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  • my scalp was itchy so i put lotion on it and in hindsight that was a very poor decision 

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    • also i had a dream and most of it (the defending house from some monsters part) was irrelevant but the important part was that Kate made a new wiki and it was very strange also nothing like wikia

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    • also, hilaroiously, my geography teacher thought definitions for words were copied from a dictionary when i didn't even look at a dictionary for them

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • I'm going to be writing marleea fan fic in which the Hurricanes are humans :P

    The char designs will be posted on the tavern as soon as I finish them

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  • AYO

    Guess who wrote this on a messy pad of paper during services so it's terrible 

    your music is AMAZING

    okay here it is

    It was a dark and stormy night-

    Whoa wait wait wait. That's not right.

    It was a quiet and cold morning (much better) and Cakestar had sent out many hunting patrols to fill up the rapidly declining fresh-kill pile. Prey was disappearing, but BlogClanners' hunger wasn't.

    "Brr!" Pantherpaw exclaimed. "It's cold out here!"

    "We know," Hazelpaw replied, annoyed. "We're experiencing it."

    "Quiet, you two," Russetfeather ordered. "You know the rules."

    Hazelpaw sighed. "You can't be tired or cold," she listed glumly. "Only hungry."

    "I'm hungry!" Pantherpaw exclaimed.

    Russetfeather raised her tail for quiet. "The prey is getting scarcer. We have to get something today."

    But there wasn't much to be found. Next to nothing, in fact.

    "You'd think it was leaf-bare already," Hazelpaw sniffed. "I just don't get it. When we first got turned into cats six moons ago, there was plenty of prey!"

    "That was then, this is now," Russetfeather replied simply, sighing, She picked up the single squirrel they'd caught, watching its sadly thin tail swing as they walked. "Let's go back, There's not much out."

    "Maybe it'll be back tomorrow," Pantherpaw grumbled.

    But they all knew it wouldn't be. It would only get worse from here.


    "Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey (and those who aren't) gather beneath the Cakerock for a Clan meeting!"

    As always, small giggles rung out when Cakestar announced the Cakerock, but not as many as before. Most cats had noticed the dark cloud hanging over the Clan by now. Or maybe the novelty was just wearing off. Who knows?

    Wavesplash sat next to Aspenpaw, her ears perked toward Cakestar. The BlogClan leader surveyed her Clan, her eyes grim. They didn't carry the usual proud light she had around her Clan.

    "My Clan," Cakestar began. "We must prepare for leaf-fall. The prey is leaving us."

    "Aww, why don't they like us?" Brookpaw asked sadly.


    "Well, we do kill and eat them, sooooo..." Juniperpool pointed out.

    "But how do we prepare?" Darkpaw exclaimed frantically.

    "We have to stock up on food!" Other Darkpaw replied.

    "FOOS!!!" yelled Flowerstream.

    "Any ideas?" Kat asked.

    Russetfeather grinned. "Well," she began, struggling to hold back her excitement, " In Goosefeather's Curse Goosefeather has this amazing idea to-"

    "NO GOOSEFEATHER!!!11!!1!" Jayfrost yelled. 

    "Okay, okay," Iceflower meowed, raising her tail. "Let's not start the Goosefeather Wars."

    Jayfrost and Russetfeather backed away, not breaking eye contact. But they knew not to mess with Icy. Everyone knew better than to mess with Icy. The Great Mod Wars of 201X had proven that.

    "We-ell," Owlheart began. "we could find some geese and-"

    "GEESE ARE FRIENDS! NOT FOOD!" Laurelcloud yelled.

    "FEAR THE GOOSE ARMY!" Willowlight added.

    "Hey!" Sundance exclaimed. "Today I saw squirrels stocking up on nuts. Maybe we should do the same!"

    "Yay, squirrels!" Wavesplash added.

    "That's what Goosefeather did," Russetfeather grumbled. 

    "Awesome! Let's do it," Cakestar announced before Jayfrost could say anything. "Sunny, you're in charge. Let's get hunting!"


    "Hmm," Shiverfur meowed, surveying the squirrels. "Hmmmm. Hmmmmmmmmm."

    "So?" Maplepaw broke in eagerly. "What should we do?"

    "HMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM," Shiverfur hmmmmed, glaring at Maplepaw.

    "Maaaaaaybe we should just let her think," Mistpaw pointed out. "Just maybe."

    "Maybe we should put our prey in a tree," Coldice meowed thoughtfully.

    "I've got it!" Shiverfur exclaimed. "We'll put our prey in a tree"

    The entire patrol rolled their eyes.


    So BlogClan hunted and hunted and put all of the prey in a strong, strudy, large hollow tree with brambles around the opening so other animals didn't get in. Then they ate their dinner and went to sleep, pleased with themselves. They had all done a great job and nothing bad would ever happen now. Happy ending! Fireworks! Confetti!

    THE END!!

    Just kidding!

    That night, there was a storm. And no ordinary storm. A lightning storm! *le gasp* Lightning struck the Tree of Prey! Whoopsie, no more Tree of Prey.

    "Hey, it's BBQ!" Wavesplash exclaimed positively, holding up an ash-covered fish.

    "BBQ PARTY!!" Owlwater exclaimed.

    "Yaaaaaay!" Flowerpaw yowled. "BBQ for everyone!"

    "BBQ pies!" Breezey cheered.

    Ignoring the BBQ party, Jaysnow stepped forward. "We need to find a new way to survive leaf-fall."

    "Leaf-fall was never this dangerous," Emberdawn muttered.

    "What about bears?" Stoatpaw asked. "They hibernate during winter."

    "It's LEAF-BARE. We're warriors now! And it's only leaf-fall!" Wavesplash yowled nitpickily.

    Winterwhisper rolled his eyes. "K but I have winter in my name so."

    "Bears it is!" Cakestar exclaimed before the Winter vs. Leafbare war could start. "Everyone, sleep!"

    So BlogClan went out and collected all kinds of moss and feathers and made their nests super comfy for a long sleep. Then they ate a super yummy dinner of BBQ and Breezey's BBQ Pies™, and then they all went to sleep in their new super comfy nests.

    They slept for a while. Nothing happened. The end...?


    wait nope there's more jk lol

    At exactly 4:33 AM, Willowlight's goose senses tingled. And tingled again. And tingled some more.

    So she got up and crept across the quiet den, sneaking into Cakestar's den and onto her supersecret computer. She went to the offical GooseClan website™.

    She gasped.

    Onestar had been fowlshaming again!

    "I WILL KILL YOU ONESTAR!!!!" Willowlight yelled. "DEATH BY GOOSE!!!"

          • TSS SPOILER WARNING****

    "HE'S ALREADY DEAD," Wavesplash yelled from the warriors' den. 

    "SPOILERS," Kinkpaw yelled from the apprentices' den.

    So Wavesplash used super author powers and added a spoiler warning above. 

    By then all of BlogClan was awake, and all of FowlClan were crowding around Willowlight and clamoring indignantly, while Cakestar tried unsucessfully to get her supersecret computer back.

    "This is a disaster!" Sky exclaimed. "How are we going to survive leaf-fall now?"

    "We've tried everything!" Aquapaw wailed. 

    "There must be something," Daisyfrost muttered, flipping through a book. 

    "We can still hunt, right?" Frostfeather asked. 

    "Of course," Flamepaw replied halfheartedly.

    Mintfeather sadly flicked the dew off of a leaf. "Will we be reduced to drinking dew, like Bluestar?"

    "Hey, dew is nice!" Dewpaw meowed indignantly.

    "DID SOMEONE SAY BLUESTAR????" Bluepaw screeched, flinging herself into the conversation.

    "We're all gonna get sick," Gladepaw wailed softly. 

    "Don't worry," Streampaw sighed. "We've got four medicine cats plus 500 people who ran for medicine cat and know what they're doing."

    "Oh come on guys, we'll survive!" Swanfeather replied, but no one listened.

    One by one, BlogClan gathered around the nearly-empty fresh-kill pile in despair. FowlClan left the supersecret computer, but Cakestar didn't try and take it. Breezey slowly munched on a BBQ pie. No one talked.

    Then Owlwater noticed the computer. 

    He dashed out of the circle, grabbed it, went to, and searched up how to play ten instruments. 

    He grabbed ten instruments that were convienently right there and started playing, shocking his Clanmates. 

    "COME ON BLOGCLAN!! LET'S HAVE A LEAF-FALL PARTY!!!"" Breezey yelled. 

    "Yay!" Flowerpaw cheered. 

    "Wait!" Hazelspots gasped. "We still don't know what we're going to do about leaf-fall!"

    "You're right, we don't," Wavesplash sighed. "But we're a Clan. We can get through it together."

    "That's right," Fawnpaw replied. "We'll survive!"

    "Go BlogClan!" Fallenpaw screeched. 

    "We can do this!" Mistypaw yelled. 

    "Get spooky y'all!" ShiveringRose added.

    "There's so many positives! Like this!" Willowstep beamed and jumped in a pile of leaves. 

    "Wait for me!" Silverpaw called, jumping in after her. Goldenfawn and Silvercreek quickly followed. 

    Fireleap and Moonpaw went to the nearest convience store to get orange and yellow balloons, and BlogClan had a leaf-fall party. A few months later, they had a leaf-bare party. Everything was fine, because BlogClan is a Clan and we can get through anything we do together. :)

    I'm sorry this is so late I got home late and it took soooooo much time to type up :o

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  • A chilling breeze swept through the air, lifting colorful leaves off the forest floor in a whirlwind. The sight was beautiful, but for BlogClan, it meant that leaf-fall was coming soon.

    Less prey, the cold, disease, less fresh herbs…worries raced through Hazelspots’ mind as she clumsily padded through the forest. She took a deep breath. Stop worrying. You’re only scared because you’ve never…done this before.

    It had been six moons since she had awoken in the forest, but still the sights and smells were unfamiliar, overwhelming, and almost too much for her to handle.


    She had been sent by Flowerstream, the medicine cat of BlogClan, to collect herbs from the marsh. It was about an hour’s walk from the camp, but time seemed to stretch out without the presence of a clock.  She began to doze off, walking without paying attention to where she was going. She could smell it in the air- she was almost near the marsh.

    Ouch! She tripped over a large branch and slammed into the ground. The leaves covering the ground didn’t exactly break her fall.

    She stood up slowly, pain throbbing in her shoulder. She looked over to see a single drop of blood fall on the ground. Dang it. Flowerstream would insist on wasting her valuable herbs and time to heal the wound.

    The marsh was in front of her, and she could see the needed herbs just beyond the front façade of grass and cattails. She ran up to the herbs, but slipped on the muddy ground and fell face first into the sludge.

    Ugh, now I’m going to smell like the marsh for a moon. Just great.

    She lifted her face up out of the mud, determined to bring back the herbs to camp, no matter what stood in her way. She looked around for the herbs Flowerstream wanted- a few sprigs of a plant with spiked, round leaves and clumps of moss to keep the nests warm. Hazelspots tugged on the moss that was deeply rooted in the ground until it finally lodged free of the mud. She bit off a few stems of the prickly plant, wrapped it in the wet moss, and picked it up in her jaws.

    When she finally made it back to the camp, she was completely exhausted. She padded over to Flowerstream’s den and dropped the bundle of herbs and moss.

    “Thank you so much, Hazel,” she said with a worried expression. “I would have gotten the herbs myself, but it’s only leaf-fall and Lupinepaw has already developed a bad cough.” The skilled medicine cat looked her up and down. “What happened to you?”

    She sighed. “I fell in the mud.” Flowerstream then noticed the scratch on  Hazel’s’ shoulder.

    “You should have come back quickly when you got scratched,” she scolded.

    “No need to waste your herbs, it’s just one tiny scratch.”

    “It’s not just a scratch. It’s a scrape with a lot of surface area, which leaves it prone to infection. You upped the chances of that when you fell in the mud,” she muttered, turning to her stark herb stash and chewing some leaves into a poultice.

    “Lie down.” She rubbed the poultice on the scrape. Hazel was so exhausted that the rubbing motion soothed her off to sleep.

    “Hazel! Hazel!” Hazelspots opened her eyes to Flamebriar, smiling. “I didn’t get to see you when you came back! Are you okay?”

    She grunted, and stood up. She was still upset from the events that took place during her trip to the marsh. “I’m alright.”

    Flamebriar knew she was lying, but didn't mention it. "You're covered in mud."

    “I know. I fell into the marsh.”

    They smiled. “You wanna go to the river and wash off?”

    Hazel nodded and padded, touching her flank to Flame’s.

    When they got to the river, Hazel pushed Flame in, but Flame held onto Hazel, so they toppled in together. When they both reached the surface again, they were soaked but laughing. Flame had eased Hazel's irritation. They scrambled out unto the shore, still giggling. Flame turned to Hazel, a gleam in their eyes.



    “Promise to stay by me this leaf-fall?”

    Hazel’s heart thumped so loudly she was sure every cat in the forest could hear it.


    “Even if I get greencough?”

    “Nothing will separate you from me.”

    Flame curled their tail around Hazel’s back lovingly. Hazel touched her nose to his cheek. The sun was just now rising in the sky. They both laid down, curled up next to each other, sights aimed at the sky. The stars were lowering to give way to the day, and the moon was giving off its last light for the night. The blackness of night was blending with warm pink, yellow, and red tones.

    Leafbare is beginning. BlogClan will be layering more moss on their dens, hunting harder to find more prey, and fighting disease. But no matter what happens, we’ll be together, Flame. I’ll be with you through battle, through the seasons, through death itself. No power in StarClan could keep me from you.


    I promise.

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  • Here is my contest entry (Wave is playing in the leaves, you do not approve):

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • I remember you posting something about secret pages yeah could I have the link to that thanks

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  • Hi Willow, sorry if I'm bothering you. I was kinda busy last nigh and now I have the time to create my fursona page, but I'm running into a little trouble. I was reading the Fursona Page Guide and it said I needed to add a format, but I'm not sure how to do it. I was wondering if you could help me, or could direct me to someone else who could? I'm sorry if it's a dumb question, I'm kinda clueless when it comes to things like this. 

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    • Glad to know someone actually reads my guides :P

      A format is simply the layout of a page, like the headings and infobox, nothing more. I say how to add the formatting at the bottom of the guide; here it is now:

      "First of all, make sure you're editing. Click the edit button. Magically, you're editing. Unless you just created it. Then you're still editing. Anywho, click Insert > Infobox > BlogClan Cats, and fill in the blanks. Ta-da! You've got an infobox! Secondly, you'll want to make the headings. You can do this by clicking the text part (duh) and clicking that dropdown that probably says paragraph. Click Heading 2, type in the heading text, and hit enter. Beautiful. You can type under these and everywhere and stuff.

      You can make those for the headings on the thing above. Or anything you want, really. You might want to have a gallery, like I have there. First, you need to upload your images to the wiki, which can be done here. Then, click the stack of photos icon in the same bar as the heading thing. Type at least part of the file name of one of them (like something.png or something.jpg or something.gif) and it'll probably show up. Click the image, then repeat the process for all your images."

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    • And you're not bothering me at all! No worries

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    • I was reading it last night, and was just skimming through it and must have missed it. I'm sorry about that, I'm a bit of a scatterbrain. This helps a lot, as well as the rest of your guide. Hope you have a great rest of your day!

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    • Thanks! It's no problem

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  • Could ya get on chat? I have some questions about the River Society and stuff.

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  • nice profile pic Willowlight7

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