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"It's time to d-d-d-d-d-duel!"


Lupinepaw is a pale yellow tabby she-cat with a white muzzle, chest, underbelly, legs, and tail / tail-tip (i always forget im too lazy to look at my drawing), and also has amber eyes.

ill redraw the drawing soon (yep totally soon)

(i cant read what i wrote)

Lupinepaw has been on BlogClan for over a year, for she has joined late February in 2016. (why didnt i join like three weeks earlier) Her former names (in order) were Thundersong, Swiftclover, Obliviondawn (after i became lupinetail), Lupinecloud, then now Lupinetail a g a i n.

does nothing ecks dee

Lupinepaw is oftenly found in dead chats, saying random annoying things, or just responding in game threads or invading other people's (i hope peoples isnt a word) walls. She rarely edits this page.

She pretty much quit the BlogClan Discord because she couldn't keep up at all.

Most of the time, when not on BlogClan, she either draws, plays games, or tries to write (im so bad at writing dont ask me to do a fanfic and share it and E S P E C I A L L Y N O T S H I P S) but she still uses electronics almost the entire day.

too lazy too much procrastinating too much death by laughter(and coconut) say a joke that isnt meant to be offensive and she dies again finds everything either annoying or fun sometimes loves things that people hate (testing and projects not named NHD are fun unless its in groups eww groupwork)

too lazy didnt write

  • She hates Thomas the Train and away if you ship
  • Her favorite colors are gray and white (and silver), but she used to like violet as top. (i tried not to repeat)
  • She only talks in lowercase because she didn't want to seem odd by suddenly changing in the way she talks (plus if i get too excited i'll get in trouble or be really annoying believe me)
  • Her favorite letters are S and Y, though she likes lowercase letters more.
  • She hates school students a little too much
  • She has read the Percy Jackson, Heroes of Olympus, and Wings of Fire series fully, but read some / most of Warriors (of course) and Beast Quest. Other books she remembers as well are the first book of Horses of the Dawn and Red Pyramid from Kane Chronicles.
  • Her fursona came from a name (Lupine Tail) she randomly created from practicing character design in 2015 (haha nearly said 2025 and i also was obsessed with the

charart designs in 2015 (or '14) - 2016) and the appearance was from a original character she created back in 2014, except that character had blue or violet eyes.

  • She's left-handed, meaning that she goes extremely crazy when she sees a right hand with a writing instrument. (seriously it just idk)
  • She likes watching the TV shows He-Man, She-Ra, Hercules, and Xena. (hardly watch them now)
  • She hardly plays any games because she's too obsessed with online games or SA2
  • She watched certain animes and read mangas of it (more mangas though)
  • She considers people her friend if they actually think her as one (part of the reason why there's no friend list, the other being i hate to miss out people)
  • She's pretty much never serious, unless someone messes around with her fears, secrets (ugh 12 year old me telling everybody stuff), or everyone gangs up on someone.
  • She was going to leave in autumn 2016 because she thought she was intolerable. (dunno why but everyone seems to befriend my 12 year old self)
  • She loves cupcakes
  • She loves math and somewhat P.E. (except when there are three girls trying to make fun of you but hey you report them and then dab on them)
  • She joined the Blog more than fifteen days after she became 12, so she likes to think she was sort of 11.
  • She pretty much finds almost everything funny, especially memes (of course rip) and puns.
  • She doesn't like getting attention, so she tries to stay in the dark but always fails because she always finds someone to talk to (unless its in school)
  • She loves making up weird nicknames
  • She was a Crazy Canine in the April 2018 gathering

whee erased im afraid but there's always history

  • Icu rainy

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