Sunpaw's Rise is a fanfiction written by Oatpaw (Oatspirit) and her friend Sagestrike. It is set in the modern day Clans, and is set in WindClan. It is a stand alone, or a Super Edition.

Dedication Edit

A special thanks to Oatpaw

The Blurb Edit

ShadowClan is gone, and now WindClan is near the end. They have been invaded by a loner group with a cunning leader. WindClan faces darkness and grief, and it begins to fall. But when the WindClan medicine cat receives a vision about one of the rouge cats, WindClan must invade the loner group to steal the chosen cat. Join Sunpaw on her path to save WindClan. Will she shine to save her new Clan? Or will she fall with WindClan to her former friends?

Detailed Plot Summary Edit

Coming Soon

Trivia Edit

  • Sunpaw's name will be choosen by BlogClanners, either Sunbriar or Sundapple.
  • It is set in modern day clans (As of Thunder and Shadow)
  • As of November 20, 2016, Sunpaw's name will be Sundapple.
  • This is also considered a collaboration because Oatpaw's friend Sagestrike will be helping her.

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