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Laurelpaw is a dark brown tabby she-cat with green eyes. I chose her name because it both represents my love of history (Greek Laurel Wreath) and my respect for nature. I have been a BlogClan member since May 29, 2016, and a Wiki member since June 4, 2016.

Notice Edit

You all can pretty much have free reign ("‘Onarchy? How you say, how you say, ‘anarchy?'") over this page if you want, but please only add -- don't remove or change anything.

On the Blog Edit

On BlogClan, I enjoy wandering and commenting everywhere. I enjoy reading articles, and have written one: clicketyclickety

On the Wiki Edit

On the Wiki, I enjoy working on my secret clan, FuzzyClan and I also love to wander through all of the pages pointlessly and discover things. Or I'll go crazy and categorize things. I have a minor organizing obsession.

 Trivia Edit

  • I love to read. I could read forever and ever and never get bored.
  • Morbid death scenes. *evil grin* I love them.
  • I play the flute.
  • I run cross country.
  • I love to sketch.
  • I enjoy baking and cooking. (Bread especially)
  • I have a dog (chocolate lab/pitbull mix) named Boo & a white dwarf rabbit named Sugar.
  • I am OBSESSED with 80s music and tea.
  • I (do not) love alfredo sauce and broccoli.
  • I have a "Laurelpaw-sounding voice". *cough*Winter*cough* Itlaurel doeslaurel notlaurel soundlaurel likelaurel thislaurel.
  • I pronounce words very strangely, aka my own dialect, which Cyp has named 'Laurelect'.
  • My festive name is: FESTIVE Laurel Wreath (thanks to Wollow.... or is it Aspen??? And Flo). My other festive name is: Laurels High Up on the Snowy Mountains.
  • Apparently I live in aLAUska, wherever that is.....
  • Hamilton is starting to slowly take over my life.

My List of Too Many Ships (why?) Edit

I have been shipped a few (35) times most of them sunk instantaneously and one strangely has my name in it twice (though I counted it as once?):

  • Lauea (LauxTea)
  • LaurelxAlfredo Sauce (Laulfredo Sauce/LauxAlfredo Cheese)
  • Flary/Mo (LaurelxMary Sue—or is it Laurel/Mary SuexFlo—or is it LauxMary SuexFlo?)
  • LupxLaurel
  • Licy I'm sorry (LaurelxIcy)
  • Silaure (LaurelxSilvy)
  • Laupmas/Tholaurelpine (LupxLauxThomas)
  • Flaurel (FloxLaurel "lol floxlau" - Lup)
  • Laubin Hood (LaurelxRobin Hood)
  • Larkly (LauxSparkly)
  • Lauren (WinterxLaurel)
  • Waurel (WaveyxLaurel)
  • Rick AstleyxLaurel
  • Wolau (Wollow x Lau)
  • LauxShiny flowers
  • Lauliflower (LauxCauliflower)
  • LauxBroccoli
  • Flolupau (FloxLupxLau)
  • Alaupmas (Alfredo saucexLauxLupxThomas)
  • Lateies/Ladies (Laux1980-1989)
  • Laupmasgervy (LauxLupxThomasxTigerstarxIvypool)
  • Snau (LauxSnow -- the inatimate kind)
  • Laussage Wall (Wollow's Message WallxLau "Sausage" - Winter)
  • Laupmilk (LauxLupxCupmilk)
  • Laupmasmilk (LauxLupxThomasxCupmilk)
  • Lauxa unicorn
  • Loldie/sparkly gold (GoldiexLau)
  • WollowxLupxThat KidxSt*rmyS*axMagikarpxCharaxMoonxJustin BeiberxBobxLapisxRobbie RottenxBramblestarxMiraxDogexSparkleFurxDemon GoatxMoon's OCsxStellaxGeesexShipsxLauxBad TimesxJacob SatiousxFloxSmokey QuartzxOwlxMiley CyrusxLazytownxWinterxBreezeyxGoldiexWollow's BotxWollow's SchoolxHomeworkxMondaysxAnnoying DogxBRBxGTGxCodingxCostcoxMarshmallowsxDeviantartxCatsxUrfacexPeridotxShepxFowlxSunnoxBobxBarneyxFedEXxLuppo Dream BarsxThe Mine SongxWe Are Number OnexFirestarxGasterxBob RossxYellowxAlgebraxFloweyxUndertalexMary SuesxTyposxSunnyxNachosxWOFxMore LupxSansxStar VS the Forces of EvilxFanficsxTalking DogsxSteppyxWistepxCindooxWisteriamoonxGoddessesxMoon's English TeacherxBatmanxDrawceptionxAshfurxJayfeatherxStickyxDoraxHarry PotterxFriskxURFACE21211xPiexMore PiexLots of PiexSpamxTheo JamesxToby FoxxCakestarxAdelexDisneyxTorielxPacersxMettatonxRunningfacexMurderxGrassxGreatxComic SansxComic PapyrusxMesopotamiaxTimmy TurnerxYellmoxWaveyxKittensxCranberriesxCultsxThe Message Was Too Long And Could Not Be DisplayedxAsgorexUndynexPercy JacksonxBridgesxApparixAnimal JamxBarylxOctavexInterstela 5555xBasesxNyan CatxRIPxDead ChatxOctavexTwilight SparklexWillaxFoxixGigglexCrazy FrogxLove Never DiesxStingyxTrixiexSportaflopxGrand DadxAUSxShivxMotercyclesxMelanie MarteniezxDeathxNoxYesxLunar ChroniclesxWOFxEveryonexGayxDogsxEven More LupxPeexJewlflowerxLauxAlfredo SaucexSpagettixNicoxWillxRubyxHomeworldxJasperxThe Hunger GamesxKatnissxSnapexBirchxSteven Bomb 5xYellmo DiamondxPipe Bombs
  • Glaumas (GoldiexLauxThomas)
  • Wolflaupmas (WollowxFloxLauxLupxThomas)
  • Wolaupmasflirch (WollowxLauxLupxThomasxFloxBirchy)
  • SunnoxLau
  • LaurelxStormy Sea
  • GeckyxLau
  • MapleheartxLaurel

The Disasterous Marriages Edit

I am a lauyer/lawyer, judge, and jury. Please note that I was made a lauyer/lawyer, judge, and jury before Wollow was. Below are the unlauful marriages that certain people claim that I was a part of? All are illegal and therefore nullified.

  • SunnyxLau (illegal)
  • AirwavexLau (illegal)

 Favorite Books Edit

  • Harry Potter (series) by JK Rowling
  • Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech
  • Running Out of Time by Margaret Peterson Haddix
  • The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
  • Warriors (of course) by the Erin Hunters
  • The Hunger Games (series) by Suzanne Collins

Favorite Movies Edit

  • Bedknobs and Broomsticks
  • The Fox and the Hound
  • Robin Hood (the Disney version)
  • Harry Potter (all of them)
  • The Hunger Games (all of them)
  • The Rescuers

Favorite Ships Edit

Warriors Edit

  • JayxHalf
  • LionxCinder
  • BramblexSquirrel
  • BumblexDove

BlogClan Edit

  • Wicy/Winterflower (Winterx Icy)
  • Wolwin (WinterxWollow) THE LAUFULLY WEDDED COUPLE :D
  • Yollow (Wollow xYellow—the color)
  • Flogebra (FloxAlgebra)
  • Laulfredo (LaurelpawxAlfredo Cheese) *cough*lup*cough*why*cough*
  • Wilfredo (WillaxAlfredo Sauce)
  • FrostyxPlex

Quotes From BlogClanners Edit

Feel free to add a quote from yourself here! Edit

  • "LAU HAS A BAD TIME" - Wollow
  • "CANNED CHEESE" - Sunny[stripe]
  • "no please no we need 900 emojis" - Lup
  • "but i want a metaphor" - Flo
  • "but like.... so like" - Flo
  • "Yayyyy you got demolished by tasty liquid" - Winter
  • "stay for 34 hours a day: - Lup
  • "HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAUREL!" -PERSON *cough*sunny[stripe]*cough*
  • "I almost dropped soup on myself it's so bad" - Lup
  • "ur fired" - Embix
  • "I saw a meatball spider with my cousin. :D" Breezey
  • "algebra sounds like someone took algee and stuffed it in a bra" - Moon
  • "parading band" - Lup
  • "flo x love never dies album whatintheworldlauappearedrandomly and sunny x owl" - Lup
  • "insert quote here" -wollow
  • "i broke your legs and grilled them" - Lup
  • "go get the fork lau" - Lup
  • "lau is a conspiracy" - Cyp
  • "lau x alfredo cheese" - someone who has great taste in ships (Wollow)
  • "what the wikia" - Rainy
  • "the baguettes eat you" - Wollow
  • "Les baguettes mangent Flo" - Flo
  • "no you're a mackerel phone" - Winter
  • "everyone Willow and I are officially and laufully married" - Winter

Fanfiction Edit

The Other Gallery..... Edit

Feel free to add whatever you want! Please credit yourself.  :) Edit

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