Dawnlily is a long haired dark ginger she-cat with black speckles and green eyes.  


I'm pretty chill, sarcastic and I love vines :P I'm pretty outgoing, love music :)  

I do not like snide or rude people, so if you seem rude or smug, I will avoid you. :))))))))))))))))))))  

I'm friends with Flo, Stoaty, Gummy, Birchy, Cyp, Goldi, Silv, Sunny, Frosty, Juni, Emb, Daisy, Snowbreeze, Waffle, Cheetah, Spidey and lots of other people, (Add yourself if you would like)  

On The WikiEdit

I joined the wiki on April 23 2017. I've been inactive, but since around the beginning of April I've been trying to be more active.  

I'm a chat moderator for Laurelcloud's FuzzyClan Wiki.  

On The BlogEdit

I'm usually pretty active, and try to comment and participate whenever I can. I've written 2 articles, one collaborative, a couple fan fictions, and done fursona requests.  


  • I have moderate anxiety  
  • I'm really short. :))))) 
  • I'm a Pisces
  • I love llamas :P
  • .My best friends on BlogClan are Frostfeather, Daisyfrost, Olivebloom, Flowerstream, Laurelcloud, Goldenfawn, and Gummyclaw.
  • I play clarinet
  • My favourite food is cheese
  • I'm a Fowlshamer :P (not really)