Other Names Mistlekit, Mistlesnow, Mistle, Mislepsw, Mistle That Hangs Over Snow, Yandere-chan, Monika, Maisy
Relatives Cinderfeather (mother), Icestorm (father), Drizzlemist (sister)
Affiliation BlogClan, TpyoCaln, R.C.F. (Revive CBox Foundation), Rebelpaw Club, WillowClan
Biographical information
Mentor just
Apprentice what
Rank do
Physical description
Gender you
Breed think
Fur Color you're
Eye Color doing

Her userpage can be found here.


Mistlepaw is a small, lean-built, slim-framed, dark smoky-gray she-cat with large white patches, messy, unkempt fur, a long, thin, whippy tail, and pale green eyes the color of mistletoe leaves

On The BlogEdit

Mistlepaw joined BlogClan around May 9, 2016 as Harepaw, usually sticking around the Tavern, I Heart Discussion Page, Warriors Names page, Warriors Games Page, and often participates in NTA. She likes to update useless info on the Tavern and runs a personal NTA on the games page. She often talks and interacts with people, completely unlike her real life personality.

On The WikiEdit

Mistlepaw joined the BlogClan Wiki on October 6, 2016 as SilverSkyClaw for no reason at all, and never does much on here except join threads on the Fun And Games Board and edit her fursona and userpage. She likes making large lists of whatever, and exploring others' fursona pages. Occasionally, she will join Live Chat.


Mistlepaw is generally quiet in public places, and tries to talk as little as possible. She often tries to minimize physical contact and dislikes hugs or handshakes. She is also very lazy and a big procrastinater, which she is currently trying to fix. She likes being neat and orderly(although her room isn't), and keeping a schedule which she rarely does. She has a big obsession with Warriors, Seekers, and Wings of Fire. She is really bad
at art and all things related, but enjoys writing which, once again, she rarely does.


  • Her hobbies include painting(watercolor, oil, or acrylic), playing tennis, running, reading, being outdoors(for the most part), and eating
  • She is very introverted and socially awkward
  • Her attempted art is atrocious, if you haven't noticed by now
  • She likes playing word and puzzle games
  • She is an extremely picky eater and dislikes anything spicy, cheese on anything except pizza, tomatoes, eggplants, garlic, olives, fruit on cake, spinach, cherries, any kind of berry, plums, sour cream, cinnamon, chive, peppers, jalapenos, blueberry muffins, pumpkins, dry chicken, any kind of condiment, strawberry-flavored anything, onions, guacamole, olives, and a bunch of other stuff she can't think of right now
  • Her Hogwarts house is Ravenclaw
  • Her Patronus is a nightjar
  • She has never drank soda in her life
  • Her favorite word is kumquat
  • She has an unusual obsession with rain
  • Her favorite games are Yandere Simulator, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, Overwatch, Doki Doki Literature Club, Bendy and the Ink Machine, Octodad, Papers, Please, Hello Neighbor, Kindergarten, and Simon's Cat: Crunch Time
  • Her favorite DDLC characters in order are: Monika(as you can see from my PFPs), Sayori, Yuri, and Natuski(sorry Natsuki, your glitched face terrifies me)
  • Her favorite foods/drinks include roasted seaweed, oranges, almost any kind of tea, bread pudding, flan, bundt cake, salmon, watermelon, sunflower seeds, and almost any lemon or lime-flavored sweets

Favorite Songs Edit

  • Shelter (Porter Robinson & Madeon)
    Simon's Cat
  • The Spectre (Alan Walker)
  • Faded (Alan Walker)
  • Sing Me To Sleep (Alan Walker)
  • All Falls Down (Alan Walker ft. Noah Cyrus & Digital Farm Animals)
  • Alone (Alan Walker)
  • It Ain't Me (Kygo ft. Selena Gomez)
  • Doki Doki Forever (OR3O ft. chi chi, rachie, & kathy-chan)
  • Just Monika: Doki Doki Literature Club: The Musical (Random Encounters)
  • Papers, Please: The Musical (Random Encounters

Favorite Books(Besides Warriors) Edit

  • Warcross (Marie Lu)
  • The Lost Track of Time (Paige Britt)
  • Ghost (Jason Reynolds)
  • Patina (Jason Reynolds)
  • Falling Over Sideways (Jordan Sonnenblick)

wall of the greatsEdit

add yourself but i might change it to a pun


Raindance-smooth-furred, slender, dark bluish-gray tabby she-cat with jet-black stripes, silver markings on her legs like raindrops, a silver-ringed tail, and dark, rainy-blue eyes

Pastelpaw-soft-furred, small, pale pastel tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat with a thick, fluffy tail and pale amber eyes

Trollface-paper-white cat with a troll face

Burning Sky-thick-furred, dark fiery ginger-and-gray tabby tom with russet stripes and sky-blue eyes

Silverfox-sleek silver-gray she-cat with a very thick, bushy, white-tipped tail, snowy-white paws and ice-blue eyes

Stormy Sky-fluffy, light storm-gray she-cat with a darker gray underbelly and yellow eyes

Insignia-long-legged, dark speckled tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat with pure white paws and dark amber eyes

Macaroon-soft-furred, hard-muscled, dark brown tom with paler brown patches and hazel eyes

under heavy editing & testing

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