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  • I live in North America
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Unknown
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General Rules Edit

Feel free to post anything that is appropriate, respectful, and not spam or vandalism. If you have questions or suggestions, please ask them, too.

This place should be kind and happy and free, and don't feel oppressed to ask questions. After all, I ask the most random and useless questions all the time, too. My reply may or may not be to just delete the post. Depends.

Side Notes: Edit

-If the message is urgent, I will try to come on and check as soon as possible, but don't rely on me to come in any time before half an hour.

-If it is spam or vandalism, and I did not see this coming or know the reason, I will be angry and most likely delete the message. If it's frequent, the admins will be involved.


Winterpaw: I am a true Monster
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