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On The Blog

Lupinepaw, as of September 9, she has been in the blog for about a year and a half. She normally visits the Tavern, the Hug Page, Warrior Games, Generators, and Fan-Fiction. Normally, she doesn't reply, due to her lack of skill in advice and energy. She also typically stalks BlogChat for a looooooonnnng time. PURE UNDERTRASH

On The Wikia

lol stalk me in contributions if you want to know what I'm doing FNMHG UNDERTRASH

Anyway, I roam in dead chats and be so weird or sane that I might be dinging in caps sometimes. But I always leave when someone joins because it gets (h)awkward.


Lupinepaw pretty much has a lot of change in thoughys. Normally, she is either irritated, lazy, or / and bored. But she might get too cheerful at night so she'll scream in zero-people chats. She also teases a little too much, which she gets annoyed at herself so easily because of school rules. She prefers to stick to rules.


• She considers everyone who respecta other people as a friend. • She always tries to remain super duper loyal to her promises, even if she really wants to say it sometimes. • mangas r gr8 fite me if u h8 • She has fully read 65% of Warriors, 80% of Wings of Fire, Horses of the Dawn (first book), some Beast Quest, Fullmetal Alchemist, Naruto, probably 10% still reading Bleach, 90% of PJ and related, 15% of The Red Pyramid, and that is probably all of the major stuff • She loves the Sonic and Pokémon game series a lot, but also really likes Tales. • Few of her favorite shows when she was little were He-Man, She-Ra, Wonder Pets, and possibly the Backyardigans, Spongebob, Fairy (God i think) Parents, and Regular Show. • She is the biggest hippocrite in the universe, she believes. • She has two DA and Scratch accounts and one Discord which she does nothing with, and another account in somewhere else mainly to give likes to warrior comics, which she is total trash about. • Her favorite animals are the birds, mainly japanese quails, pigeons, chickens, doves, geese, ducks, and pretty much every other small birds. She also likes cats and most dogs () most because i have a fear that ill get munched on by them ), and believes rodents, very few bugs, and lizards / frogs are cute. • whyis pokemon bad luck in mexico


  • "my life goal is to eat food" - Flo
  • "*fabulous eye roll*" - Rainy
  • "wherf" - Witchollowitch
  • "smapel" - Witchollowitch
  • "STOP BEING HEALTHY" - Witchin
  • "Stupid dog feed me" - Larchfirevil
  • "I grabbed the snail and threw it on the floor!" - Kevilskeletonterrifyingrevillpumpkinawitch singhostinghost
  • "Is eating food an exercise?" - claspookysspookymaterrifyingevil in 6terrifyingh ghostradevil
  • "now let us be entertained by watching a video on how we will die" - anoterrifyinghevilr claspookyspookymaterrifyingevil in 6terrifyingh ghostradevil duringhost skeletoncievilncevil claspookyspooky
  • "aggressive poking" - Witchollowitch
  • " did you forget your tomatoes" - Flo
  • terrifyinghe lau langhostuaghosye by Lau
  • "SOOTY!!!!! . 0" - Lila
  • "1.3 years" - Birchy
  • "buenos platanos" - Flo
  • " "I hope Wollow and Steppy get married."

- Zob Gloop" - halloweenorror ploterrifying ghostevilnevilraterrifyingor

  • "10:1-" - Darkrakevil
  • "I'm practicing my French! :) " - Ghostladarkevily afterrifyingevilr spookyayinghost terrifyinghe Devilaterrifyingh uskeletonually madevil outerrifying of wood terrifyinghinghost
  • "Death, usually made of wood, and like the fruit caused by the cattle, down a person's head. Years after 1984, I most wound cattle, "are responsible for the number of deaths in a coconut or the spread of this year, it has become a common ho'okiwikā ho'okiwikā from the background of the famous olaha'ia Expert shark attack, gaining ground in autumn 2002 requires true love coco, in many cases, compared to the number of sharks killed 150 people in the world this year HOLA in Elima, a year." - Ghostladarkevily
  • "Tht" - SPOOKYOOTY!!! or Junightmarei
  • "KYOOT!" - Aspookypumpkiny
  • "orangeteen" - Lila
  • honightmareorablevil mevilnterrifyingionightmare of flo anightmared terrifyinghevil kahooterrifying muspookyic on junightmareevil 3
  • "*BA LOUSLY*" "OK" - flo
  • " *shurg* " -lila (hahahahahahaahah)
  • "The SartoriusGram™ Jade Test is a multistage aerobic capacity test that progressively gets more jader as it continues. The 20 meter jader test will begin in 30 seconds. Line up at the sweatshirt. The running speed starts slowly, but gets faster each minute after you hear this signal. [glade confessing her love for jacob] A single lap should be completed each time you hear this sound. [jacob confessing his love for glade] Remember to run in a straight line, and run as long as possible. The second time you fail to complete a lap before the sound, your jader is over. The test will begin on the word start. On your mark, get ready, ship jade" - frospookyty
  • "Dis User Wuz Relly Meen 2 Meh.  Pls Ban Him." - witchollowitch
  • "I think that looks food Juni" - witchowitchzombiea
  • Icu rainy

Terrifyingrailinghost Spookyterrifyingarspooky Edit

Candyominghost spookyoonightmare.

Terrifyingrailinghost Spookyterrifyingarskeleton Ghostrapumpkinhicostume Nightmareovevill Edit

Costumeominghost skeletonoonightmare.

beeauty by lila

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