RISE is a fanfiction by Streampaw featuring blogclanners as humans.

Prologue Edit

The night did little to mask the light that reflected off of the young woman's pale skin. As she struggled against the ropes that bound her, her arm bumped against a lamppost, causing a loud clang to echo through the alleyway. Muttering something inaudible, she turned only to find another person standing behind her. 

"Kinki." The woman acknowledged the girl as her features morphed from metal to flesh, the lamp post disappearing as she did so.

"You know what I'm here for." Kinki sighed. "You're one of the few neutralists left, Juni. Join us. Join us, and we can put an end to this." Her brown eyes shone, and Juni realised with a jolt of horror that the other girl really did believe in what the other side "promised". "Don't you want a world where everything is equal?"

"Not if being "equal" means anyone different is a "freak"." Juni snarled, slowly drawing her knife behind her. "Ability users have existed since the beginning of time, and there has never been a need to stop. Why now?" She froze as a new voice sounded, and a cold hand took the one she held the knife in.

"Violence is never the answer." A tall figure strode out of the shadows. "As you know very well." It was another woman, but slightly older and taller. Her skin glinted with the same unnatural light Juni had worn only seconds before, and her clothes were torn from what looked like a fight. Long slashes ran down the length of her arms, yet no blood was to be seen. "Ability slipping, eh?"

"Irina." Juni didn't flinch at the sight of her, unlike Kinki, who looked away. "I should've known." She drove the blade into Irina's hand only to be surprised as a loud clang sounded. "How...?"

"Rei's ability." Irina smirked. "You haven't forgotten mine, have you?" As the moon came from behind a cloud, Juni noticed the metallic tint in her skin and a wave of shock passed through her,  before quickly being replaced with anger. Seeing her expression, Irina drew her own weapon, her hand now on Juni's shoulder.

"You jerk, you stole her ability!" She kicked the other woman away from her, hissing as her foot made contact with the hard metal. She should've recognised it sooner; It was the one ability Juni couldn't bring herself to replace.  "You killed her and you took it. Tell me, how many people does that make?"

"That doesn't matter." Irina's own knife shone in the moonlight. "All that matters is that tonight, there'll be one more added to that number..."

"Like heck there will!" Another new voice burst out, yet there was no figure to be seen. Juni stiffened. She only knew one person who could do that, and the one person who could was also one of the only people in the world who would risk so much for her.

"If you want her, you'll have to get through me as well." The voice again, and the young woman silently willed for her to stop, stop it, stop it darkie you're just going to get yourself killed.

Darkie's got it under control. We're not letting you go like this, Juni. A voice flashed through her mind, one she knew all too well.

Moon. Moon, you shouldn't. It's a trap. Juni thought, clutching her weapon tighter. She couldn't watch as her friends died before her. Not again. Her mind flashed back to a vision Arisa had shared with her, of an alleyway under moonlight, the bodies of her friends strewn across the streets, broken and battered, lifeless, scarlet spreading out and staining the pale stone. All of them, except her. That was the last thing the other girl had told her before Juni never saw her again.

Like that would stop us. And Juni realised she was right,

A flash, and Stream appeared behind Irina, blade in hand as she cut away the tightly-tied knots of her pouch, slipping the small vials into her own pocket, before disappearing and reappearing next to Darkie, still invisible. "Like we'll let you take her that easily." She snarled, pushing Kinki off of her, before she was sent flying through the air as a dark shadow struck her.

"Stream!" Darkie yelled, losing control of her ability for a split second, causing Irina to strike her on the shoulder before she disappeared again, leaving spatters of scarlet on the floor.

"Like we'll let you take her back that easily." Lily's blonde hair shone in the moonlight and Juni could only watch, helpless, as shadows surrounded Moon, trying to scoop her friend's body from the floor. For a moment, the shadows dispersed and the dark-haired girl caught a glimpse of Moon fighting inside her mind with Lily before she, too, hit the floor with a sickening thud.

"Moon!" Darkie screeched. Her eyes were wild as her form flickered, her ability slipping as she narrowly missed the blows Irina was dealing, now that she could see her when a dark shape tackled her to the ground as ice spread around the floor, creeping her up spine. No longer invisible, she stood in front of Juni alongside Rain in a defensive stance, her arms spread out.  Her eyes widened in horror when she realised just how far her friends were about to go. How many of them had come? Juni wondered. As she looked round, she felt a small hand sneak up and take hers, and suddenly her own hands were much looser.

Peto had phased both of them through the ropes. Flexing her fingers, Juni prepared herself to fight when suddenly the younger girl unphased, breathing hard. "Sorry." She muttered. "I didn't have a-" Her eyes went wide as an arrow-shaped icicle struck her in the back, sending her flying just as Stream had.

"No... This can't happen!" Juni fumbled around for the vial of blood she managed to save from the wreckage earlier. Uncorking it quickly, she poured the crimson liquid in through Peto's wound, waiting impatiently for it to heal, but to no effect. It didn't make sense. Her sister's blood could heal anyone, so why...? She realised too late that the other girl was dead.  

"I'm not letting you touch any of them, Winter." Rain threatened. The venom in the usually quiet girl's voice was surprising. "I swear I'm going to kill all of you if it's the last thing I do!" Concentrating on her ability, she lashed out at what looked like a whirlwind of ice, shattering it. The dark form of Winter reappeared, bleeding heavily from an a wound in his left arm. 

"Well then it's your lucky day." He taunted, sending a spiral of ice up Darkie's spine, making her collapse to the floor. Snarling, Rain dove towards the young man, Darkie's knife in her hand. She managed to land a hit on Winter's other arm, forcing him to stop the spreading of ice beneath their feet momentarily when she fell back, Lily's shadows hitting her square in the back. 

"Rain...Darkie... DARKIE!" 

Juni didn't have time to register the death of two of her closest friends as Lily turned to her, smirking, when suddenly two new figures rose from the distance. As they came closer, Juni could make out the figures of Swan and Dew, the latter whirling round to shield Juni as Swan dodged attacks from the remaining members. Irina was nowhere to be found. Maybe she had escaped? Juni couldn't think straight as she leapt up to defend herself against Kinki, morphing back into a girl, weapon in hand. Thinking quickly, she reached out to touch the nearest hard object- the metal of Kinki's blade.

The wound burned at first, but quickly faded as her skin turned to metal as the other girl's knife made contact with her neck, the flimsy blade snapping with impact. Juni made use of the time to check her surroundings just as a bullet made contact with Dew's skin. 

"DEW!" she cried out. "No, no, no... not you too!" Her friends were dying before her eyes, and she hardly did anything. She whirled round as another bullet grazed her arm, the pain breaking her focus and forcing her to turn back to normal. She was thankful it hadn't hit her, when she realised who the bullet had hit instead. 

"How dare you." She growled furiously forcing down the tears that had flown to her eyes., her voice trembling. "Taking these lives? For what? The satisfaction that you ruined people's lives for something you'll never have?" She felt Swan's hand slip away from her as the life slipped out of the young girl. 

"Th-" She managed, choking on the blood in her throat. "Th-th..." She never got a chance to finish what she had said. Thrush? No, she couldn't be here. She betrayed them. 

"Looks like we'll have to kill you too." Lily taunted. 

"Over my dead body."  An all too familiar voice snarled. The tall figure of Thrush stood over Lily, the only uninjured left, a katana in hand. She must have ran from the explosion and found it in the wreckage, Juni realised. She slashed it through thin air as Lily melted away into shadow, her eyes wild. Shadows flew toward her, but Thrush used her telekinesis, sending them back toward the blonde as she continued to swing wildly. 

"Thrush, she's-" Juni began, her voice rising to a screech as a final, fatal shadow struck her in the chest, spreading through her lungs, choking her. 

"Juni." Thrush breathed. "You have to go back. You have to fix this-"

"I can't leave you guys, I-" She wasn't even sure she could

"Just- go-" The last of her friends choked, the darkness seeping through her body, all her power being drained out. "Get out of here. You- you can..."

Juni closed her eyes and instead, focusing on going back. She had to fix this. No matter how many times she pretended she didn't need them, she could never live in a world where all her friends were dead. She had to fix this, whether she could or not. 

Chapter 1 Edit

She landed on the school rooftop.

Surprisingly, Juni managed to keep her balance, wincing as sunlight beamed down on her. Suddenly, an electrictrifying jolt ran up her spine, before seemingly exiting her body and she slumped forward, grabbing onto the handrail just in time. It's gone.

All she had left of her family. Gone.

But she had a more important job to do here. If she had remembered right, there should be a door leading downwards right... there. She spun round, grabbed the door handle and sprinted down the stairs.

If she had guessed right, Darkie, Pero and Dew should be coming out of class right now. Juni took the back entrance in case a staff member saw her, and ran towards the bus stop just as Dew stepped forward to enter the bus.

"Don't..get..on." She managed, panting. Dew simply stared at her with mouth wide open in a silent "ehhh?", when Juni realised she must look so much different from what the current juni looked like. "Look, round up the rest. There's no time to explain. Oh, and when I mean 'rest', include my past self too. I'll go find Thrush, Swan and Rain. Meet me on the rooftop."

"Past- self- what?! Juni-" But she did head off, eventually. Juni breathed a sigh of relief, when suddenly she came face to face with Swan.

"What the heck, Juni?" She asked, looking worried. "Wait, why is there- Why do you have blood on you? And why are you taller, and- you're not in uniform!"

"Like I said, I can't explain right now. I'll get Rain and you track down... Thrush." She clenched her fists as the last girl's name slipped through her mouth, but did her best to hide it. Luckily, Swan either didn't notice or didn't question it.

Several minutes later, nine faces confused faces (eight, actually- past Juni only stood there looking grumpy) stared straight at Future Juni, who stared straight ahead.

"Um.. why did you call us here...?" Flower began.

"So you're really from the future?" Darkie asked at the same time. Future Juni sighed.

"Let's not do the thing where we all talk at the same time."

"Sorry." About five voices echoed simultaneously.

"Look, I know it's hard to take me seriously-" Future Juni began, when she was cut off yet again with a series of questions.

Blogclanners Featured Edit

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