Hello, young children, and welcome to the Idea Shop.  This is a place to go when you're short on fanfiction, coding, or roleplay ideas, or have some of your own to share!  Keep in mind that unless you specifically require permission and/or credit, anyone can use your idea.  Feel free to use any of these in your fanfictions, roleplays, articles, etc.

Fanfiction PromptsEdit

  • A young cat is starting a secret rebellion within the Clans, and a network of spies and traitors is uncovered.
  • A she-cat must try to find her long-lost friend before it's too late.
  • A peaceful group wants a share of the Clans' territory as the Clans have been weakened and shrunk and there is plenty of prey to go around. However, they refuse.

Roleplay IdeasEdit

  • Cats are sent on a mission to infiltrate a rogue group and assassinate its leader.
  • A secret organization was dissolved by the Clans who wanted the territory. Watch the descendants get their revenge.

Plot IdeasEdit

  • A rogue befriends a Clan cat and wishes to join the Clans, but doesn't quite get what the Clans are about.
  • A tom meets a friendly, selfless she-cat only to find out, later on, she was cheating on him the whole time.

Coding IdeasEdit

  • A page or signature with four sections, each inspired by an element.
  • Scroll boxes as different sections
  • A colorful flower-inspired piece of coding

Article IdeasEdit

  • BlogClan but with Clan cats.
    • Rosepetal is a gigantic shipper
  • Theories!!!!

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