Personality Edit

Sorrelpaw has a weird personality. In real life, she's shy and quiet, but on BlogClan she can sometimes be extremely excited. Umm, yeah.

On the Blog Edit

Sorrelpaw is medium active. She comes on BlogClan each day, posting most of the time in the Tavern, games page, Live Chat, Discussion Pages and on Fan Articles. Sometimes she posts on the Names and Name Generators page, and she has hosts own game on the Games Page...

On the Wiki Edit

Sorrelpaw joined the wiki not long ago. She has her own character in the BlogClan roleplays. She goes on Wiki Chat sometimes.

Trailing Stars Edit

Sorrelpaw has her name in the Jar, and hopes to write or edit. She also wishes to have a cameo appearance in one of the Chapters.

Trivia Edit

  • Sorrelpaw owns two cats: Whitefoot (deceased) and Gingerleaf.
  • Her birthday is on October 29th.
  • Her Clanniversary is on June 13th
  • She does rock climbing.
  • She has an active account on only 5 websites: BlogClan, DeviantArt, Quotev, Nitro Type and Wattpad
  • She likes to meow and growl like a cat even though she has no idea how.
  • She's a SkyClan cat.
  • She is afraid of many things, including the dark, mirrors and being alone.
  • She loves the rain.
  • She has no idea what else she should put here.

Quotes Edit

"SINCEREST GREETINGS TO YOU ALL!" ~Sorrelpaw's greetings to the chat when she's in a good mood.

"TWEEEEEEEEEEEEP" ~Sorrelpaw once on Blogchat

Gallery Edit

IMG 1844
IMG 1630

Some pictures of my cats!

Gingerleaf (bottom picture) is still alive, but Whitefoot

who is the black cat in the first pic... Just kinda...

You know...


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