Other names Streamy, Stream Shadow, Kasumi, gamerkitty6274, stream of christmas cheer, Revival Layla, The_Streamy_Gamer_Cat, Strem, Streamers, Steamy, Streaky, Dreamy, Streamkit(former), Stream Shadow, Stream dappled with shadows, various typos of streamy such as dreamy, treamy and creamy
Affiliation BlogClan, ThrushClan, wattpad, the revival, gooseclan, archiveofourown, quotev, foodclan, Otakuclan
Relatives Gingerkit
Biographical Information
Mentor Sunnystripe
Apprentice n/a
Rank Apprentice
Physical Description
Gender She-cat
Breed Mixed
Fur Colour Dark grey tabby and white
Eye colour green


Streampaw/Streamshadow is a soft-furred grey tabby and white she-cat with green eyes and a plumy tail. Her fur is darker than usual but not dark enough to be called dark grey, and she has a small white spot next to her nose.


Streampaw is relatively nice and calm. She will overreact to most things and takes somethings seriously but that doesn't mean she is an ancient blackboard with no sense of humour. She gets along worst with some people, because reasons. She loves ranting about ships and fanfic and pokemon competitive battling, especially about rarepairs.

She is famous for doing stupid things and causing drama and liking to think that she feels guilty about doing it and other people can forgive her. She has no idea what hamilton is and doesn't want to in fear of becoming a crazy shipper fangirl of 7 different things.

On the blogEdit

Streampaw joined blogclan on the 25th of March, 2016. Before September 2016 she was extremely active but then boarding school (and wattpad) forced her not to. She can never make it for gatherings because she is either in china or england or she doesn't know when it is.

She likes writing fanfic but finds herself failing so she writes pokemon and Love Live! fanfic more than warriors now because inspiration and she can't read the new warriors books. So she likes reading it more, and she especially loves well-written angst.

She is friends with foxo (who is blocked), goldi, lup, wollow (ish), sunno (her mentor), map(lekit), rainy, breezey, brez (breezepaw, no longer active), Thrush (Mistleheart), steppy, shiv(erfur), Fallenpaw, Daisyfrost, Moonpaw, Wistep, Winter,Fame(Forestflame1), Spotzel (Hazelspots), Flame (Flamepaw) and possibly others (add here!). She is very close with Mistleheart in particular as they spend hours chatting on discord since no one else is in the same timezone as them and considers her one of her best friend on blogclan. She is very close with Shockfrost, flamepaw, Rainpaw/leaf and Spotzel as well due to the amount of time they interact on discord and wants them to meet up some time irl.

She is more active on the wiki because she's never on when others are.

Streampaw has now continued writing warriors fanfiction, but can never seem to finish her multi-chapter works. She is currently simultaneously working on Story of Secrets series and the Chronicles of Chaos series with Mistleheart, steppy and wollow.

On the wikiEdit

When she joined the wiki the first thing she did was make a page (which was deleted because drama and reasons). Then she made this one during a time of drama and now she's editing it because why not.

Streampaw has been on the wiki since 21 of May 2016 and the first friend she made (that she hadn't on the blog) was foxo.

Streampaw can usually be found on chat late at night (american time) and during the very early hours of the morning spamming things like ALPACAS and lyrics from guilty kiss songs. She is also a stalker.

She writes fanfics that are never finished, amongst others.

Trailing StarsEdit

Streampaw hasn't been in trailing stars (as far as she knows) and puts her name in the jar occasionally, but never gets chosen, and is honestly far too lazy to get it done even if she was chosen.



all the time, along with yeet and meep


During the summer of 2016


Her current method of greeting





"The sheep says meep"

-all the time


- both chats

"Merpidoodles, it's a goose!"

-When geese are brought up

"i t ' s a h o n k"

- when she remembers honoka memes


-Shipping birchfoot x bagged milk


-Streamy questioning the meaning of life


-*cue the snow halation memes*

"coc is complicated"

- Streamy on chat, 7:51 PM in China


-Streamy being insane on live chat during the blogclan sumer gathering 2k17


-Streamy has an interesting solution to Fawnpaw's dilemma of who to choose between her and softpaw

"its very imporantttt"

- Streamy to Thrush on Discord about her first chapter for Abilites

"R A N Y"

-Streamy after rainy protests about her calling her Rany

=Quotes from othersEdit

"My opinions have level nine pokemon"

-Her sister gingerkit playing pokemon moon

"Going without duck for 3 weeks is torture"

-embix on wikichat 2k17

"The flowers that yeah."

-Thrush on discord 20:44 august 10th 2k17 because she is lazy!1!!!11

"deda yes it is deda" -wistep after streamy made a typo of chat is dead


  • her fandoms include pokemon, warriors, WOF, Lockwood & co, PJO/HOO/TOA, lunar chronicles, shokugeki no soma, Love Live, Love Live Sunshine, the sisters grimm, an ember in the ashes, septimus heap and some she probably forgot
  • Dovewing is not a mary-sue
  • She is chinese
  • She has quotev
  • She has a phobia of falling
  • Cloyster can kill everything
  • Warriors needs a medicine cat without powers that isn't runningnose
  • She is a dovewing defender
  • She has too many ships that she ships
  • she is shipped with foxo and was once shipped with winter. The shipping game has made her and wollow a ship three times and she is now questioning the meaning oflife
  • She is on archiveofourown as gamerkitty6274
  • she is a diehard anime/love live fan
  • She talks and types waayyyy to quickly
  • she likes MLP just a tiny bit
  • she loves discvering chinese blogclanners because that means she can talk to them on wikichat
  • she loves mikan
  • She was the second to discover blogclan's new camp, just 23 minutes after Sunnystripe (her mentor), who discovered it first.
  • She is shipped with Fawnpaw/fawnberry and they are laufully wedded >:)
  • she is also shipped with Thrush for some reason she can't remember
  • She was the first person to connsistently call Mistleheart Thrush
  • She prefers one Winterwhisper's considered warrior names, Winterjay, over Winterwhisper and will still call him Winterpaw by accident
  • She needs to update this page but she's far too lazy.....