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  Description and Personality Edit

Mintfeather is a light blue-gray she-cat with blue eyes. She is playful and happy, and is always trying to jump into random conversations. On live chat she enjoys saying random things at random times to make the conversations even weirder.

  On BlogClan Edit

Mintfeather has been a member of BlogClan since December 4, 2016, but it feels like forever. She is most active on the Tavern, the Name Generators page, the Warrior Games page, and the Warrior Names page. She also jumps around on other pages from time to time.

  In Real Life Edit

Mintfeather will become an apprentice soon. Her BlogClan friends that she knows in real life are Frozenpaw, Starlingpaw, and Sparrowpaw. There might be more that she is not aware of.

  BlogClan Friends Edit

Frozenpaw, Starlingpaw, Sparrowpaw, Flo, Wavey, Birchy, Cyp, Willa, Icy, Sunny, Breezey, Wollow, Lup , Darkpaw, Jayflight(Snowheart), Mistlepaw, and others (Add yourself if you're my friend)

  Trivia Edit

  • Her favorite color is light turquoise
  • Her second favorite color is periwinkle
  • If she was in a real Clan, it would be RiverClan
  • She founded and is the leader of MeowClan, a secret Clan on BlogClan
  • Her favorite arc is The New Prophecy, but her favorite book is Power of Three: The Sight
  • Her favorite cat is Willowshine
  • Her least favorite cat is Brokenstar
  • She believes that no cat or person is pure good or pure evil
  • She loves drawing, and her favorite art material is oil pastels

  Quotes Edit

  • "HUFFLEYPUFFLEY" -Minty talking about how awesome Hufflepuff is
  • "hi" -Minty whenever she enters live chat
  • "wint can be an eyeball" -Minty when she was on live chat but supposed to be sleeping
  • "i dint know think so" -Minty when asked what does idk think so means

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