Snakepaw is a light brown tabby she-cat with a partial white underbelly, two diagonal white socks, and blaze. She has bright green eyes, and a scar on her cheek (See Background).

Personality Edit

Snakepaw is more of a rough-and-tumble she-cat than petty and neat. Enjoys (and is better at) fighting, but is okay at hunting. She can be humorous, but is more mature. Sometimes takes on more than she can handle, but doesn’t admit it when she does. If someone is in danger, she is selfless, even if the cost is her life. She can make friends, but she isn’t loudmouthed about it. Loyal to her friends, but is quiet and anti-social when she feels forced to make news ones. Takes assumptions and starts fighting instead of talking it out. Can be very secretive and doesn’t enjoy sharing her background.

Trailing Stars Edit

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Trailing Stars Graphic Novel Edit

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Background Edit

Even though she doesn't telling it to others, it seems haunt her in nightmares at least once a week. She was born in RiverClan, well, technically she was born a rogue, and her mother took her to RiverClan. She was destined for this fate, and she met her only brother that survived and he tried to kill her. He gave her a scar that would forever be on her cheek as a reminder of what he did to her... and that she killed him. She ran away and joined ShadowClan- later to be known as Snakefang.