Snowbreeze is a slightly slender, cool-toned dark-gray she-cat with a very light cream, almost white color on her chest that ends around her midriff, a wispy-like tail with this light cream color gracing the tip, stunning pale blue eyes, a small healed scar on her throat,and thin legs with skinny wrists and small paws, these latters making her an easy target for injuries. Darker gray freckles dot her cheeks and the bridge of her black nose, the bottom half of her toes are dark gray as well, and her head is narrower than usual but not noticeably so compared to breeds like the Oriental. Her eyes appear more green when next to green things, and go back to blue everywhere else. She is tall, but slouches often without realizing. 

Idiosyncrasies:She has one lone freckle on the left side of her middle toe on her right front paw, nearing the pad instead of tips (A bit to the right of the middle knuckle on human fingers if you get my drift :P), and her left hind paw’s middle toe is shorter than usual. Her left eyelid has a freckle in the center, and a smaller one to the left. 

Despite being part Turkish Angora, she is a shorthair, and has regular ears instead of big ones. Even though her tail is wispy, it is not fluffy nor does it possess huge, long fur.

(I might edit this later, because I made it way too complex I'm sorry :P )

(If you have her with bangs, they would be side-swept and to the left (first person view ^^))


Snowbreeze can be a very sensitive person, and approaches new situations as a shy and quiet person. Once you get to know her, she can be very bubbly and talkative, and usually loud. She will try to make her friends happy, and may be a little too sappy around them if they let her. She doesn't get angry often (but we all have our limits :P), and ever since BlogClan, she has tried to think positively instead of her former negative. BlogClan has also helped her become less stressed and helped her reconnect with her simple, (dare I say) sweet side, which she had trouble finding self-confidence earlier on. Now she's just fine with it! She may be impulsive and say something that sounded fine in her head but regretted it soon after, or in the moment. She also overthinks a lot of the stuff she says and sometimes tries to change it, or ask if it is okay, or just overthinks it without doing anything. If you ask her a deep question, she will try to seriously give a deep answer. She also gives long, detailed replies to people, whether they like it or not. :P (She also hopes she's kind and friendly too fgfagd)

She is an ambivert, and so likes to hang around people and loves friends, but also values her alone time to relax afterwards. She doesn't like it if she is left alone and bored for too long, yet also gets tired after spending hours cramming a whole bunch of stuff in one day with a person, partially because she feels like she needs to have them have a good time, for some reason. Sometimes though, she likes this kind of thing. Confusing :P

She can be certain ways to certain people. Sometimes she sounds like the only emotion she ever feels is happy. The theory behind this is she thinks she developed this so her fears wouldn't absorb her in public. She also does this to ease tension if any is around. She is trying to change this, however, and wants to not be seen as the clown but more of a serious person when times call for this. To sum it up (Wings of Fire style), she wants to be a Moonwatcher (How she was in her Point of View book) yet is more of a Kinkajou. She also finds it a bit hard to put genuine emotion in her voice and her facial expressions even if she feels it, and is struggling with that as well. But she still enjoys making people laugh,and jokes around to make sure everyone is having a good time; and, more so in real life, cracks jokes and makes funny faces and enjoys it when people find them amusing.

She has some fears that like to intrude on her daily life. This makes it very hard if someone in her family is sick, especially if they are vomiting. She will go to extreme lengths to stay away from that person, and usually hogs the medicine/herbal drawer. If they are vomiting/have vomited and they are still contagious, she will stay in full-blown panic mode and just evaporate into a mess and stay away from them and sanitize everything, maybe even staying confined to a room, only leaving for food. This is not a personal attack against that person, it's just her fear/instinct.

She also has some anxiety about things in the day that can be something as simple as having a tutor come over (She's home-schooled), or something big like public speaking. She does weird things and overreacts in some situations to keep herself safe, and then realizes how awkward it was afterwards. Now, she'd probably be fine, but she feels like she has to do it. All of these fears tend to tie into one thing: Losing control. She likes to have control over her emotions and health. These fears are more vivid and harder to deal with than regular performance anxiety, (Not trying to be mean or anything hgnfgh) and it got so bad that she once quit a class entirely because she had to preform on the last day. And she wasn't even through half the class yet.

(Dang like half of this Personality section is anxiety what the heck :P )

On the BlogEdit

Snowbreeze is a bit more active on the Blog. She joined on October twentieth, 2016. She sometimes goes to The Hug Page to rant and/or give advice, although sometimes all she can say is 'I'm sorry.' She likes to go to the Tavern and post about stuff, and sees how everyone's day is going. She is also joining Name that Apprentice, and likes to go to the Discussion Pages and roams around the Spoiler Pages. She sometimes checks out the Fan Name generator and the Warriors names page, as well as the Poll page. She is making sure she stays active on the Blog.

Friends Edit

If you feel like we are friends, go ahead and add yourself to the list! If not, that's fine too! It is just there if wanted. (Wow such a good job explaining this :P )


On the WikiEdit

Snowbreeze is trying to be a little more active on the Wiki. She likes to edit stuff and go on message boards. She's also trying to earn various badges. Oh, and also reading everyone's fursona page as well as editing her own. She wishes she could be more active on the Wiki, but has forgotten to do almost everything on it because she was gone for so long! (Whoops! :P )

Quotes Edit

"I am currently tying to change my profile picture" - Me on BlogClan's Discord server

"I listened Petteri Punkaunono . . . he's not bad! Or it's not bad. Gosh I am ghieghw confused" - Me trying to explain this guy's music to Swan on Discord

"SO HOT A HOT TOHR HOT NRDGD" - Me trying to sing/type Blackpink's cover song

"WHY AM I TYPING IN ALL TYPES" - Me yelling about why did I decide to type in all caps while doing a voice chat with Swan

"At least it's not as bad as toe feet" - my sister mixing up a few words


(For a fun game, one of these facts here is not true, try to guess which one is the lie and comment below!)

  • Basically everything I added on my fursona (Except for the base colors) I have in real life, which is why it's such a long description.
  • IF people draw her fusrona, they don't have to make it to the letter. She enjoys it when some go out of the box and make up new and interesting designs!
  • I once found a five-leaf clover, and have found about three or four four-leafed ones! We have a clover patch in our yard :P
  • I enjoy reading and have been practicing it since I was three years old.
  • I was supposed to be born on September twenty-sixth, but instead my birthday is June tenth. (2003)
  • My family has four pets: Two dogs and two cats. We have Poky and Pumpkin for dogs, and Minnow (real name Bella) and Meow-Meow as the cats! :P
  • I'm very good at treading quietly on my toes and sneaking up and startling people. Sometimes. *cough* ( >:) )
  • My two phobias are: Emetophobia and Aeronausiphobia, Emetophobia being the major fear out of the two. Aeronausiphobia is kind of similar to Emetophobia, as it is the fear of vomiting due to airsickness. Emetophobia is the fear of vomiting in general, for any reason. If curious, you can talk to me! :P
  • I learned about the Blog from one of Moonkitti's videos.
  • I love to sing.
  • I bike, swim, ski, and skateboard, and like to run from time to time.
  • Because of some of these sports, I have broken my right arm and wrist, and sprained my left wrist, as well as breaking or spraining my thumb (A long time ago, I don't remember much about it, except that it hurt :P).
  • Someday I hope to dye my hair the colors of my fursona, or at least the tips. Naturally it is a medium ash blonde/ginger reddish color.
  • I am pretty dang pale, which makes me wonder sometimes why I didn't make my fursona white? :P And the prefix is Snow?Why is it dark gray?? :P
  • I really love nature, and try to get out in it every day.
  • I enjoy writing and have yet to post any of it to the Blog.
  • I enjoy girly things, such as makeup (Though I only wear it on special occasions :P), flowers, the color pink, dresses, etc.
  • Despite this, I usually do not dress up that way. :P
  • I do not believe that Dovewing's eyes are green, as I have not seen them mentioned as green ONCE throughout the whole Omen of the Stars series. I may have miscounted, however.
  • If I could be in a Clan, I'd pick either WindClan or RiverClan, and would maybe be a medicine cat apprentice. This would be hard, as the fears of sickness as seen earlier would get in the way. (Yep, I have a whole fact dedicated to that :P)
  • My favorite colors are chartreuse and pumpkin.
  • I am a Hufflepuff, a Wampus, and my patronus is a Greyhound. (Which is the most cat-like dog. :P Coincidence?) But I took the quiz again and ended up with Orca. Hmm :P
  • I love to read what people put in these trivia sections. It's just so fascinating!
  • I enjoy grammar and try to be as correct as possible. English (grammar) can be very confusing at times, but I believe that it can be learned with tough thorough thought though.
  • I use the ':P' face a lot here, don't I?
  • I am very curious as to who would read my whole fursona page and all of these facts, which are weird and so 'interesting' :P
  • This coding was made by the amazing Spidey, and Waffle constructed the categories and layout ^^

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Other social media places to find me Edit

I have a YouTube channel called Treetop Gardens, though I've never posted anything. :P (YET) The reason behind not posting is that I am trying to improve and finalize things with my art. (I want to animate)

I have a DeviantArt account by the handle of SoftHint, where I usually post things. Most of the art is old, though. :P

I have an imgur account called GettingSomewhere, although I rarely post things there. The art is really old. :P

Find me on Discord! My username is VanillaTea (Snowbreeze)

I also have a BlogClan account. Find me there as ButterIsGud1000. (Just kidding :P)