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Jayfrost is a gray-brown she-cat with badger stripes on her face, V markings on her shoulders and hips, and a striped tail. She has lighter muzzle and cheeks, throat, chest, belly, and paws. She has medium fur, a long-haired tail, a scar on her lower back and a scar on each knee, and dark amber eyes.

On The BlogEdit

Jayfrost is, notably, the second deputy of BlogClan and the organiser and editor of the BlogClan allegiances. She adds new members and removes the old, unused ones. She generally tries to update the allegiances once a month but it often gets postponed due to studying and schoolwork. Jayfrost contributes plenty of art to the blog, including pictures of members in profile, and draws for Trailing Stars .

Trailing StarsEdit

Jayfrost has been mentioned in Trailing Stars many times, and narrated a chapter too. She also draws and designs the pictures for every chapter. 

Trivia Edit

  • Jayfrost is in charge of the Allegiances on the Blog
  • She illustrates the images for Trailing Stars chapters
  • Jay Frost, a kit from Dawn of the Clans, was named and modelled after her.
  • She is the second deputy of BlogClan after Copperclaw, elected on October 17, 2015.

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