💖stay 💖

I stand in the training grounds waiting for you to come

We'd practice together, intent on our skill

Never really noticing the cat behind the claws

And it blossomed into late night walks

I'd laugh, you'd run

The sweet bliss of apprenticehood

And our warrior ceremonies, we stood with our littermates and faced our leader

Yet our thoughts were on each other

I became Skytail

You transformed into Flamestrike

And we changed with our names

You went on patrols

I hunted for the Clan

Whenever it rained you said you thought of me

I turned away

Wishing you would stay

But maybe it was meant to be this way

Then you approached me

Your serene blue eyes that cool your flames

Your heart open and clear

You asked if we were still a thing

And I couldn't say no

We were the happiest couple in our Clan of Breeze

They watched us with envy, with claws, with greed

The she-cats would sway you

You'd feed them false hope

Then turn your brilliant back to me, to me always

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