Amy Belle is a kittypet and has been her whole life.She's pampered and lovely and all the toms love her.But none are good enough...

Whistleleaf is a medicine cat who loves who loves her purpose.But she knows the warrior code forbids her from falling in love.And she knows she has feelings for Berrystone,a handsome tom....

Gathering herbs...

Exploring the forest...

Amy Belle and Whistleleaf find their worlds collide.And a plan forms...

But can both she-cats survive this new life?Or are they destined to live a life where they know they don't belong?

Rising Mists

Rising Mists
By Gigglekit

Worlds collide,

secrets are formed,

and nothing is as it seems...

Can they work together,

Or will they be trapped in a world

That is not their own?

Part 1

It was a crisp leaf-fall morning.Squirrels chittered up trees and mice scurried under ground.Nothing was wrong at all.In fact,everything was perfect.And Amy Belle liked those mornings.

Whistleleaf yawned and stretched out in her nest.Everything was good.

Little did she know the trouble to come.She probably wouldn't want the drama to come,either.But it came.

Two-Visit the Forest
Amy Belle purred,the wind whipping through her brown fur.Bounding off the fence,her paws effortlessly hit the ground and she pounded into the woods.

Golden leaves fluttered overhead.Birds sang songs before winter set in.Lovely flowers poked out under the leaves that had already drifted to the earth.Scrawny bushes lined the pathways.

Red leaves pranced through the wind in glorious dances.Brown ones crunched underpaw.Wind whistled through the branches.Evergreens began to mingle into the forest,their beautiful pine needles as brilliant green as Greenleaf.Nothing could ruin this day.It was too perfect.

Amy Belle stopped,feeling the sounds of the wild around her.She scented mice.She scented squirrel.She scented wind and rain and freedom.This was amazing.

How could any cat not visit this place?

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