Other Names Ivyflight, Ivy
Relatives Shadeslash(dad), Thornpaw (oldest younger brother), Jaggedkit (middle younger brother), and Stonekit (pre-k younger brother)
Affiliation BlogClan
Biographical information
Mentor N/A
Apprentice Otterpaw (Ottersong)
Rank Warrior
Physical description
Gender Female
Breed ??? medium-furred turkish angora maybe
Fur Color Silver and white tabby striped
Eye Color Ivy green

Personality Edit

Ivy was very shy before she joined BlogClan, but BlogClan has helped boost her confidence so she's not as shy. She even runs an NTA on the Warriors Games Page! Ivy is energetic, but can be sarcastic and awfully blunt. In real life, Ivy is shy and reserved, only confiding in Lilysong, her best friend.

On the Blog Edit

Ivy isn't that new to BlogClan any more. Her Clanniversary is August 27th, and she's currently running for Senior Warrior. (go vouch right now) She recently turned 16 on her birthday, June 6th. But she's still a freshman. She's obsessed with BlogClan and tries her hardest to be really active. Her favorite pages are the Tavern and the Warriors Games Page. She loves running her NTA.

Trivia Edit

- Read every Warriors book except for Outcast, which she got about halfway through and gave up

- Birthday is June 6th, 2002

- Clanniversary is August 27th, 2017

- None of her brothers read Warriors

- Ivy is allergic to cats (sadly)

- She is a Methodist Christian

- Her best friend IRL is Lilysong, whom she met at church

- Ivy is 16 but is a freshman

- She is an INTJ-T irl

- She is a proud Ravenclaw

Friends on the Blog Edit

(Add yourselves, people, this list is pitiful!)


Cheeto :P




Frosto :)


Sheldon J. Plankton



Crystie :D

Fursona Edit

Ivy is a silver and white tabby she-cat with a long silver tail, white chest fur, and ivy-green eyes.

Fandoms Edit


Harry Potter

FOOOOOOD (This probably isn't even a fandom)

Hamilton (the musical- favorite songs- One Last Time, Dear Theodosia)

The Greatest Showman (favorite songs - A Million Dreams, This Is Me)


Wings of Fire

Ships (feel free to add one of you and Ivy!) Edit

Ivood (Ivy X Food)

IvyClan (Ivy X BlogClan)

Email Ivy Edit

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