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  • can needlesnow be coldice’s mate if sapphirepaw or mothsky arent going to be?

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  • Coldice93 wrote:
    (I don't plan on having Brownfur tell everyone that Burningstar is at twolegplace. I plan on having him find Coldice. Also another thing I always notice, whenever our own characters interact with each there's always drama and emotional moments, same thing whenever you and i talk to each other. I don't know if that's a good or a bad thing here in the wiki)

    (Yet you attempt to spoil everything in regards to plot with your characters every time( Lynx and Fluffytail in Marsh/DS war, Deathstar to Specklekit in Dark Forest/StarClan), and Coldice isn't in BlogClan! Brownfur coming to BlogClan makes no sense if that's his reasoning!)

    Coldice: Another thing that I should point out is that I don't want to mold and develop my characters to be who they despise or be like everybody else. I want them to be who I thing should be in my eyes. I don't see Buddypaw being an warrior with a rude attitude towards newcomers, loners and kittypets like everybody else nor follow the code for example.)

    (And here's the other issue, you keep casting blanket statements like this. You always have characters say 'oh wow look at how terrible BlogClan is' and it's driving me up the wall,Your characters are nothing more than these plastic mary sue characatures that you don't RP with so much as have them sit there and DICTATE.. Coldice is ALWAYS whining, it's all about him. And any interaction he twists back to being about him. Buddypaw, every post all about, him, Coldice, or how terrible BlogClan is. You don't RP so much as you stick your characters and expect everyone to just fall in with your plans. You're obsessed with being the center of attention, when you do nothing but complain if you DON'T get it.

    And I've tried, I can't even count the number of times I have tried to tell you how to fix it, but you keep posting ridiculous stuff. Like your 10 AMAZING THINGS ABOUT THE GREAT COLDICE which was absolutely ricidulous. You have no patience case in point Brownfur barging his way past other cats when he should've waited at the border, a thing I've told does not end well for most characters! 

    It is the same song and dance from you EVERY time. And you never listen to me when I try and tell you to change and how, I've told you nice and I've told you thrice and I'm done putting up with it.

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    22:56, January 29, 2018
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    • hey y'all, used to be sakuyaki, completely forgot my user and pass. beyond the point, though, is that teaching someone to RP and build a character, approach other people, etc. — these are skills that young writers need to be taught with a guiding hand, not a slap in the face like what's delivered in this thread. i'll willingly admit that i don't know anything about how Coldice is represented in roleplays, but from what i can tell the only claim against him is that he's a Mary Sue, which is one of the most common types of characters for people who've just begun writing. are y'all really ostracizing this character for being exactly like all of your characters? because, from what i've read, y'all haven't grasped the concept of not having Mary Sues, either. regardless of your own roleplay abilities, though, this just seems excessive to be completely banning someone because you don't personally agree with their methods of writing and portraying characters. 

      this entire thread is littered with childish arguments and was honestly tiring to read. kinda confused how the moderators of the wiki're letting this slide, but i mean, to each their own i guess. 

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    • Who are you and why are you here? 

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  • Hey Cold, I just wanted to stop by and tell you I really enjoy RPs with you. ^^ your characters are amazing, and you always know what to say and it's puurrrfect (mwahahaa suffer my puns)

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  • Does she have to be in a specific clan?

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    In case you’re too lazy to read, I’m going to Mexico for 10 days and I would like you to play my character Heron while I am away. Please don’t create major plots with him and you don’t even have to use him if you don’t want to. Also it’s from the 7th to the 17th.

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  • Hello! I've seen you around the RP a lot and I'm bored so I'd figured I'd come a make a useless message here :P

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  • Hey, Coldice! I was just wonderingic you and saph were planning to have a Cold x Saph thing in the RP, because Is as wonder if I coluld make a cat with a love interest in Coldice. It would be fun, and I've always wanted to do a plot with coldice, he's an interesting character. It's fine if not, I was just wondering!

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  • Hello, Coldice! Are you planning on your Brownfur coming back to the Clans/BlogClan? We have a different Brownfur in BlogClan right now, and we don't want any confusion in the future! Thank you! <3 :D

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  • I alway pronouced your name as one word, Cold-ise

    Then I wondered "What is that, anyway?" and searcheed it up

    I feel so dumb

    Coldice or "Cold-ice"

    wow Ro

    you're so smart :P

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  • Hey there, Coldice! I'm Willowlight, senior warrior of BlogClan, but call me Wollow. Welcome to the wiki! We've got a lot of cool features that aren't on the blog. For example, we have pages for your fursona or fanfiction, roleplays, 24/7 chat, and much more! Here's what you need to know...

    First of all, read the rules before anything. It makes it easier for everyone. If you want to go on chat, you should read the chat rules. There's already a message when you join chat but I want to make this thing longer.

    After that, you might want to make a fursona page. These are pages about you, and you can make one here. You might be confused on what to do, and if you are, check here. You can also make a page for your fanfiction, which is kinda self-explanatory.

    If your page is not a fursona page or fanfiction, you'll need to watch out for nearby Flos or make it a blog post, which can be anything. Except for notrulefollowing stuff. But yeah. You can make blog posts as trashy as you want, which is proven by my blogs. If you want to make a blog post, go here.

    Then there's the roleplay, which can be found here. That roleplay is the "main roleplay," created by Flame, but it's also run by Icy and Embix. There's also smaller roleplays, which, speaking from experience, are less confusing to join in the middle of. You can find those here.

    You might have noticed fancy, colorful pages (this one is quite... colorful) around. These are made with coding, which can be incredibly confusing, but if you want to learn it, Steppy or I can teach you. You also can get free coding from the coding shop.

    Thanks for reading this big long message (or not)

    Hope to see you around!

    ❀ Nothing is impossible except the possibility of the impossible ❀


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