Nonsensicality is a fanfiction written by Ł☨ and Foxo and edited by Foxo. Edit

chap 1 ☨ 🇫 Edit

Hi. I'm Springleaf. I have what the RiverClan medicine cat calls "Nonsensicality". I get distracted easily, I'm "more intelligent than other cats", and I honestly don't care how I sound or look. I often sporadically offend others. I don't care though. I'm me and if cats don't like it, then that's not my problem. I don't have a mate or any admirers; at least, I don't think any tom or she-cat would be stupid enough to care about the abnormality that is me.

chap 2 ☨ 🇫 Edit

I caught more menacing and threatening glares as I trotted into the RiverClan camp. Most cats here either hated me or thought I was weird, which is true. I padded up to Drippaw without realizing exactly what I was doing and let go of the extremely heavy bass I was previously holding in my jaws. It thudded to his feet, glistening brightly in the Newleaf sunshine. He looked at me like an idiot and before I knew it, I was sitting down, sharing a meal with him. I turned my head up and looked him straight in the eyes. "Why are you blushing so much, Drippaw?", I asked him straightforwardly. He looked like a slightly blue-furred tomato that looked nothing at all like a tomato (I'm trying to say he was blushing). I ignored him and finished my bass, leaving him with the remains. "Goodnight." I said shortly, flicking Drippaw teasingly with my tail as I strode back to my den.

chap 3 ☨ 🇫 Edit

I woke up from a dream of a not-so-mysterious blue-coated apprentice. I couldn't shake the feeling that there was some reason that I needed to be around him. Once again, without a proper thought process, I picked myself up from my ridiculously matted den and looked around. I spotted his shiny, slicked pelt across the camp and quickly groomed myself before prancing over to his spot. He looked up at me nervously, despite me being shorter than himself. "Y-You look stunning!" he mumbled shyly. "No I don't. I look like a poorly self-managed she cat." I said, almost robotically. I quickly adjusted my response. "Sorry. I meant to say that you look great as well." I said, in a flat but semi-real voice. Did I just... apologize?! When have I ever apologized?! I screamed in my head, realizing what I had just done. Without a second thought about the subject, I plopped down close to Drippaw. More closely than I had intended, but also strangely comfortable... I sniffled and turned to his face. "When are they planning to make you a warrior?" I asked, much too friendly and sweetly for my normal tone. He purred, a deep, rattling sound. Before i had known it, I was purring along with him, my eyes closed. Who is this tom and why is he making me act this way?

chap 4 ☨ 🇫 Edit

I woke up practically draped over Springleaf's slender figure. Immediately, confusing thoughts rushed into my head. When did we fall asleep? Why didn't she leave? Does she like me? ...Why is she so cute? Why did she talk to me? I thought she hated me... My thoughts were cut short as Springleaf roused from her sleep, lifting her slim head off my shoulder and blinking slowly. Her gaze met mine and she did something that I didn't expect. She blushed. I instantly blushed along with her, not breaking our gaze. Suddenly, she stood up. "I must go hunting. I know it's late, perhaps you'd like to come with me?" My heart nearly stopped at the thought of the slightly older warrior's offer. I nodded furiously in response, and I joined her in standing. After a quick grooming, we were off into the darkness of night.

chap 5 ☨ 🇫 Edit

drippaw was here again. the dark place. he wandered around once more, confused. he glanced to his right side as a white and black figure approached him. he recoiled in pure disgust as he realized what this was. the cat was a skeleton, rotten muscles hanging off of its bones, which were clearly visible under the strands. drippaw's eyes opened wide, taking in the eyeless, peltless figure. "wh-who a-are you?" the figure made a small rattling sound as it turned its skull to face him. "I am your self loathing. I am everything you despise about yourself, all of your petty inadequacies. I am what you hate about the being that is You." drippaw took a pawstep back, gazing in horror at the piteous creature that stood in front of him. the creature grinned, a hideous and disgusting gesture of pure malice. "You and Springleaf? Never gonna happen. You're worthless. You disgust her and you know it, you freak. You wonder why they haven't made you a warrior yet? It's because you're not good enough. You'll nev-" the words faded as drippaw shook with sobs. "stop. please." he moaned, tears splattering the ground. the grin turned into a wicked smile. "Enjoy your time with your 'mistress'..." he laughed, smiling with devious content. "I'll see you soon, pet." he murmured, before disappearing into a thin cloud of fog.

chap 6 ☨ 🇫 Edit

I turned around, slightly confused as to why Drippaw was not accompanying me. I turned my head back, a playful grin on my face; it quickly faded as I saw him behind me. He was sobbing quietly, his head in between his paws as it shook with tears. I blinked with a mixture of shock and suppressed confusion, forcing myself to pad up to the emotional disaster that was Drippaw. "Are you alright?" I asked bluntly, internally scolding myself for not acting like I cared. He looked up at me, his green eyes piercing mine; I understood the magnitude of the pain he was feeling in that moment. I did not understand what was wrong, but I understood that he was in a horrible place of mind and that I needed to help him. (stopped)

ended by Ł☨; may be rebooted in the future. Edit

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