This is you, Owl. -Winter

Owlwater is a yellow tom with yellow eyes.

On the BlogEdit

Owlwater has been on BlogClan since August 27, 2015, and tries to befriend anyone he can find. He mostly enjoys the Live Chat, Name Generators, and NTA. He has made lots of new friends on the Blog such as Maple, Winter, Flame, Raggs, Fangie, Sunny, Icy, Peto, Shiv, Ice, Embix, FloWavey, Thistle, Golden, Breezey, Wollow, Storm, Ferny, Fox, Mist, Birchy, Stoney, Goldenflight, Tiny, Waffle, Lily, and many, many more that he's too lazy to name. He really enjoys to chat with these guys, plus everyone else. He was also part of the Relatively Excitable Stoats team! He was really happy to actually be part of a team with wonderful people.


He is very kind to anyone. If someone is nice to him, he is nice to them back. If someone is rude to him, he is nice to them back. He is a warrior of BlogClan. He loves everyone in the blog. He enjoys chatting with them on the Chat. He's a fun and loving person, too. He can be a little too crazy sometimes *poses* okay all the times!  

Trailing Stars Edit

Coming soon.

Trailing Stars Graphic Novel Edit

Coming soon.


  • His clanniversary is August 27.
  • The origin of the name Owlwater was actually a combination between Owl Eyes and Quick Water. (It's a long story so bear with Owl.)
  • He loves Coldplay, John Mayer, and Pentatonix. Especially Pentatonix! 
  • He sometimes forget what he was saying or doing from the last five seconds.
  • His favorite color is yellow.
  • He loves everyone on the Blog.
  • He is the inventor of the Owl's Water.
  • He loves to stare at the stars at night.
  • He was shipped with the following: Icy (Owlice), Winnie (Wowl), Wollow (Owollow), A wall (Owall), Maple (Mowl), RaggedOak (Rowl) and many more! He loves all the ships!

Quotes Edit


-Owlwater's catchphrase.

"HI GUYS!!!!!!!!"

-Owlwater joining the chat.


-Owlwater being weird.


-Owlwater to RaggedOak.


-Owlwater to Ev.


-Owlwater to Live Chat.

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