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Side-To-Side Problem? Edit

Call nation wide! We provide free burritos, geese, and much, much more! Buy online @ nationwidedotcom.gif! We also offer our special green eggs and ham! Where do you buy it? Nationwidedotcom.gif! Now off you go!

(by Lupinepaw (cloud) yey)

Prolouge (gasp!1!1!!) Edit

One day in February 19, 2016, a nameless cat was flipping through pages in a certain Wikia. She stared at everything, bored. Just stalking the same thing for four years.




But then she read a bit of Dawn and then forgot if Gorsetail was two cats sharing the same name. She looked at the family, then gasp!1!1!111! No belief over Gorse X Beech!1!11 Then she quickly scrolled over the reference thingy, not caring if Blog meant FB or not. Then all of the sudden... a new thing to stalk!1!1!!1

She then looked around quickly, and looked at the BlogChat (Live Chat then? ) She looked at the avatars. "oooisthatfromfoxandthehound oooisthatfromtales oooisthatfromwarriors" Then she looked around again, dying at few comments. A day later... she looked around again, stalking the name generators EVERY SINGLE HOUR. "Whoswahho okay where do I put my email now?" She mumbled. <Insert name here> then searched up ": How to join BlogClan" and then gasp!!!1!1 She was in the Join BlogClan page, where then she first commented as Thundersong. "wowdoihavetowaittwohours?" Thundersong muttered.

A moon or month later...

"okayhowdoigetontheallegiances" Thundersong looked around. She then went on clicking random links in the Allegiances page, then saw the form. "Okay... so I guess I'm a kit?" She chose her rank. "My name... uhh okay i swear there was a thunder so i dont want to confuse myself hmmmmm whatsit" She looked around her stolen-lineart-from-others that she had colored, and looked at their named. "Lightwind... no. Lapispaw... thats my Minecraft name... Mudfoot... ehh i guess no mud might be used. Star Wing... nah. Rainfeather... maybe. Used though. Lupine Tail... I'm spending too much time in this. I'll just go with Lupinetail."

Thundersong then wrote her first OC's description and bam she was lupinekit and now you read this therefore you are stalked

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