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  • I live in The Internet, BlogClan,
  • I was born on February 21
  • My occupation is Being awesome
  • I am Female
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  • I have forgotten about the new Chapter of Beneath the Trees :P

    I'll read it in the morning or something :P

    Keep your eyes peeled for my comment though :P

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  • There are like 20000000 unaccepged characters :P

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  • hey wavey!!!!

    I did a major update to my blogfic's forms, and since I'm a forgetful, left-field person I made an update log found here

    that has the new form. ^^

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  • So I started watching Miraculous four days ago and kinda just finished the first season O0 You got me obsessed :P Do you know any places to whatch seson two? Netflix dosnt have it yet

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  • Have you watched it yet

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    • ikkkk

      i’m really glad the new miraculouses were shown

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    • same they're super cool

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi Wavey! How are you doing? :D

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  • You have requested Pearstem, warrior of MarshClan here, yet you still haven’t made him. Do you still want him?

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  • Hi Wavey! Wanted to see if you were interested in doing a FanFic collab with me, Silv, and maybe Loudy, Oak, and Ottie. It’s called Seasons of Night and does have a page on the wiki. Thanks!

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  • I removed Sophia, because I kept on forgetting to roleplay her. :P Since the mother of Evelyn (your character) and the mate of Jay (also your character) is gone, you and Brook (since she roleplays Dragonfly, her other kit, can decide what to do. hopefully I didn't make things complicated ^^

    (the family is part of thrush's group in the twolegplace)

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