The Internet Travellers' Jounral is a secretive page that stayed behind on BlogClan's Old Camp. It all started around the 20th of January, 2014, when Stormy Sea (then Stormpaw), Snakepaw, and Flame That Shines Like Sun teamed up to get into the page. They joined together on a randomly opened live chat (then, live chat was only for gatherings, which happened 2-4 times a year).

To help them get clues, the three used the pages BlogClan Tavern 10 and the Hazelpage, which had mysterious messages from some one called Br and someone called Cr on them, to get them closer. These messages had mentioned another being called Az.

It is notable that Hazelburrow created this page, for fun experiences and an interesting addition to BlogClan. It is unknown whether Kate and the other administrators knew about this page, and the code, at the time.


Immediately after Birchfoot had found it, surprisingly getting in, comments exploded with theories, like one that was related to a former roleplay, detailing that Az was Hazelburrow and that Cr was Kate, etc.

Clues to figure out the code and mystery of the page lay in the odd messages Hazelburrow would leave on various pages, such as:

he said it would be our names.
oh - spilt the secret. i hope if we find him we'll have time to change the password. or
at least warn him to... if he's still alive, that is.

The Blogclanners started guessing. As mentioned, the first to get on was Birchfoot, followed by:

And the list goes on form there.

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