by Foxkit

in tribute to Squirrelflight

song by Selena Gomez

Everybody tells me,

That it's so hard to make it,

so hard to break it,

And there's no way to fake it,

Everybody tells me that it's wrong what I'm feeling,

I shouldn't believe in,

The dreams that I'm dreaming,

"Squirrelpaw! Get down from there!", Sandstorm's harsh cry sounded below. "But it's so high up here", the ginger apprentice called from above.

I hear it everyday,

I hear it all the time,

I'm never gonna amount to much,

But they're never gonna change my mind.


"You shouldn't cross the border, you shouldn't hunt prey like that-Squirrelpaw rolled over in her nest, unable to get the scoldings out of her mind.

Tell me, tell me, tell me,

Something I don't know,

Something I don't know,

Something I don't know,

Squirrelpaw jumped on the mountains leading her clan to the tribe, finally glad no one was ordering her around-at the moment.

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