WARNING: Murder and a bit of undescriptiveish blood/gore Edit

By Bananas Edit


You live, you love, you dream, you die. There's always that one moment when you realize that it's all for nothing; that your death was as insignificant to the world as the death of prey. You were just another warrior, just another pawn in the war of life.

My claws dripped with blood that was not my own. I had no emotion left. I was flying, floating, drifting away. What did it matter if your soul was already lost? My vision blurred, and I slashed at the neck of my next victim. Blood poured out of the wound, onto the already red-stained grass. She would have a place in the stars, with all of the others. I sunk deeper into the darkness ahead of me. I leaped onto the back of a small tom as he limped in my direction. He crumpled to the ground under my weight. His spine snapped and he froze, yet another statue in time.

Undecipherable thoughts ran through my mind. Are any of us worth the trouble? I was doing him a favor. All of them.

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