Ow!" Nightstorm rubbed his paw as he got up, after falling. A large, large tom with amber eyes loomed over him. Surrounding him, were other vicious toms - his clanmates. They chanted, "Beat him up! Teach him a lesson!" The big one, Inkclaw, with no hesitation, punched Nightstorm and stabbed his claws, ripping his fur, euphoria gaining as his pals cheered him on, entertained. felt like fire. Claws in his flesh. Nightstorm howled in agony which seemed to please his pursuers. He refused to give in. From the moment he was a kit, Inkkit, Stripekit, and Finchkit were always bullying him. He had no friends and he always never defended himself - which resulted in him being called she cat for being cowardly He suddenly, got up, battered, never looking back again.

"Yeah that's right, she-cat!", Stripetail mocked, the rest laughing. "Run away! Coward!"


His new name was Wyatt. He didn't know why, just heard a loner with that name. He didn't want any Clan traces on him at ALL. RainClan was dead to him. He walked for days, days and days, pausing to hunt with mere gulps of shrew or beetle (ick). He never knew where he was going. One day, after walking once waking up, he saw...a large stone structure - a castle it was called? His jaw set into place, confidence swelling from his heart.

So this was his new destiny.

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