Shellpaw is an ordinary apprentice of BlogClan. She has gray fur with white and black shell shaped specks, thus giving her the name. She enjoys chatting on the tavern, playing NTA and contributing and rating fan names. Shellpaw currently has no mentor, but is still training like an ordinary apprentice!

Interesting facts

• Her clanniversary is November 17

• She loves sushi

• she does ballet and will probably get pointe shoes in September 2016!

• She has a secret pleasure for star wars

• Shellpaw's warrior name will be either Shellstep, Shellwhisker, or Shellglow (comment which one you like)

• Shellpaw lives in Canada but does not live in an igloo and there is currently no snow on the ground here.

• Her lucky number is 19.

• She has the apprentices quest but does not want any spoilers.

Blue-grey cat with blue eyes


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