The Battles of BlogClan is a fanfiction series by Mistleheart, with the first book being Flame of Battle.


Prologue Edit

Cakeheart felt the thud of another BlogClan warrior next to her, and she turned around to see Graycloud shrieking in fear. Exposed claws of a striped gray VirusClan warrior flashed, glinting in the moonlight, and slashed the BlogClan tabby's throat open. Graycloud collapsed with a thud to the ground, her jaws frozen in a final snarl as the VirusClan warrior glared with yellow eyes. Blood poured out of the wound in Graycloud's throat as the VirusClan cat drew closer. Cakeheart's claws itched with fury, but she didn't dare pounce. She felt frozen to the ground; rooted there, as if some invisible force was pulling on her paws.

The VirusClan cat stood over Graycloud. Cakeheart's heart dropped with fear as she recognized who this enemy was: Clawflight, one of VirusClan's strongest, fastest, and smartest warriors. Cakeheart had seen Clawflight at multiple Gatherings; the black tom had shown kindness and respect at those times, but now, the she-cat didn't recognize this tom. He was only a mask of rage and hatred, and his yellow eyes burned as he stared down at Graycloud.

"Next time, think twice before you attack my mate," he rasped. Blood welled from several wounds across his muzzle, and there was a large puncture in his hind leg, but he didn't back down. "Or kill her."

The image that rushed back to Cakeheart's mind wasn't pleasant. She stood and stared at Clawflight has he leaned down, closer to Graycloud's already-stiffening body. She remembered how Graycloud and the rest of her patrol, including Jayfrost and Snakepaw, had crashed through the brambles of VirusClan's nursery. Cakeheart had followed, only to see that Graycloud and a queen with three kits named Specklefur were thrashing viciously on the ground, clawing and biting. Specklefur had backed up for a moment, and Graycloud had mercilessly taken that advantage to slice Specklefur's throat. Cakeheart could actually considerably understand Clawflight's fury.

But he killed Graycloud, and she's my Clanmate.

Specklefur was a nursing queen when Graycloud killed her.

Without giving any cat a chance to speak, Cakeheart snarled. She dived for Clawflight and scrabbled for a tight pawhold on his shoulders.

Clawflight responded with a mere growl and, with a powerful thrust, he gave himself a massive shake and sent Cakeheart flying. The reddish-brown tabby warrior grunted as she crashed into a tall boulder. The breath was knocked out of her in an instant with an 'oof' of pain.

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