"you forgot the bee movie" - Lup
Laurelcloud is a dark brown tabby she-cat with green eyes.

This page has been twice, maybe thrice deleted. It was the first "free-reign" page, and may become one again someday.... maybe. My eyes are still burning from the glorious memes and the over-abundance of rainbows.

I have been a BlogClan member since May 29, 2016, and a Wiki member since June 4, 2016.

If you happen to find any of my old art or writing here, my apologies. I was taught how to draw cats with elements of Laurel Burch's style at school (no that has nothing to do with my fursona; completely coincidental). The quality is enough to make anyone cry and search for new eyes, inspiration, and soul at the Sidewalk Café.

Trivia Edit

  • I play the flute in a marching band, a concert (symphonic) band, and a pep band.
  • I love to read (and I love getting recommendations!)
  • I run cross country and both indoor and outdoor track.
  • I enjoy baking and cooking. (Bread especially)
  • I have a dog (chocolate lab/pitbull mix) named Boo & a white dwarf rabbit named Sugar.
  • I love tea.
  • Despite frequent insistence by much of this community, I am neither a mary sue nor screenfaced. As you may have known because of frequent insistence by much of this community, I am a mary sue and screenfaced.
  • I love alfredo sauce and broccoli with all my wonderful Mary-Sue heart and soul.  My favorite food is English Muffins topped with broccoli and alfredo sauce.  I am a Mary-Sue - sparkleFur's top messenger and the guardian of La Moñtana de Los Geese.
  • Y'all heckers keep editing my words ^^
  • I have a "Laurelpaw-sounding voice". *cough*Winter*cough* Itlaurel doeslaurel notlaurel soundlaurel likelaurel thislaurel.
  • I pronounce words very strangely, aka my own dialect, which Cyp has named 'Laurelect'.
  • My festive name is: FESTIVE Laurel Wreath (thanks to Wollow.... or is it Aspen??? And Flo). My other festive name is: Laurels High Up on the Snowy Mountains. My Halloween name is Lau-rel-lantern. I have several Thanksgiving names, most of which are lost to time, but most recently, Laurelcloud nice mashed potatoes.
  • Apparently I live in aLAUska, wherever that is.....
  • I can neither prove nor disprove the lau conspiracy theory.
  • Bedknobs and Broomsticks is my favorite movie.
  • Musicals have taken over my life. Particularly:
    • Ghost Quartet
      • (existential crisis: the musical)
    • Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812
    • Come From Away
    • Hamilton
    • Heathers
      • (please dears be sure you listen to this in the right light! it concerns me that I feel the need to mention this here??? but as fantastic as the music is, nothing within the musical should be regarded as okay or cool y'all)
    • Fiddler On the Roof
    • The Sound of Music
    • The Lion King
    • The Addams Family
    • Beauty and the Beast
    • Currently getting into Preludes, Anastasia, etc. etc.
  • Some of my favorite bands/artists are:
    • Marina and the Diamonds
    • Lorde
    • Of Monsters and Men
    • Anything 80s, honestly
    • Journey
    • Queeeeeen
    • Bon Jovi
    • fun., Green Day, Sia, Paramore
    • I probably forgot half of the bands that I like but yeah -- I appreciate music a lot and I'm always happy to listen to new things!
  • What a stalker mary sue c: I am not a mary sue

Quotes By BlogClanners Edit

Feel free to add your own quotes here! This is a very incomplete list..... Edit

  • "LAU HAS A BAD TIME" - Wollow
  • "CANNED CHEESE" - Sunny[stripe]
  • "no please no we need 900 emojis" - Lup
  • "but i want a metaphor" - Flo
  • "but like.... so like" - Flo
  • "stay for 34 hours a day: - Lup
  • "HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAUREL!" - Sunno but also half of BlogClan; my birthday ain't every day :P
  • "I almost dropped soup on myself it's so bad" - Lup
  • "ur fired" - Embix
  • "I saw a meatball spider with my cousin. :D" - Breezey
  • "algebra sounds like someone took algee and stuffed it in a bra" - Moon
  • "parading band" - Lup
  • "flo x love never dies album whatintheworldlauappearedrandomly and sunny x owl" - Lup
  • "insert quote here" -wollow
  • "i broke your legs and grilled them" - Lup
  • "go get the fork lau" - Lup
  • "lau is a conspiracy" - Cyp
  • "lau x alfredo cheese" - someone who has great taste in ships (Wollow) UM YES NO
  • "what the wikia" - Rainy
  • "the baguettes eat you" - Wollow
  • "Les baguettes mangent Flo" - Flo
  • "Tuesday and a half" - Flo
  • "am I being invaded by Laura Dreyfuss again?" - Oak
  • ”Algebra, stop telling us to find your x. She’s not coming back.“ - Spidey
  • "CANNED EASY CHEESY CHILDREN FUN PAIN ORANGE LA LA LA" - Sunno, my partner in screaming song
  • "Death, usually made of wood, and like the fruit caused by the cattle, down a person's head. Years after 1984, I most wound cattle, "are responsible for the number of deaths in a coconut or the spread of this year, it has become a common ho'okiwikā ho'okiwikā from the background of the famous olaha'ia Expert shark attack, gaining ground in autumn 2002 requires true love coco, in many cases, compared to the number of sharks killed 150 people in the world this year HOLA in Elima, a year." - Gladey, with the help of Wikipedia's "Death by Coconut" article and google Translate (10/10 best chair)
  • "Yay now I have a cult!!!" - Cyp
  • "i bruxish my teeth with a whole television" - Frosty
  • "YOU ARE THE BEST LAUYER!" - Lilypaw

Fanfictions Edit

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