


The winter wind blew snow around as the ginger tom walked in the snow. Up ahead, he smelled cat! A cat from the Tribe of Endless Hunting! He raced as quickly as he could to the starry cat. "Stoneteller," the old starry cat mewed. "I have a quest for your cats." The cat ushered Stoneteller to a pool of water, where a small cat was laying. "Clover, why that's Snow! She's a kit!" hissed Stoneteller.

"I know." mewed Clover. Instantly the image of Snow dissolved and a strange symbol remained.

"That is the logo of BlogClan. Send some cats there, for the tribe has one too many mouths to feed. This group can nourish your cats."

"What if they die?" mewed Stoneteller.

"Then they die. There will be one who lives through this journey to BlogClan." meowed Clover, and then everything shook and faded.

Phew, just some stupid dream I can disregard.

But I should listen to my sister.

She's dead.

She told me to do something.

FINE! I will!

Stoneteller padded up to the announcement creek, that flowed like a flying bird.

"Cats of the Tribe of Blazing Fire, I have an announcement. Rather, a quest."

Frost that Glimmers In Light and Freeze of the Harshest Blizzard pulled their kits, Snow that Blankets Hill and Flurry that Brings Peaceful Snowflakes, closer towards them.

"Again?" moaned Ripples that Shake Pond.

"I have seen a vision from Clover that gets Cradled by Wind. She showed me a cat. Someone who will live through the climates of our ever-changing world. Something beyond the Everchill Peaks, into the forest to find a home."

"Flash of Howling Lightning. Ripples that Shake Pond. Frost, Freeze. Snow, Flurry. Sparrow's Song at Morning Dawn. And finally, Talon of Swooping Owl. You must go." annouced Stoneteller.

"Why?" retorted Sparrow.

"We are starving here. I do not wish for you to die. Go on, you must leave." meowed Stoneteller.

Chapter One-The First DeathEdit

As the cats descended down the Hills of Blazing Fire, everyone seemed hungry, but otherwise fine.

Next morning, in the meadows, the screech of a hawk was heard. It swooped down and snatched up Ripple.

"HEEEELP!!" he screamed

"Don't struggle! The talons will dig into you!" called Frost.

Ripple couldn't hear Frost calling and he struggled. The hawk flew away.

That was the first death.

More Coming Soon

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