Stormjay is a white she-cat with black paws. (Something like that at least). She is not very active anymore, but is trying to comment more. If your really lucky, you can find her on the Warriors Games page or the RANDOMCLAN camp. She is friends with( She thinks) Wavepaw, Frostfeather, Foxo, Foxpaw, Juniperpaw, Moonkit, Owl, and Wollow.(I probably forgot some people, sorry.

== Personality:

At school: rarely talks except to friends

On Blogclan: Random

Trailing Stars Edit

Stormjay has not yet been featured in Trailing Stars. However, her name is in the jar to edit and she hopes to be in it.


She is the leader of Randomclan(Randomstar), and the founder of the RANDOMCLAN wiki.

Gathering Edit

She has been to one Gathering (September 2015) And is a FREEWHEELING FERRET GO FERRETS


  • Her clanniversary is  somewhere around February 1
  • She plays Minecraft PE as Jayfeather101
  • She has two cats named Leia and Pepperpelt at home. Also one dog named Liberty.


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