Mintshade, by Mintshade

(Picture on the right of Mintshade, by Kat)

Mintshade is a tortoiseshell she-cat with mint-green eyes. She is small and lean, with large ears, giving her a good sense of hearing. Before joining BlogClan, she was a traveller under the name of Vixen, and although she considered herself a rogue, she was seen as a loner. She originally joined the Clan in 2013 and left a little over two years after; ever since, she has re-appeared occasionally, though she has never stayed longer than a week at most.

She re-joined Blogclan on June 5, 2016, and took on Goldenpaw as an apprentice on July 5, 2015. She later left, but returned on June 22, 2017.

Outside of Blogclan, she goes by Mintshade or Minticore.

On The Blog Edit

Mintshade has written a couple of articles and plans to write more in the future.

Trailing Stars Edit

Mintshade was mentioned in Chapter Five of Trailing Stars, the last cat assigned by Copperclaw to hunt for prey during BlogClan's first night in the camp.

Trailing Stars Graphic Novel Edit

Coming soon.

Trivia Edit

  • Mintshade is a Professor on a Harry Potter-themed Minecraft Server, teaching Care of Magical Creatures, something she takes great pride in.
  • She attempted to start her own clan, MountainClan, when she was 11. This ultimately failed.
  • She can be a bit awkward or forgetful at times, so please inform her if she's broken any rules and she'll fix it right away (it's already happened once and she doesn't want it to happen again!)

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