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Fursona Edit

Mistlepaw is a lean, pale gray-and-white she-cat with messy, kinky fur, a long, whippy tail, and pale green eyes.

On The Blog Edit

Mistlepaw joined BlogClan on May 9 2016 as Harepaw, went on a hiatus until June 2016, and tends to constantly keep a tab on BlogChat and Warrior Names, to see if anyone replies to her comments, whether or not her comments have been modded, and if chat is open or not. She gets very upset when she sees that chat closed like 5–10 minutes ago and is angry at Flo for closing chat.

She forgot when she joined BlogClan, but it was just a little before they moved

She is Rebelmistle of the Rebelpaws. She also hopes that Aspy(kit) will join when they become an apprentice.

She went on a long hiatus when she first joined, and is still struggling to pull herself out of the pit of inactivity. That is why no one knows who she is, and has never been called anyone's friend.

On The Wiki Edit

She joined the Warriors Wikia on April 19, 2016 as SilverSkyClaw, and still makes edits whenever she can, usually fixing spelling/grammar mistakes or adding on to descriptions. She was formerly a part of PCA, but left because she sucks at art and ultimately failed at chararts was pulled into the pit of inactivity.

She joined the BlogClan 2 Wikia very recently, and likes to join in games on the Fun and Games board, playing Food Fight, Something Fell On My Head, Who __ My ___, etc.

Personality Edit

She is usually very quiet and shy at school, though at home she unleashes her inner weirdness. She isn't verbally offended that easily, and can control her temper quite well, even if she wants to strangle her classmates. Usually on the inside, she is annoyed very well and also extremely impatient when she isn't interested in what's currently going on. She is trying to be more patient and less cringy.

Other Edit

She is often online surfing the Internet. She rarely ever watches TV.

She would greatly appreciate any fursona drawings. She would also be glad to have a coder make this page fancy, as well as teach her how to make an eligible siggie.

She has a certain phobia of slime, or blennophobia, hence her dislike of slugs and snails

She cannot have a profile picture right now, as online pictures might be copyrighted, however, Willowstream has graciously offered to draw her fursona.

Trivia Edit

  • Mistlepaw has never written a fanfiction in her entire depressing life. She often loses motivation after 3 sentences.
  • She is an extremely pickley eater. She will not eat cheese(except on good pizza), tomatoes, any kind of berry, pie, any kind of condiment, olives, pickles, cakes with fruit, spicy foods, peppers/jalapenos, onions, mashed potatoes, pepperoni, pineapple pizza, tea, soda, coconuts, minty foods, gum, cherries, burgers with anything other than meat and lettuce, plums, small grapes, any kind of jelly, etc.(yes, you can say that she lives a very sad life)
  • She is quite an extreme introvert. She is really bad at making conversations, and when talking to someone, will usually say something stupid, and cringe at herself for the next few years.
  • In real life, she has a very short attention span and will easily get board.
  • She absolutely cannot stand things that are not purrfect.
  • She is slowly being dragged into the pit of inactivity with no way out.

OCs Edit

IslandClan(thanks for the idea, Wavey :D)

Leader: Oceanstar-sleek-furred, dark blue-gray she-cat with white-tipped fur and dark, water-blue eyes

Deputy: Dolphinleap-slender, glossy-furred gray she-cat with a white underside and pale blue eyes

Medicine Cat: Palmshade-broad-shouldered dark brown tabby tom with darker mottled spots on his flank, and leaf-green eyes


Turtlesong-hard-muscled, brownish-gray tabby she-cat with a very short, stumpy tail, and bright green eyes the color of a turtle shell

Apprentice, Seapaw

Sealwhisker-oily-furred, snowy-white tom with a lean frame, long whiskers, and hazel eyes

Coconutheart-short-furred dark brown tom with black spots, a long, black-striped tail, and light green eyes

Apprentice, Whalepaw

Mangoleaf-small, dark ginger-and-golden she-cat with a thick, plumy tail, and clear amber eyes

Coralshine-long-legged dark orange tabby she-cat with brown paws, and sky-blue eyes

Apprentice, Plumeriapaw

Volcanoflame-wide-shouldered dark gray-brown tom with orange-ginger fur on his head, and fiery amber eyes

Unicornfish-spiky-furred, pale silver she-cat with a very long, thin tail, a single stripe down her forehead, and azure-blue eyes

Sandbreeze-dusky, sandy-colored golden-brown tabby tom with pale orange stripes, and sun-colored amber eyes

Tidesplash-thick-furred, silvery-blue tom with a white mottled flank, and brilliant blue eyes

Apprentice, Sunpaw

Reefheart-long-furred, primarily ginger tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat with dark amber eyes


Seapaw-lean, light blueish-gray tom with a little bit of silver fur, a thick, bushy tail, and marine-blue eyes

Whalepaw-large, dark gray tabby tom with a white tabby-striped underbelly, and round blue eyes

Plumeriapaw-soft-furred white she-cat with creamy-golden dapples along her pelt, and pale yellow eyes

Sunpaw-broad-faced, dark golden tabby she-cat with brown stripes, and sun-amber eyes


Shellsong-smooth-furred, pale creamy-colored dappled she-cat with barely visible stripes, and amber eyes(mother of Tidesplash's kits, Wavekit, Fernkit, and Shadekit)

Breezewing-lightly-framed, silver-gray tabby she-cat with black stripes, small white paws, and lime-green eyes(expecting Sealwhisker's kits)


Gullfeather-ragged-furred, dark gray-and-white tom with hooked, talon-like claws, and sky-blue eyes

Albatrosswing-long-legged brown tabby tom with thick, feathery fur, and golden eyes

Riverpool-skinny silver, black, and white she-cat with bony haunches and blue eyes

cool people aka wall of the greats Edit

other random stuff Edit

she lives in southern north america

where she lives has 4 seasons



dank memes

core of the earth

and also super windy

but mostly hot

chill with the heat texas

haha "chill"

idk why i added this

and thx to sunnysunsundance for helping me a lot in figuring out my clanniversary

yes i did

Quotes Edit

"I am no one. And no one is me." -Mistlepaw

"Pfft. I dunno." -Mistlepaw

"I prefer my memes medium rare, preheated at 375 degrees Farenheit." -Mistlepaw

"Mommy said she's concerned with my hobbies but I disagree." -No Why


"I'm not a sloth." -YourPalRoss

"Ye." -YourPalRoss

"You're the worst dad I've ever had!" -Shubble

"What's the difference between imagination and reality?"

"There is no difference."

"Exactly." -Aspy and Mistlepaw on Live Chat

Chat Disguises Edit

Since Mistlepaw occasionally joins Live Chat, she takes on various disguises. A list of all used disguises is below:

  • Pancakepaw
  • Dreamstalker
  • Ditto Wants A Hug
  • The Alien-Christmas Doge
  • Cortana
  • Fluffysteaker(forced by Flo)
  • Tubbs
  • Cookie Monster
  • Runaway Soufflé
  • Runaway Macaron
  • Runaway Eclair
  • Runaway Cream Puff
  • Clickbait (secretive, later discovered by Flo)
  • Meh
  • Mysterious Mistlepaw
  • MistlePINGUpaw

The Rebelpaw Club Allegiances Edit


  • Breezepaw (shade) (the founder)
  • Lupinepaw (cloud)
  • Mistlepaw (tail)
  • Foxpaw (step)


If you retire from the Rebelpaws and become a warrior, you officially become a RebelCLAW

All retired Rebelpaws will officially take on that name

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