A fanfiction one-shot written by Laurelcloud after being awake for about 38 hours. (So I apologize for any silly mistakes or parts that make no sense...)

*WARNING* Torture in vague detail, murder, a suicidal character, and a bit of blood Edit


They told me it was cool to wander in the night. To get jumped by badgers, drown in crystal water, return in tatters, or not to return at all. Those are the ones who get remembered, they said. I was not about to let myself be forgotten.

Wear a crown, tear your paws, limp around until daylight. Touch the top of that pine tree. Drink poison. Feel pain. Their commands ate through my conscience. If there was any left.

"You are a puppet," they said.

Returning bloody was unacceptable. Scars are permenant, blood fades.

"Wash in the pond that shines like glass. Look at it. You're ugly. Scream."

Unnatural noises escaped through my jagged teeth. Eat rocks. Peel the bark. Use your paws, and we'll snap them. Touch your tail to the ground, and we'll burn it.

Balance. Step. Swim. Water bubbled up to my ears. I fought for the surface as a heavy weight was dropped on my back. Their claws dug in, I went limp. They tossed me aside. There were rocks. The lovely night darkness took over.


I am not sure what exactly I lived for. There was no love there. No beauty. No power. But I kept moving in a consistent direction. Towards my own benefit, which came with the destruction of others.

I stole things. Prey, feathers, everything of value. I dropped them in the pond. They always landed with a satisfying plop at the bottom, and a small spray of clear water would land on my fur.

I couldn't have the finer things in life, so why should they? What did they ever do to deserve to be better than anyone else?

StarClan knows their favorites from the start. I couldn't wait to join in on the fun of corrupting their perfect, innocent, little pets with their sickiningly successful futures ahead.

It should be fair. Life should be fair.

Death is fair.


Was I lost? There were trees, leaves, a pond, more trees, was that another pond? The heavy stench of blood washed over my senses.

I tripped over a small divet in the grass and landed with my jaw resting on rough pebbles.

I took a moment to comprehend what was happening. My mind was still blank.

The pond looked shiny. So shiny. Shiny, shiny, shiny.

I touched it with the tip of my tail. Ripples spiraled out from it.

The water began to gain a pinkish hue. I looked at the blood and feathers.