Silverpaw is a small dilute calico with long, fluffy fur, dark green eyes, bright pink nose, and a short, thick, scar above her right eye.


Personality Edit

Silverpaw is kind of socially awkward. She worries a lot about offending people online, but has no problem doing so in real life (unless she likes you).

Her mood can shift a lot and she can't pay attention to anything for very long, mostly because she's either too busy drawing or reading. She is a member of the LGBTQ+ community, and can get really really upset when someone is just, bleh about it. She gets very defensive about her friends, to an almost annoying extent.

She was really sheltered at the beginning of her life, and because of that, she is a bit naive. She tends to get frustrated when she doesn't understand a reference, and has joined several fandoms purely for the sake of either pleasing someone or just understanding what people are talking about.

On the Blog Edit

Silverpaw has been on since sometime in October 2015.

She goes to The Hug Page a lot, and sometimes the Tavern. She has been known to sometimes comment on the Discussion Pages, and has contributed to Fanfiction page.

Silverpaw has been once to the chat when she first joined (though they kept calling her Shiver and not Silver) but has not been since she currently only owns a school laptop (which basically blocks everything, including the Cbox).

She likes to frequently go to the Name That Apprentice! Page.

She is way more active on the new blog than she ever was on the old blog. However, she has about two more articles on the old blog than this one. She has like, zero articles published in this camp. (But she submitted one so woo!)

On the Wiki Edit

Silverpaw cannot use the live chat, so she recently got on the wiki chat. She is obviously a weirdo, because her lack of social skills make it hard for her to hold a conversation. Instead, she just reads everyone else's conversation, debating whether or not she should say something. She usually chooses not to. She also, kind of likes editing her own page. Like this edit. This very one.

She's made some posts on pages on the fun and games forum, but nothing else besides that stuff. Oh, and she's uh, a wiki stalker, so be careful about that.

Fanfiction Edit

Silverpaw is the proud-ish author of three fanfictions. Two are one-shots, and one can be found on the old Blog.

  • Fernpaw's Death [One-shot]
  • Ignorance Isn't Always Bliss [One-shot]
  • Falling Shadows {Ongoing}

Because she is shameless, she going to go tell you to read them. She'd greatly appreciate some advice on how to improve her writing, and would love to hear your thoughts on them.

Trivia Edit

  • She loves reading and writing stories.
  • She loves drawing.
  • She likes anime and manga but reads manga more often then she reads anime.
  • In real life she obsesses over cats.
  • She likes Steven Universe.
  • She's a fan of Star vs the Forces of Evil
  • She ships Lapidot. (and maybe Amidot, but not a whole lot)
  • She ships Frodaisy. Frodaisy is life.
  • She only made this trivia thingy because she was bored.
  • She edits her page when she's bored.
  • She's been shipped with Laurelpaw and Frostfeather.
  • She is in a ship with Goldi, they're married, and their ship name is Waffoldi.
  • She's also dating the amazing incredible wonderful Goldi. Like, real dating. Like, Goldi is her girlfriend.
  • She loves Melanie Martinez.
  • She is kind of active on a writing website called Storybird.
  • She is just barely active on a website called Scratch, and her name is Silverwaffle.
  • She has a DeviantArt account and her name is Silv-the-Waffle.
  • She is a wiki stalker surfer for both the Blogclan Wiki 2 and every other fandom she's in. She totally doesn't stalk your pages. Ever.
  • She doesn't know when her claniversary is, but she's pretty sure it was some time around October-ish 2015.
  • She has a job. She doesn't get paid, but supposedly she'll get some sort of credits for some application in the future, which is good enough for her.
  • She has a pair of cat ears made of fake pink crystals which only further convinces her she is the queen of cats.
  • She likes to sing Steven Universe songs rather loudly and obnoxiously with one of her irl friends.
  • She also likes to sing Heathers and Hamilton songs with him.
  • She knows she is asexual.
  • She is sort of sure she is biromantic.
  • In real life, she loves to sing. A lot.
  • Jayfeather is her favorite Warriors character and if she could, she'd marry him.
  • She has many, many fictional characters she greatly admires / would quite possibly be in love with if they were real. Ask her about them and she might start screaming about how amazing they are.
  • Her first anime was Soul Eater.
  • Her favorite character from Soul Eater is Crona. She's heard some things about him that happen in the manga, so she's vowed to never finish said manga.
  • Her first post ever was under the name 'BerrySplash'.
  • She used to roleplay. She's horrible at it.
  • She likes to think she's a good poet, but maybe she's not. If you can find her, she writes on a website called HelloPoetry.
  • She's afraid of lots of things:
    • Pain
    • Being alone (Like, being left in a room or a house or any place, without other people/mammals.)
    • The dark.
    • Heights.
    • Making the wrong choice/decision.
    • Escalators


Gallery Edit

Free Hugs

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