Owlheart is a light brown tabby she-cat with white stripes, paws, and chest she has a fluffy tail and bright green eyes. She is kind, quiet, strong, fierce, and not afraid to speak her mind, and only talks when there is something important to be said.

Trivia Edit

I joined the wiki in late December of 2016

  • My Clanniversary is September 4th
  • I love to read. Some of my favorite series are:
    • Warriors,
    • Survivors,
    • Keeper of the Lost Cities,
    • Unwanteds,
    • Gaurdians of Ga'Hool,
    • Horses of the Dawn,
    • The wolves of the Beyond,
    • Black Stallion,
    • Wings of Fire,
    • and many more
  • I love Doctor Who
  • Some of my favorite foods are:
    • tacos,
    • calzone,
    • grilled cheese,
    • bacon,
    • baby back ribs,
    • and many more
    • I'm on the competition team at my dance studio, and I do:
      • ballet,
      • tap,
      • hip hop,
      • jazz,
      • contemporary,
      • next year I want to do pointe
  • My brother is a brown belt in karate
  • I live in Florida
  • My birthday is October 18
  • I'm proud to be a fowlshamer

I've met some great people on BlogClan such as: Gummy, Wavey, Wollow, Lup, Aspen, Icy, Birchy, Mistletail, Mistleheart, Misty, Mist, Jayfrost, Brightstorm, Frostflower, Willow, Darkpaw, Darkkit, Maplekit, Lionpaw, Flashtail, Wolfkit, Foxshadow, Stoatkit, Dawnheart, Shadowfox, Russetfeather, Gecky, Breezey, Flo, Flame, Emberfang, Cyp, Petalfrost, Sunny, Kat, and Kate herself

If I forgot you feel free to add yourself.


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