(this is a work in progress because Rainy's the laziest person in existence when it comes to her fursona page)

Rainpaw is a tall, lean, short-furred silver and white tabby she cat with sharp green eyes and a long tail.

Personality Edit

Her personality varies according to where she is and what situation she's in.

On the InternetEdit

She's generally a friendly, welcoming person on the Internet. It depends on where she is.

On BlogClan and associated websitesEdit

She's usually friendly here. She tries to be welcoming, kind and helpful (and probably fails miserably at it) to everyone. However, she isn't very talkative (i.e. you're more likely to find her replying to comments than commenting independent stuff herself) She tries to be mature and calm. On chat, she can be slightly more open, welcoming and random. She isn't likely to start a discussion, however. She's also probably very pointed about sleep and grumbles about her Internet connection a lot. If she's annoyed about something, she'll probably either snap or start talking in the third person view. This doesn't happen a lot, but if it does, she'll probably try to stay away from chats.

On chat, if she's chatting without caps and with emojis (particularly :P), it usually means she's in a light hearted but serious mood. If she isn't using caps but ends her sentences with a full stop/period, it means she's being random for some reason (usually something like "you have been diagnosed with laptop.") If she's using capital letters with simple letters placed at random(ish) intervals, she's probably either annoyed or joking. Depends. If she's using proper grammar, spelling and capitalization, she's (usually) really serious. And so on. Yep, she's usually serious.

On external websitesEdit

She's more introverted and reticent on most external websites (apart from BlogClan Discord servers) She tends to not talk much with anyone unless she knows them on BlogClan. She's also more likely to be very polite and mature. If she actually does talk, that is. She usually just stalks other websites.

In Real LifeEdit

In real life, she tends to be the opposite of what she is on the Internet. In other words, she's depressing, cold and unfriendly. She's very introverted, and dislikes socializing with people. She's also really quiet, and rarely voices her opinion on anything, instead eavesdropping or just ignoring people. However, if something or someone makes her really angry, she's likely to snap. Usually, she doesn't yell. She also tends to be very easily distracted by things. She's friendly with very few people in real life.

Activity Edit

On BlogClanEdit

On BlogClan, she tries to comment every day. She generally checks and responds the Tavern most, but she'll also comment on most other major pages, birthday/Clanniversary posts and fan articles. She regularly participates in Name That Apprentice and tries to give advice that isn't horrible on the Hug Page. However, she tends to avoid the Say Hi page.

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