Other Names Rose, Rosie, uhhhhhh....
Relatives Berrystumpykit (little sis), Smartkit (little bro)
Affiliation Bloggyclan
Biographical information
Mentor Nope.
Rank Apprentice
Physical description
Gender LE FEMALE (girl)
Breed Tabby? Short Hair? Idk
Fur Color Dark brown
Eye Color Bright Brown (it’s a thing now)
Rosepaw is an apprentice on BlogClan.

Personality Edit

Rosepaw has a lot of different sides. Sometimes she feels emotional and wants to cry/scream at people. Sometimes she feels sarcastic. Sometimes she feels like a romantic, other times if she sees ONE MORE FLIRTY COMMENT SHE’LL BARF. Overall though, she is quirk but kind, a sort of shy girl who stays back.

Warriors in her life Edit

Rosepaw first discovered Warriors on the back of a book cover. A review for the book said something about said book being “a cross between Warriors and Harry Potter”. So, being Rosepaw, she searched it and found, whaddaya know, cat books. Before Warriors Rosepaw did not like cats very much. But after reading the first book, she was hooked. She read, and read, and read, until she just didn’t have anymore Warriors to read. Warriors had become a part of her life.

Nowadays Rosepaw is very much into Warriors. She loves reading about violent cat battles, forbidden love (even if it IS a bit cheesy), and of course, her favorite characters.

Facts About Rosepaw (just cuz) Edit

Lives in: USA!!

Has a dog, Rosita: a chihuahua that is mostly black with tan marking on her face and lower legs, plus white socks and a white spot on her chest. She has brown eyes.

Wears Glasses (I ruined my eyes reading late at night lol)

Is religious (My religion is Christian, btw.)

Loves dogs and cats and horses and swans and flamingoes and-*24 hours later* and of course wolves and-

Not good at writing but very good at skitting! :P

Not very all....


Other things I’ll add when I remember them (ooh, other fact I’m scatterbrained lol)

Has a Fanfiction account. Go over there to have a laugh (though I don’t have any fanfictions there... yet...). My username is NinjagoPotterWarriorsTrollsFan (I’M SO DANG ORIGINAL!!)

Fandoms Edit

Warriors (I don’t think I’d be here if I didn’t like it :P)

Trolls (don’t judge me......)



Inside Out (now you KNOW I have issues....)

Foodom (wait, what?)


Some others I’ll add later

Friends Edit

NONEXISTENT.....jk, add yourself or else.....

Silv the Silvery Leafy Leaf (Woah that was long :P )

Spidey the Spidery Song (Nope XD)


Cheetah Who is Also a Cheeto (What :P )

Real Life Friends Edit


Coolfur (I guess...)

Hiliarouspaw (BESTIE)


Favorite Music Edit


”This Is Me” from The Greatest Showman

“Scars To The Beautiful“ by Alessia Cara

”Guilty” by Chris Jamison

“Can’t Stop The Feeling!” (All three versions, the movie one, JT one, and Kidz Bop one)

”Favorite Song” by TobyMac (ft. Jamie Grace!! :D)

Ships Edit

For Warriors:

Fave Ships: BramblexSquirrel, LeafxCrow, FirexSand, JayxHalf, LionxCinder, LionxHeather (thought that one would sail but NOPE), AlderxNeedle, TwigxFin, uhhhhhh probably some others I forgot (whoops)

Least Fave Ships: AshxSquirrel, FirexCinder, JayxWillow, uhhhhhhhh idk

For Trolls:

Fave Ships: BranchxPoppy (I mean seriously, who doesn’t like Broppy?), SmidgexBiggie, SukixCooper, SatinxGuy Diamond, and of course Mr.DinklesxGary (you’d have to watch TTBGO to understand that one :P), GristlexBridget, and maybe CreekxChef... nah :P

Least Fave Ships: BranchxCreek, CreekxPoppy, ummmm

For Harry Potato-er, Potter:

Fave Ships: HarryxGinny, HermionexRon, LupinxTonks, Madame MaxinexHagrid, others my head isn’t working right now dangit

Least Fave Ships: HarryxCho (NO,) HermionexDraco, DracoxHarry, OTHERS ONCE AGAIN

For Ninjago:

Fave Ships: JayxNya, SkylorxKai, PIXALxZane, GarmadonxMisako (ouchies meh brain)

Least Fave Ships: ColexNya (Not against Cole, he’s awesome, but Jaya is better then NyCole, honestly) LloydxHarumi (DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON THAT SHIP), WuxMisako (No. Just no.)

For Inside Out:

Fave Ships: StarNerve(OTP!) and deciding between TearBrick and Brickoli, uhhhhhh

Least Fave Ships: Fearxanyone that isn’t Joy, AngerxFear, ummm

aaaaaaaand that’s it. Hope you survived my epik profile thingy, baiiiii *poof*

~Coding by Silverleaf ~ </div>