aka your best friend asriel

  • I live in Hotlands, welcome kids
  • My occupation is stalking you
  • I am telling you this
hi r u redy 2 b stalkd :) :) :) :) :)
  • (did you know that a flame from a wildfire could go so far so it might touch your house!!!
  • i love advs they tell us how we can die or lose home and tells us nothing helpful xD)
  • oh and the juan de fuca plate is being subducytrd... too lazy to correct typo
  • anyway welcome to wall
  • 《《
    Be a goose or else
  • ▪☆○⊙●°□•■¤♤♡◇♧¡¿
  • spooky oh what was that its not halloween anymore
  • N O O O tOO SICk fOR THAT i neEd to cAlM
  • I Oo e Ketcfeerhhjkutyuyyy i LOVE ketchup
  • do not question this!!!/
  • lol world prophecies gotta solve them
  • sonic boom

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