Dawnlily is a long-haired ginger she-cat with black speckles and green eyes.  


Dawnlily is usually very calm, and laid back, but sometimes she can get a little hyper. Usually at night. She is an introvert and an extrovert, enjoying her own company, and the company of others. Dawnlily is grumpy and humorous, but when her friends are getting hurt she gets particularly angry. She likes to ask how people are doing, making sure they're alright. Dawnlily can be be secretive, but sometimes she likes to talk a lot . Okay she does talk a lot. Dawnlily is a debator, meaning she could argue with you all day over the color of the sky if she wanted to. 

She's usually very friendly, and loves welcoming new people to the wiki. (She's pretty new to the wiki, but has been in BlogClan for almost a year). She is however, very serious about courtesy and kindness, and dislikes when people start drama, and cause problems. 

Dawnlily enjoys drawing, writing, singing, reading, hiking, and tracking. She has found many deer and elk sheds, along with a few carcasses from predators around her house. 

She is friends with Flo, Stoaty, Gummy, Birchy, Cyp, Goldi, Silv, Sunny, Frosty, Juni, Emb, Daisy, Snowbreeze, Waffle, Shivy, Shiv, and lots of other people, add urself if u feel like it :}  

On The WikiEdit

Dawnlily joined the wiki on April 23 2017. She is active, mostly on chat, is developing her fan fiction, and looking forward to joining other things, like RP and contests. 

Lily is a chat moderator for Laurelcloud's FuzzyClan Wiki.  

On The BlogEdit

Dawnlily is usually pretty active on BlogClan, since school got out May 25, she is FREE11!!!!!!!!111!1!!1!! 

When she IS on the blog, you can usually find her commenting on the Tavern, Hug Page, the Hamilton Discussion Page, Food Discussion Page, Warrior Names, NTA, HP Discussino Page (shes new to the Fandom), And practically everywhere!!


  • She is in Middle School
  • She likes to draw traditionally with her own two hands because she doesn't know how to computer animate. 
  • Most of her comments on the blog are either super serious or her trying to be comedian. 
  • Dawnlily has an allergy to cayenne pepper (ground up jalapeños) and chili peppers, and basically everything in that family except for bell peppers. 
  • She'll go into anaphylaxis if she eats the foods listed above.
  • She's 5'0 (152.4 centimeters) 
  • Her most commonly used. Nicknames, most of which were invented by Flo, Stoaty, Gummy, and Lup are:
  • Dawnzilla, Becky, Liliam, lilyapple, Dawny, Ms. Dawnso, and Lily That Shines Like Caps Lock, or CAPPY for short.  
  • She lives in North America
  • She likes hiking, and tracking (not hunting yet she hasn't got her license) 🐇🐺
  • She LOVE LOVE LOVES Hamilton!!  💖💖💖💖💖
  • Dawnlily has green eyes with yellow around the pupil and dark blue rings
  • She wears glasses OCCASIONALLY
  • She lives near a gorge that used to be an ocean/lake/idk
  • She's a Pisces
  • Her books collection includes all the Super Editions, all the Novellas, the first 3 in "A Vision of Shadows", books 2 and 3 of the "Prophecies Begin", The Ultimate Guide, and Enter the Clans. 
  • Dawnlily also reads WoF, Allie Finkle, Middle School, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, The Mysterious Benedict Society, John Grisham's Theodore Boone, David Baldacci's The Finisher Trilogy, is new to the HP fandom, and many other stand alone books/others.  
  • Her favorite animals are wombats, frogs, cats, and koi fish
  • Lily's favorite numbers are 13, 28, and 17 
  • .She's SuperAwesomeFantastic Best friends with Gummypaw
  • She hopes to one day being a moderator for BlogClan and the BlogClan 2 Wiki 
  • She plays the clarinet
  • Her favorite color is green/greeny teal
  • She doesn't care for drama and fighting; if it starts in chat or anywhere, she'll most likely leave or not chat anymore and go watch Moonkitti or TheOddOnesOutcomic
  • Her (hopefully) future career is a doctor or a lawyer, and if she becomes a lawyer, she would like to eventually be a judge
  • Her favorite food is noodles/macaroni and cheese 
  • This is her favorite emoji - 😑 
  • She dislikes mustard, pickles, and various sauces. 
  • She is a proud member of GooseClan (previously a fowlshamer), and goes by Lilygoose while in Goose Territory.
  • She is a seventh grader. ^^

Dawnlily's ShipsEdit

  • GummyxLily (Sunk&Laufully Divorced)
  • Lily currently ships herself with Lup (Luply)


"Mmhhmm." - Gummypaw in pm chat

"Yep." - Lily replying to Gummy

"What do you call ground beef?" - lily failing at a joke in chat.

"GARYPOOL" -Lily misspelling Graypool

"Draw me like one of your French bears." - Goldie 2017

"Lau, you're so food!" - Gladey complimenting Lau on her singing skillz

"flosty" lily's new nickname for frostfeather

😛 - daisy

😛 - goldi

😛 - frosty

"Lip" lily's phone apparently

Trailing Stars Edit

Because of newness, Lily has yet to appear in Trailing Stars, but she hopes to one day be featured in it!

Roleplay Edit

Lily did join foxi's roleplay, but because she was inconvenient and dumb she doesn't really all.

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