Sorrelpaw is a light brown she-cat with cream tabby stripes and yellow eyes.

(Alternate version: light brown she-cat with cream tabby stripes and green eyes.)


(Picture is BlogChat Avatar)


Other Names Sorzi, Soccer Cat, Sorrel that Drowns in Stream, SorrelSCREAM (Halloween), Casorrelpaw (Thanksgiving)
Relatives None on BlogClan
Affiliation BlogClan, WillowClan, SlicedClan
Biographical information
Mentor Juniperpool
Apprentice None
Rank Apprentice
Physical description
Gender She-cat
Breed Cat... (felis cactus)
Fur Color Light brown with cream stripes
Eye Color Yellow

Personality Edit

Sorrelpaw has a weird personality. In real life, she's shy and quiet, but on BlogClan she can sometimes be extremely excited. Umm, yeah. She's also quite skeptical. And yeah.

On the Blog Edit

Sorzi is moderately active on the Blog. Her favorite place to be is on the Articles page, wasting half an hour-one hour typing out articles. She also likes commenting on others' articles and likes to propose challenges on them because she's evil

She has limited time on BlogClan because of a tight homeschool schedule but tries her best to update regularly her game(s) on the Games Page. She also likes giving hugs on the Hug Page an posts occasionally on the Warrior Names Page. She is sometimes found on BlogChat under the username "Sorzi aka Sorrelpaw".

On the Wiki Edit

On the Wiki, Sorzi is quite slack. She doesn't come on a lot, only appearing for posts on the Roleplay or to join in the Chat. She sometimes updates this page. And she joins in the Banning Game or other games. If she wants. :P

Trailing Stars Edit

Sorzi tries to enter the story, but so far has made no appearance. She also has her name in the Jar and is hoping to be either a writer or an editor.

Trivia Edit

  • Sorrelpaw owns two cats: Whitefoot (deceased) and Gingerleaf.
  • Her birthday is on October 29th.
  • Her Clanniversary is on June 13th
  • She loves Mapleshade. Duuuh...
  • She's a SkyClan cat.
  • She is afraid of many things, including the dark, mirrors and being alone.
  • She loves the rain.
  • She just realized that this is too long.
  • She has no idea what else she should put here.

Quotes Edit

"I'm confused again."--Sorzi every time on Chat (because it's true)

"The official whale of the unofficial Duke of Unsweetened Porridge." -Sorzi about one dear whale on BlogChat .____.

Gallery Edit

IMG 1844
IMG 1630

Some cat-pics!! Gingermuffinz is the pic on the right, and the one on the left is of Whitefoot and Ginger.