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Other Names Thrush
Affiliation BlogClan, ThrushClan, FowlClan, the Goose Army
Biographical information
Rank Warrior
Physical description
Gender She-cat
Breed Tabby
Fur Color Silver
Eye Color Amber


☆ appearance

Mistleheart is a silver tabby she-cat with thick, uneven fur. She has sun-colored eyes, dark gray stripes surrounding her muzzle, and a long, plumy, white-tipped tail. Her ears are tufted, and one is nicked at the tip.

☆ personalityMistleheart rarely lets others see her more spunky side. When she does, she's less serious, less prickly, and overall, more fun to be around. However, you'll occasionally see her sarcastic, obnoxious attitude, espically on wiki chat. Mistleheart is very pessimistic, but she strives to be friendly and less irritating. This, as she's found out, is difficult.

Mistleheart can be very quiet, surprisingly. On wiki chat, she rarely speaks (when she did it was to snap at Mistsong), but this is clearly changing. Mistleheart is still snarky, stubborn, independent, and acts like she doesn't care about anything. Thankfully, she's changing this too.

☆ on the wiki

Mistleheart considers herself to be among the more active users on the BlogClan 2 Wiki. She edits whenever she has the time to, and can be frequently spotted on the wiki chat when no one else is on.

She is currently contributing to three collabs: one with Wistep (After Nightfall), and the other two with Streamy (Chronicles of Chaos and Story of Secrets)

She's an active roleplayer in Foxstep's roleplay, Anarchy, and no others, and an active contributor to the Anarchy Wiki. She was previously an active roleplayer in the Main RP, but she quit.

She is the leader of ThrushClan, a secret Clan allied with the Goose Army and FowlClan. We don't accept fowlshamers, but join if you can.

Her friends include Wistep, Goldenfawn, Seapaw, Breeze that Glides Through Summer, Mistlepaw, and more but she's forgetting. Sorry people.You can add yourself here if you have time.

☆ on the blog

Mistleheart is becoming more active on the actual blog; before, she was far too active on the wiki, and far too inactive on the blog. Although she doesn't comment much, she checks the blog daily.

She has written two articles, but she isn't certain whether either of them were ever published. However, she takes an interest in other articles. Once in a while, she gives the author a long review they rarely respond to because of her annoyingness.

She is currently hosting a game on the Warriors Games page called Forge a Story, which she updates every two to three days. She has also created a surprisingly long warrior name generator.

Otherwise, she doesn't know what to say on what she does on the blog, other than she posts After Nightfall and Thinking like a Murderer, et cetera, there.</p>

☆ quotes

"Call me Thrush." - Mistleheart regularly on chat. This has become her signature quote.

☆ trivia

- Her Clanniversary is on December 5, 2015.

- She first commented on the blog under the name Maplebreeze, but changed her name to Mistleheart very soon afterwards.

☆ gallery

IMG 9458

By Juni

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