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  • you secretly wrote this didnt you "Being lazy Like Two Goose Geese Dear geese,

    I cherish Gooseland, where we first met. The moment I clapped eyes on you, I knew you were going to be a doge goose. Recently, I have began to regard you as much more than a doge goose.

    My feelings for you intensified when I saw you honking in the moonlight. I was further wowed by your tremendous breathing skills.

    You have feet like honk fancy expired broccoli and the most ok beak I've ever seen. When I look at you, I just want to marry those honk fancy expired broccoli feet and marry that ok beak.

    You're so special with your lol ways. The way you handle your geeses all geese shows great goose and geese.

    I know that to you I'm just a loyal loyal true goose but I think we could be happy together, being lazy like two goose geese.

    Please, say you'll be mine geese!

    All my love Rainleaf Truegoose, who loves geese dearly"

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  • You're a french fry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :) :)


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  • I'm moving house. It's sadder than it should be :(

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  • Rise chapter 1 is done also you're in it but you die :P

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  • happy birthday heres your present 
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  • Be a goose or else
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  • the magnetic field is fading

    this message was sponsored by Josephina! Need a solution to every problem in existance? Ask Josephina! She'll provide completely honest answers, without a bit of doubt! Ask now!

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  • So basically, a lot of people are giving her a hard time because of the pedophilic relationship between Thistleclaw and Spottedkit/paw.  They think that since the book is aimed at children that stuff like that shouldn't be in the books. They also feel like Thistleclaw's character has changed to much from Bluestar's Prophecy. Idk. I thought it was a really good book. It also gave a reason as to why Thistleclaw is in the Dark Forest besides being too ambitous. Everyone has always complained about that and now that there IS a reason, they don't like it. Vicky is really upset about it. If you go and look at her facebook, she has ,like, three really long posts about it. (for some reason i'm typing in italics now and i don't know how i did it so just ignore) Here's a particularly harsh post that someone posted on the Warriors Amino:

    There's even some people in the comments that said they are never going to buy a Warriors book again. I don't understand why one book would make you not want to buy any more of the others...

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    • (major spoiler alert because this will get on recent wiki activity)

      Oh my gosh....
      I think I'll reserve judgement till I actually get the book.


      She's doing what, now????

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    • 9:59 Willowlight7 you know what i hate
    • 9:59 Willowlight7 when people hate characters for "breaking up" with another character
    • 9:59 Willowlight7 Example
    • 9:59 Willowlight7 People hate Dovewing for "breaking up with Bumblestripe"
    • 9:59 Willowlight7 They were NEVER in a relationship
    • 10:00 Willowlight7 Cats around Dovewing, including Bumblestripe himself, were pressuring her into becoming mates with him, but they were never in a real relationship
    • LuminaFaith2468 has joined the chat.
    • 10:01 Stoatbramble exactly
    • XxLightwhisperxX has joined the chat.
    • 10:01 LuminaFaith2468 why is my browser an hour behinddddd
    • 10:01 Stoatbramble Tigerdove is probably going to be canon at this rate
    • 10:01 Willowlight7 Bumblestripe goes on to say he cannot wait for them to have kits together and she’ll be a great mother. Dovewing steps away suddenly and says they have plenty of time, they just need to deal with the flood first. Bumblestripe flattens his ears and murmurs okay uncomfortably, giving a hurt look in his eyes." -Warriors Wiki
    • 10:02 Willowlight7 Bumblestripe was pressuring Dovewing into having kits and being in a relationship and he feels SO ENTITLED to her love
    • Foxstep1 has joined the chat.
    • 10:02 XxLightwhisperxX *trying very hard not to spoil SS*
    • 10:02 Foxstep1 oh that
    • 10:02 Stoatbramble hi all
    • 10:02 Foxstep1 Bumblestripe has turned into a creepo
    • 10:02 Foxstep1 hey
    • 10:03 Stoatbramble brb i'm gonna work on my scratch project
    • 10:03 XxLightwhisperxX k
    • 10:03 XxLightwhisperxX bye
    • 10:03 Foxstep1 ooooo what's your username mine is is violetwings
    • 10:03 Foxstep1 bye
    • 10:03 Stoatbramble I'm --Stoatbramble500--
    • 10:03 Foxstep1 For once, I feel a little concerned and worried for Dovewing
    • 10:03 Stoatbramble I'll go follow you
    • 10:03 Foxstep1 yay
    • 10:03 Foxstep1 me too
    • Flowerstream01 has joined the chat.
    • 10:03 Foxstep1 Floooooooooo
    • 10:04 LuminaFaith2468 hi flobaby
    • 10:04 Foxstep1 Followed!
    • 10:04 XxLightwhisperxX I haven't read SS so I'm still meh on Dove but I know a certain cat's attitude towards her
    • 10:04 Willowlight7 does anyone want to write a collaborative article with me on why bumblestripe is a creep
    • 10:05 Foxstep1 yes
    • 10:05 XxLightwhisperxX yes
    • Birchfoot has joined the chat.
    • 10:05 Foxstep1 but dovewing should seriously tell him to back off
    • 10:05 Stoatbramble yes
    • 10:05 Birchfoot hii
    • 10:05 Willowlight7 "Whitewing gently points out Dovewing would need to find a mate one day, to keep the Clan going. Dovewing says there was plenty of time to choose a tom before hurrying Whitewing back to camp."
    • 10:05 Foxstep1 since she's only dropping hints, he thinks it's okay to be a creep and doesn't realize how creepy he's being
    • 10:05 XxLightwhisperxX mm then we have bumble being disappointed and jealous and ashfury
    • 10:06 XxLightwhisperxX yep
    • 10:06 Stoatbramble bumblestripe is a creep because he wants to FORCE dovewing into bumbledove when clearly she loves tigerheart
    • 10:06 Stoatbramble love isn't forced, it's a choice
    • 10:06 Willowlight7 "Bumblestripe asks Dovewing to come take a walk in the forest with him. When Dovewing refuses, and, looking hurt, Bumblestripe pads away."
    • 10:06 Foxstep1 then tigerdove kitty will murder bumble
    • 10:06 Willowlight7 He feels so entitled to her love
    • 10:06 Flowerstream01 what are we talking about
    • 10:06 Willowlight7 Other cats pressure her into it
    • 10:06 XxLightwhisperxX wollow how about you take everyone's comments and turn that into an article
    • 10:06 Willowlight7 We're talking about "bumbledove ducks"
    • 10:06 Willowlight7 *sucks
    • 10:06 Willowlight7 "and so does bumblestripe"
    • 10:06 Willowlight7 steppy pm
    • 10:07 Stoatbramble "bumbledove ducks"
    • 10:07 Foxstep1 and then tigerdove kitty will reveal she is not tigerdove kitty and is actually ivyandrandomtom's kitty
    • 10:07 Stoatbramble bumbledove is fowl confirmed
    • 10:07 Flowerstream01 bumbledove ducks
    • 10:07 XxLightwhisperxX ok
    • 10:07 XxLightwhisperxX but
    • 10:07 XxLightwhisperxX the point is
    • 10:07 XxLightwhisperxX bumblestripe is a c r e e p
    • 10:07 Foxstep1 I hope bumblebutt dies
    • 10:07 Foxstep1 did I seriously just say butt?
    • 10:08 Birchfoot yes
    • 10:08 Birchfoot apparently
    • 10:08 XxLightwhisperxX i mean bumble go fall in love with rosie over there
    • 10:08 Foxstep1 yeah
    • 10:08 Foxstep1 bumble find someone who actually cares about you
    • 10:08 Birchfoot ^^
    • 10:08 XxLightwhisperxX she's d y i n g over you
    • 10:08 Foxstep1 rosepetal always yelled at dovewing for pushing bumble away
    • 10:09 Foxstep1 she clearly cares about him
    • 10:09 XxLightwhisperxX yeah but
    • 10:09 XxLightwhisperxX bumble deserves it
    • 10:09 Willowlight7 rosepetal is a shipper confirmed
    • 10:09 Willowlight7 that should be an article too
    • 10:10 XxLightwhisperxX if i didn't reload so much i'd have screenshotted all this and started on an article
    • 10:11 XxLightwhisperxX has anyone here read ss
    • 10:12 Stoatbramble rosebumble and tigerdove appear to what be happening
    • 10:12 Stoatbramble not yet
    • 10:12 Willowlight7 me
    • 10:12 Foxstep1 not me
    • 10:12 XxLightwhisperxX any comments on bumble's attitude?
    • 10:13 Foxstep1 he's too clingy
    • 10:13 Foxstep1 he already gets she doesn't want him
    • 10:13 Foxstep1 he's just being stupid and needs to get a life
    • 10:13 Foxstep1 brb
    • 10:13 XxLightwhisperxX but still wants her?
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  • I know you wanted to revive the main RP, but you basically spammed it with things unrelated to the threads.

    At the very least, use any characters you have to try and revive the threads. I've removed most of the spammy messages, but please don't do it again in the future.

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