Rainpaw is a silver and white tabby she-cat with bright green eyes. She is slightly taller than average, has a long tail and fur, and is broad-shouldered, though lean. She has a scar on her right shoulder.

Personality Edit

Rainpaw is a quick mood-changing sort of person.

In real life she's very quiet, and serious around outsiders and at school, but at home, she's snappish, and basically a gloomy person, who likes hiding in the top floor room with her books, art supplies and the Galaxy S4.

On the internet, she's mostly sane and mildly friendly, which is why Wollow gave her the nickname 'Rainy Saney'. Other times, though, she acts random and weird. She rarely uses capital letters in chat, and instead saves them for when she is really serious. Like most shy people, she talks a lot sometimes. She tries to give advice and be friendly, but when emotional problems are around, her cold and awkward side takes over and she usually stays silent, or tries to offer advice before sympathy.

Rainpaw rarely or never comments about things that are really important to her, and ignores things she dislikes. She thinks being really introverted and depression have affected her personality.

On BlogClanEdit

Rainpaw joined BlogClan in late February, 2016. She's never been very active on BlogClan, though recently she has managed to comment nearly every day. She tends to comment on whatever posts are featured on Recent Comments. She's never been away from BlogClan for more than a week, which usually happens because she only comments on weekends during school terms. Her first comment was on the 7th Warrior Names page on the old blog site. Its timestamp reads 'March 12, 2016', which shows how inactive she was at first. To date, she's posted the most comments on April 2, 2016.

As well as the name 'Rainpaw', she also goes by 'Mobile (device) Rainy' (on a phone or tablet), 'Rainstorm That Peaks Over Haunted House' (on Hallowe'en), 'Rain That Freezes Into Frost' (during winter) and 'Drop Of Rain On Pine Leaf' (also during winter). On BlogChat (or, as she prefers to call it, the Cbox), she is usually known as 'Rainpaw the gray kitty'. Before August, she was 'Rainpaw or Rainspots' on BlogChat.

She hasn't joined any secret Clans or ever been (officially) shipped or married to anyone yet. She attributes this to her goal of never consciously joining secret Clans and being reticent.

Her favourite posts/pages on BlogClan are Name That Apprentice!, the BlogClan Tavern and Fan Fiction. She tries to avoid spoiler pages even if she's read the books they're about.

On the Wiki Edit

Rainpaw frequents the forums General School Stuff, Main Roleplays, Side Roleplays and Fun And Games, and is responsible for most of the discussion threads on the General School Stuff board. She chats either in the mornings or if she's she's staying up all night, for whatever reason. Most of her edits on the wikia can be attributed to the forums. She tries to edit every day.

She edits this page and used to edit her fanfiction, Raven's Cry (which died because Mistykit some joker deleted the RC file on the laptop). She's planning to revive it soon. She's also volunteered to help with the sparkleFur's sparkLiness graphic novel and the Onetrumpeter Warriors/real life crossover fanfiction, and she'd really like to see the Warriors Animated Story revived.

She'd also like to take fursona requests on a regular basis, but she's too unsure of the response and she isn't really allowed to use the laptop that much anyway.

If you'd like to contact her on anything, she's known as XxLightwhisperxX here on the wiki. She sometimes goes on her sister's account when she's too lazy/bad internet doesn't let her or when her sister wants her to type what she dictates.

Trivia Edit

  • Her warrior name will be Rainleaf
  • Her Clanniversary is on February 27
  • She found BlogClan through a typo (sort of)
  • She suffers from depression.
  • She has an INTP (introversion, intuition, thinking, perceiving) personality.
  • She loves animals (except snakes) very much.
  • She's ophidiophobic, trichophobic, pharmacophobic and haemophobic.
  • She was a Time-Travelling Otter at the September 2016 Gathering
  • She likes to take over chat with (usually) Hamilton songs when nobody's around.
  • She wants to be a digital artist or a writer or a general practitioner in a rural area when she grows up - probably by mixing all of them.

Quotes Edit

"I've never regretted anything I've ever said on the internet" - to Wollow on wikichat, when she and Lup were digging up cringy comments.

"Get into the lead-lined bunker, Wollowtsar's back" - on wiki chat, when Wollowtsar suddenly made a comeback.

"Oi Jayie, give me your potatoes and brownies, aaron burrito, mega laggrons - show Jayie that I want her brownies and potatoes or I'm going to throw rhinos" - Lupinepaw, during a conversation when Jayie was brought up as a subject.

"No! Lorks a mercy! The horror!" - Kate's reply to a question about canon names.

"Moon. Stop. Posting. Stock. Photos" - Shockfrost on Discord voice chat

"If I weren’t so tired, I would 100% write you a full 10-page essay with perfect citation about why Tom is the worst cat to ever exist" - Jayie's reply to a question Rainpaw asked as a dare.

"I'm going to punch you in the face" - Shockfrost to Whorlpelt (?) on Discord voice chat.

"There is no beat, no melody" Alexander Hamilton in the number 'The World Was Wide Enough' from the musical Hamilton.

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