Spiderpaw (Spidersong)


Other Names Spidey, Spiderpaw, Spidersong
Relatives Petalstorm (aunt) Sagefrost (older bro) Mudstripe (lil’ bro)
Affiliation BlogClan, BreezeClan, Heatherclan, uhh
Biographical information
Mentor Silversong! (she's awesome)
Apprentice Nope
Rank Apprentice
Physical description
Gender Femmie
Breed Is fluffy a breed?
Fur Color White
Eye Color Blue


Personality Edit

Spiderpaw is shy and socially awkward. She loves to make new friends, though, when she can. When she is with close friends or others she knows well, Spiderpaw tends to be sometimes happy and energetic, and sometimes just serious and sarcastic. She’s very stubborn and has a short temper.

Spidey is the nicest, most awesome, most fabulousest spooder in the history of spooders! -Leaf who cannot compliment properly

On the Blog Edit

Spiderpaw is pretty new to BlogClan. She joined on February 7th and has been obsessed with it ever since. She posts a lot on all the pages and replies to other’s comments. Her favorite page is either the Tavern or the Warriors Game Page. Spidey pretty recently got a mentor, Silversong, who is awesome, as you all know.

Trivia Edit

  • Spidey has read every warriors book
  • Her birthday is in July 23, 2004
  • Both her brothers have read Warriors, her little brother is also obsessed with it and is currently reading Shattered Sky
  • Spidey LOVES cats. Sadly she can’t have one because her aunt doesn’t like cats
  • She adores reading
  • Spidey is in choir and orchestra at her school (Sings alto and plays viola)
  • She plays piano, and loves it!
  • Spidey’s parents died when she was 6 and 8 years old, so she lives with her aunt and her two brothers
  • Her older brother has autism, Specifically Aspherger‘s Syndome, and he‘s VERY smart
  • She is a Catholic and her family is very religious
  • Spidey speaks and reads fluent Spanish (her first language) her mom was Mexican and her dad was white

Friends on the Blog Edit

Please add yourself if you want :)


Crater (Craterpaw/pelt)

Rainy (Ebonypaw/rain)

Silv (Silverleaf/paw)

Thistle ( Thistletooth/ paw )

Snowy (SugaredBlossom63)

Aster de Awesome (Asterpaw/flame)

Firey (Firepaw/leap)

Rosie da weirdo stalker who is making skits on BlogClan (Rosepaw/song)

Honey Nut Leafios (Leaf Lost in Blizzard)

Calmpaw (Calmlake)

Snowy (snowystorm)


Beckoning "Nin" Paw

Lily That Shines Like Dawn

Moon (Moonbreeze/paw)

Fursona Edit

Spidey is a fluffy (very fluffy) white she-cat with a gray tail and mask, icy blue eyes and long whiskers.

Fandoms Edit

  • Warrior Cats (DUH)
  • Phandom (DanAndPhil)
  • Harry Potter!
  • Divergent series (I read it in 6th grade so I don't remember much)
  • Jacksepticeye, Markiplier, and Pewdiepie (don’t ask I have an unhealthy obsession)
  • Food. Wait, what??
  • Dungeons and Dragons!
  • Night in the Woods
  • The Young Elites
  • Loads more I can‘t remember right now :p

Ships (what even) Edit

(Add your ship name with me or someone else if you want!)

  • Spidah (Spidey X Cheetah)
  • Sprainy (Spidey X Rainy)
  • Spood (Spidey X Food)
  • Sprose (Spidey x Rose)

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