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Kat is a round-faced white she-cat with brown tabby patches, one blue eye and one green eye.

On the Blog Edit

On the blog, Kat is usually online and contributes. She's part of the BlogTeam, and in charge of updating the New Members' Page and the Blog's 'tour guide'. Kat draws fanart sometimes, and offers to draw BlogClan members as dogs or as cats. Notably, she is the second medicine cat of BlogClan, and her apprentice is Winterpaw . Kat has written many fanfictions, including either BlogClan or the four Warrior Clans, for example, ThunderClan's Despair with Jayfrost . She was also a member of the former BlogClan roleplay sites.

Trivia Edit

  • Kat is her nickname.
  • Her nicknames include Wolfie, Kitty, Katwolfie, Wolfiekat, and many more.  Wolfie was given to her by an adult, after hearing about her love of wolves, and kept it ever since.
  • She was elected medicine cat on October 31, 2015.

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