Allegiances Edit

ShadowClan Edit

Leader: Sunstar - bright golden tabby tom with amber eyes. Edit

Deputy: Ravenwing - black she-cat with white markings from her head down her belly and paws. Edit

Medicine Cat: Shadeleaf - particularly small black tom with blue eyes. Edit

Warriors: Edit

Honeyfrost - pretty ginger she-cat with green eyes

Willowtail - silver tabby she-cat

Cedarclaw - dark brown tabby tom and a white tipped tail

Flamepelt - ginger tom with amber eyes

Owlshade - thick furred light brown tabby and white tom with amber eyes

Apprentice: Rainpaw

Blackfur - short-haired black tom with amber eyes

Lilyfoot - tortoiseshell and white she-cat with green eyes

Pineheart - brown tabby tom

Moonsong - gray tabby with blue eyes

Snowheart - fluffy gray tabby she-cat with blue eyes

Apprentice: Smokepaw

Ivyfang - pretty tortoiseshell with amber eyes

Apprentice: Mistpaw

Grayears - plain grey tom with small ears

Apprentices: Edit

Foxpaw - ginger and white tabby with green eyes

Sparrowflight - brown tabby and white tom

Rainpaw - plain gray she-cat with pretty green eyes

Mistpaw - grey tabby she-cat

Smokepaw - gray tom with amber eyes

Queens: Edit

Dawnstep - light ginger she-cat (Mother of Duskkit, Brackenkit Grasskit and Skykit. Mate of Cedarclaw)

Nightwing - all black she-cat with amber eyes (Mother of Mosskit, Finchkit, and Crowkit. Mate of Flamepelt)

Elders: Edit

Thornfang - light brown tabby she-cat with an ear missing

Brightpool - golden brown tabby she-cat

Prologue Edit

The forest was waking in the morning sun. The birds sang their hearts out while small creatures skittered on the forest floor. The woods looked alive and well, but it stank of death. The acrid smell came from a gathering of cats in a sheltered area of the forest. Centered in the commotion was the shape of a sleeping cat, though from the smell there was no mistaking that it was dead. Other cats layed down some herbs masking the scent, while two others chatted on the edge of the group.

“Where are her kits?” The tabby and white one asked.

“Sedgewind is taking care of them in the nursery,” the other, a white tom responded.

“I worry for them, they are so young they don’t even have names, and what if Sedgewind has only enough milk for her own?”

“Relax, Alderstar. I have herbs to increase her milk, and if that is not enough then meat can be chewed for them. As for the names, perhaps you should ask Stormfang. He is their father after all.”

“I suppose you’re right. I’ll talk with him later, he has the right to grieve alone for a while,” Alderstar said.

“I’ll go check on Sedgewind and the kits if it helps.”

“Thank you, Snowsong.”

“Don’t thank me, it’s breath wasted,” Snowsong spoke, “why don’t you go name those apprentices. They’ve earned it, and it’d certainly help the clan heal” The tom turned and padded over to a small opening in a swarm of brambles.

Alderstar let some time pass before he leaped to the top of a huge rock jutting out of the ground. He spoke with courage and confidence, but it was clear he was worried.

“Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather here beneath the tall rock for a clan meeting. All but one cat left the body, a dark grey tabby tom. ” Alderstar spoke with authority as cats gathered below. “As you all know we lost a warrior today, Dawnbreeze was not only a fierce fighter, but a fierce mother as well. We will grieve for her, Dawnbreeze will always be remembered, through whom she loved and who loved her. However with death, there will be new life. Willowpaw, Honeypaw, and Cedarpaw, please step forward.”

The tree apprentices looked excitedly at one another. “You all fought like warriors in the battle.” Alderstar took a breath, “I, leader of ShadowClan call upon my my warrior ancestors to look down on on these apprentices, they have trained hard to understand the ways of your noble code and I commend them to you as warriors in their turn. Willowpaw, Honeypaw, Cedarpaw, do you promise to uphold the warrior code even at the cost of your life?”

In unison the three apprentices said, “I do.”

“Then by the powers of StarClan I give you your warrior names. Willowpaw from this day forward you shall be known as Willowtail, StarClan honors your courage and agility. Honeypaw, from this day forward you shall be known of Honeyfrost, StarClan honors your bravery and independence. Cedarpaw, from this day forward you shall be known as Cedarclaw, Starclan honors your loyalty and skill in battle.” As each name was called Alderstar rested his head on the new warriors head while the new warrior licked his shoulder.

Alderstar dismissed his clan and walked over to the tom that stayed near Dawnbreeze’s body. “The kits need names, Stormfang.” The tom looked up at Alderstar.

“I suppose you’re right.” Reluctantly Stormfang got up and walked over to the brambles that Snowsong had gone into earlier. Together Alderstar and Stormfang entered. Inside a black she-cat was laying down, at her belly were two kits. One a bright golden tabby, the other a light ginger she-cat.

"What names do you think would fit, Alderstar?” Stormfang asked.

“It’s not up to me what your kits are named, Stormfang.”

“How about Dawnkit for the she-cat. After her mother.” Stormfang said.

“And the tom?” Alderstar urged.

Stormfang thought for a moment, “Sunkit. Yes, Sunkit and Dawnkit it is.”

“Then let it be so.” While he was speaking, Alderstar could have sworn he saw the the outline of a light ginger she-cat next to Stormfang.

Chapter 1 Edit

Mosskit awoke to the sound of birds singing in the dawn light. Her siblings flanks rose and fell in a steady rhythm, but where was Nightwing? Mosskit’s mother was nowhere to be seen. Dawnstep and her kits weren’t there either. Mosskit, pleased by the feeling of freedom from watchful eyes, nudged her siblings awake.

“Finchkit, Crowkit get up. We’re alone.” Mosskit’s sister and brother grumbled in return, “come on, get up,” Mosskit thought for the moment, “we have the nursery to ourselves.” That got Finchkit and Crowkit jumping up, they shook themselves off and looked around.

Mosskit looked into Crowkit’s eyes, “you mangy fish! Get off ShadowClan territory!” She leaped onto her sister.

Crowkit leaped out of the way as fast as a adder. Mosskit hit the ground right where Crowkit had been standing. With Mosskit off balance Crowkit pinned her down. “Ha! You’re no match for Crowstar, leader of RiverCl-” Crowkit was cut short by Finchkit who had pushed her off of Mosskit. Finchkit inturn pinned Crowkit down in the corner of the nursery.

“Say that again and you’ll lose your tail.” Crowkit yelped at Finchkit’s words. Just then a black she-cat came into the nursery.

“Finchkit! Get off of Crowkit now!” She demanded.

“But-” Finchkit was about to protest when he thought better of it.

“If you must play rough then come out, I don’t want you tearing up all the bedding.”

Mosskit was exuberant to go outside, she burst out of the nursery and yelled back to her brother and sister. “Come on slowpokes!” Crowkit came out next followed closely by Finchkit who was trailed by Nighwing. “Why don’t we see if Thornfang or Brightpool will tell us a story!”

“Alright, but if Thornfang wants to brag about his hunting skills then I’m not staying.” Finchkit said. Realizing he would be scolded for saying that, he turned his head quickly to Nightwing, but she had engaged in conversation with Owlshade and didn’t hear.

Mosspaw checked inside the elder’s den for Thornfang or Brightpool. Only Brightpool was there. “Brightpool, will you tell us a story?” Mosspaw asked just as her siblings caught up with her.

“All right, settle down and listen closely. I’m going to tell you the story of Ivyfang’s escape a badger.”

Mosskit sat down with Crowkit and Finchkit who had something to say about a badger on ShadowClan territory, “what!? A badger on our territory!? If I ever see the one I’ll teach it a lesson!

“Hush Finchkit, badgers are not anything you want to get into a fight with. Ivyfang was only recently made a warrior at the time, she was out hunting in leaf-bare…” Brightpool went on.

Chapter 2 Edit

“Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather for a clan meeting!” Sunstar called to his clan.

Mosskit jumped in the nursery, “come on let’s go!” She had no need to wait for anybody else but she didn’t want to leave them behind.

“But we’re not old enough to catch our own prey yet.” It was Skykit who responded.

The others were getting up but Mosskit wasn’t done yet, “but you will be soon!” Skykit and his siblings were nearly six moons and would be leaving the nursery soon.

“I don’t want to catch prey though, I want to be a medicine cat.” Skykit said.

Mosskit stared at Skykit questioningly, “if you say so. Either way you would be old enough to catch the prey weather you prefer to or not.” Mosskit looked at almost everybody else outside the nursery, “besides you don’t want to be stuck here by yourself.

Crowkit came to the other two kits, “I’ll stay in here with you Skykit.”

“Thank you, Crowkit.” Skykit said.

“Really? You’re joking.” Mosskit looked at the two in disbelief.

“Yes really, Mosskit. There will be other meetings to attend, our lives do not depend on weather we go to this one meeting.” Crowkit said.

“Crowkit is right, we’ll have our turn but that will come when we are ready. Going to this meeting won’t change that.” Mosskit was missing the gathering but she stared in disbelief. Skykit chuckled, “Mosskit, you were so intent on going to the gathering, but now you’re missing it.”

Mosskit grumbled and exited the nursery. Sunstar was nearly done with his words by the time she sat down.

“Sparrowpaw, from this day forward you shall be known as, Sparrowflight. StarClan honors your courage and spirit, and we welcome you as a full member of ShadowClan.”

Mosskit was upset she had missed almost all of it, but she remembered what Skykit said, “there will be other meetings.”

The rest of the Clan was cheering two new names and Mosskit joined in. “Foxcloud Sparrowflight, Foxcloud Sparrowflight…”

It was nearly dusk when the commotion started. Mosskit was sitting near the medicine cat den when voices sounded inside.

“Sunstar, I told you not to work yourself too hard today.” It sounded like Shadeleaf

“RiverClan is still giving us problems. I can’t just stay in camp while the border patrol might have run into trouble.”

“And what good would that do? You are loosing strength, it would be wiser to send a strong cat on patrol rather than one who might give way.”

“Are you calling me weak?” Sunstar growled.

“That’s exactly what I’m saying! I don’t care if I insult you! It is the truth! Why can’t you send Ravenwing to the RiverClan border rather than yourself?”

“She is young and inexperienced. Besides, I have more lives to give than her.”

“If you have such little faith in her then why did you make her your deputy? And how else will she get the experience if you give her nothing to do? You cannot protect her forever, every cat has their time.”

Sunstar seemed to give in to Shadeleaf’s words. He sighed and his footsteps sounded. Mosskit scampered away, she didn’t want to get in trouble for eavesdropping. She ended up running into Grasskit and Brackenkit.

“What are you guys doing?” Her den mates had clearly not heard Sunstar and Shadeleaf argueing.

“We’re practicing hunting skills.” Grasskit’s eyes glinted, “but I’m sure a young kit like you couldn’t handle it.”

Mosskit accepted his challenge. “What’s the plan?”

“Brackenkit is going to turn Thornfang’s back to us, I’ll make sure no Nightwing and Dawnstep aren’t looking, when I give you the signal you pounce on his tail. Understood?”

“Understood.” Mosskit responded confidently. She had forgotten about what she had just heard moments ago.

Brackenkit bounded over to Thornfang, “hey Thornfang, watch this.” He showed the old cat his hunting crouch. With Thornfang’s back turned Grasskit looked around. He flicked his tail signalling to Mosskit.

Mosskit leaped on top of Thornfang’s tail. She used her claws and teeth to scratch and bite though it did little because she was so small.

A growl rang throughout the clearing as Thornfang bounced out of his pelt. “KITS!”

Chapter 3 Edit

“Mosskit, Mosskit. Get up.” Mosskit woke to see a dark car standing over her, it was Crowkit.

“What is it?” Mosskit mumbled without getting up.

“Just come.” Crowkit’s voice was urgent.

“All right, all right. Keep your fur on.” Mosskit stood and stretched out her sore muscles.

“Now!” Crowkit exclaimed. What could be so important. Mosskit hurried out of the den. She knew whatever Crowkit had for her to see was big. It was not long after dawn, the patrols were out and the camp was bustling as usual. Once out of the nursery Mosskit immediately smelled blood.

“What happened?” Mosskit asked without looking at her sister.

“The dawn patrol got into a fight with RiverClan.” Crowkit explained, “come on.” Crowkit led medicine cat’s den. Mosskit followed. As soon as the entered she saw a ginger cat lying in a pool of blood. It was Flamepelt, their father.

“Flamepelt!” His body was covered in scratches, but only his neck was patched with cobwebs.

"Skykit, get me some more cobwebs!” It was Shadeleaf. He took off the blood soaked cobwebs and replaced them with the ones Skykit brought. “Keep them coming.” Shadeleaf looked at the two kits, “the best way for you to help is to leave.

Mosskit could do nothing else. Her father was dying. Crowkit padded beside her. “I’m sure he’ll be okay!” Crowkit was trying to stay positive but the doubt was clear in her voice. Mosskit walked over to Nightwing who was being comforted by Dawnstep. Mosskit looked around camp. When Crowkit and her left the the nursery there was no one else there. Only Shadeleaf and Skykit were in the medicine cat den. So where was Finchkit.

Nightwing would know. “Nightwing, where’s Finchkit?”

Nightwing looked up, “check the nursery.”

Mosskit trotted over to the nursery, it was empty. “He’s not in there,” she said.

Nightwing was looking more alarmed than she already was, “check the whole camp, he has to be around here.” Nightwing was determined to believe that, but deep inside Mosskit knew where Finchkit really was.

Together Dawnstep, Crowkit, and Mosskit searched the entire camp while Nightwing paced frantically. They came to one conclusion, Finchkit was not in the camp.

Sunstar recognized the situation. “I’ll lead a patrol to the RiverClan border,”

“Over my dead body!” Shadeleaf could be heard across the clearing.

Sunstar sighed, “Ravenwing,” he called his deputy, “take Cedarclaw, Owlshade, Lilyfoot, and Foxcloud. See if you can find his scent outside the camp and track it. If not,” Sunstar paused, “work your way toward the RiverClan border.”

“I’m coming too.” Nightwing’s voice sounded determined.

“All right,” replied Sunstar, “now get a move on.”

Ravenwing gathered the cats Sunstar named and then raced out of camp Nightwing close behind. Mosskit looked around, Crowkit had gone over to Dawnstep and Sunstar had retreated to his den. Nobody would notice if she just slipped out of the entrance. With her best crouch, she almost slithered to the opening in the barrier. She listened to voices outside.

“Ravenwing! I found his scent, it leads this way.” Lilyfoot called. The sound of paws on the ground grew silent.

Taking one last look around the camp to make sure nobody was watching, Mosskit crept out of camp. She was swarmed by new sights and sounds, but she kept her mind on the task at hand. Mosskit ran in the direction the others went, their scent was fresh and easy to follow. This must be the direction to RiverClan. She was exhausted by the time she caught up. They were in an argument.

“That’s my kit! We cross the border! Who knows what could happen to him!”

“We’re asking for more trouble by crossing! Besides the warrior code says no cat can neglect a kit no matter what clan they are from!”

“Cedarclaw! Do you honestly think those fish will treat my kit as a guest!?”

“Enough! There is no way for us to know if RiverClan will even find Finchkit, we cross the border.” Ravenwing announced.

Mosskit cringed at the smell of something fishy so pungent it made her eyes water. Blech she thought, how could RiverClan stand to live with such a horrible scent. Perhaps they were just used to it, or maybe they were to flea-brained to realize how awful they smelled.

Mosskit peaked at the cats after they crossed the scent line. So long as she wasn't heard she could stay right on their tail. Mosskit could smell something strong and cringed at the stench, it was like fish and unimaginable things. She knew it was the smell of RiverClan. Mosskit raced after the other cats, for a moment she was running on a strange hard surface, but was soon off it. It was harder to navigate on RiverClan territory, but she used the cats in front of her as a guide. Mosskit stood still when she heard the familiar voice as did her clanmates.

"You fish eating, fox hearted, lizard brains! I’ll get you for this, just wait! I’m just giving you a chance! I could tear you apart right now if I wanted to!”

“What should we do?” A quiet voice asked.

“We should kill it! One less rat for us to deal with.” An older voice responded.

“You will do no such thing!” Nightwing growled, showing herself to the two younger cats.

Mosskit peaked and saw what was going on. It looked like two RiverClan apprentices had Finchkit pinned down. Nightwing loomed over the pair like a fox. “You so much as rest a paw on him and you will wish you had never been born!”

“Not on our watch.” RiverClan cats appeared from all around. The two apprentices cowered in front of Nightwing as if they didn’t realized they outnumbered the ShadowClan cats. Before Mosskit knew what was going on she was lifted into the air by the scruff.

“Hey, look what I found.” Said a cat holding up Mosskit.

“Mosskit! I should have known you would follow. I’ll deal with you later. Now you better put her down or you’ll lose your tail!” Nightwing snapped. Mosskit was lowered to the ground. Before the cat backed away she swiped at their muzzle, “Mosskit!”

A silver tabby tom stepped forward and began to speak, “perhaps your kits could use a little more discipline.”

“How dare you insult m-”

“Nightwing. I’ll handle this.” Ravenwing stepped in front of the enraged queen. Mosskit admired how calm the Deputy seemed to be without effort.

“Well if it isn’t the ShadowClan deputy herself, coming to rescue her clan’s disobedient kits.”

“Now if I recall, Stonereed, RiverClan has had their own fair share of wandering kits.” Ravenwing chuckled..

“Well now, I- Tha-, oh, just take your kits and make sure this doesn’t happen again!”

“And I expect your apprentices to have a better respect for the warrior code. It’s one thing to kill a trespassing cat, but a kit, that’s lower than any cat should go.” Ravenwing responded. Nightwing growled at the two apprentices and picked up Finchkit by the scruff.

“RiverClan apprentices are RiverClan’s business.” Stonereed growled.

Lilyfoot escorted Mosskit back out of RiverClan’s territory. The only cats visible were that of ShadowClan but it was clear there were RiverClan cats trailing them.

Once back on their own territory Nightwing put Finchkit on the ground. Her voice was icy, “I don’t want to hear a word from you, when we get back to camp you and Mosskit will be punished.” Without saying anything more Nightwing trudged on. Mosskit’s feet ached but she knew it was not the time to complain.

As soon as they got back to camp Mosskit and Finchkit went straight for the nursery. Nightwing stuck her head in the medicine cat’s den. From her face one could tell Flamepelt was still alive, but not doing well. Nightwing walked over to the nursery. “Now where do I start?”

Chapter 4 Edit

What could the day hold? The question bounced around Mosskit’s head. The sun had only just risen and the camp was buzzing. Ravenwing was calling out the patrols while Shadeleaf scolded Sunstar for trying to undermine his deputy. The sky was bright with the morning sun, and the song of birds filled the air. Finchkit was under the watch of Nightwing, and Mosskit was lying on her back looking to the sky. She was deep in thought until Skykit broke the peace.

“Shadeleaf!” Skykit called with urgency from the medicine cat den. Shadeleaf rushed off to meet him. Skykit said something Mosskit couldn’t make out. Without hesitation she scurried over. It must be something about Flamepelt. Skykit had helped in Shadeleaf’s den since the battle against RiverClan. Shadeleaf insisted that unless a cat had something urgent and important to say they shouldn’t visit his den. Naturally Mosskit snuck in once. What she saw she didn’t want to see again.

Flamepelt had been so weak he didn’t even recognize Mosskit, his own daughter. His usually bright fur was dull and matted. His eyes were clouded and tail twitched sporadically. Mosskit had never seen a cat so deprived of life.

Mosskit was brought back to the present by Nightwing rushing past her and into the medicine cat den. She heard Shadeleaf’s contemptuous hiss come from his den, obviously displeased Nightwing had invited herself in.

Mosskit forced herself to stay where she was. As much as she wanted to see Flamepelt, she knew that it would do no good to get on Shadeleaf’s bad side while she was still under  stringent surveillance for sneaking out of camp.

"He’ll be okay right?” Mosskit jumped at the unexpected voice. Finchkit was looking at his paws worryingly. “He can’t die, he’s still young, we haven’t even been apprenticed.” Mosskit had never seen Finchkit more vulnerable. She was unsure how to comfort Finchkit, he usually was the bravest of her litter mates.

Choosing her words carefully, Mosskit thought out what she could say. “Flamepelt is strong, he doesn’t have to leave us now.” Mosskit was ready to bury herself after speaking. She couldn’t see how what she said could have helped. Yet despite Mosskit’s failure in finding the right thing to say, Finchkit seemed to take solace in Mosskit’s words.

“Why don’t you two join Thornfang and Crowkit in the elder’s den?” Mosskit leaped when she heard a new voice in her ear.

“How many cats are going to sneak up on me before the it’s even sunhigh?” Mosskit exclaimed, but when she realized it was Lilyfoot who had spoken to her, she immediately wished she’d never spoken. Mosskit had little interest in discipline, but she had the sense to know it was unwise to talk to a senior warrior with disrespect. “I’m sorry Lilyfoot, I didn’t mean-”

“It’s alright young one,.” Lilyfoot’s voice was gentle, the old warrior had always been there for Mosskit and her den mates. “Now, I think you both should join Crowkit and Thornfang. Don’t wait too long, you might miss out on a great story!”

“I’ll race you there!” Finchkit took off before the words left his mouth, he seemed to forget his troubles from a moment before.

“Hey! That’s not fair!” Mosskit ran as fast as her legs carried her. Despite Finchkit’s head start, he tired out before he was halfway the the elder’s den and Mosskit raced past him.

Finchkit muttered something inaudible as he caught up to her. “Someone’s a sore loser,” she joked.

Finchkit was about to retaliate, but Thornfang interrupted him. “Look who decided to join us for a story, come and sit, there’s lots of room.

“You’re not the one whom’s nest is being taken over.” Brightpool fixed her eyes on the three kits, but said nothing more before closing her eyes again.

“She had a thorn in her bedding, don’t mind her. Now, did I tell you the story about how Sunstar fought off a fox almost single pawed?”

“Yes,” all three kits answered in unison.

“Well then, how about the time Ravenwing fell-”

“Yes,” the kits had heard most of Thornfang’s stories. The elder looked down at the three younger cats like they all had three tails.

“Has anybody ever told you three not to interrupt?”


Thornfang chuckled, “when I was a young tom, nobody stood for even the slightest disrespect to our elders. Nowadays young ones go around, acting as if they made the great journey!”

“The great journey?” Mosskit inquired, she couldn’t remember any mention of it before.

“Have none of you knowledge of the great journey?” The kits shook their head. “Well then, it’s time I change that. Seasons upon seasons upon seasons ago, the four clans lived somewhere far far away from where they are now…”


“Flamepelt! You’re not strong enough yet, get back in here right now!” Shadeleaf rushed to aid the ginger tom back into his den.

“I want some fresh air, I don’t understand how you spend so much time in there.”

Shadeleaf sighed, “you can lay down somewhere visible from the opening of my den. And I don’t want any rowdy cats hanging around. You’re to be resting, understood?”

“Thank you, Shadeleaf.” Flamepelt hunkered down in a sun washed patch of grass on the side of the clearing, close to the medicine cat’s den.

“Mistpaw, Smokepaw, go fetch some bedding for Flamepelt, make sure he’s comfortable.”

Mistpaw looked up, “but Snowheart and Ivyfang were going to take us out hunting at sun high.”

“Where’s Rainpaw then?”

“She’s on the dawn patrol.”

“I’ll do it!” Mosskit chimed in.

Shadeleaf ignored Mosskit and padded up to Ravenwing who was just finishing organizing the patrols. “I need a cat or two to go collect bedding for Flamepelt.”

“Foxcloud,” Ravenwing called without hesitation, “go fetch some moss for Flamepelt.”

Foxcloud looked offended by being given an apprentice task, but she did as she was told. “And here I thought I was done with apprentice duties,” she mumbled.

“Better luck next time, Mosskit. You’ll get your chance, besides, you’ve already gotten farther than most kits have.” Sympathy showed in Smokepaw’s eyes.

“Smokepaw, we’re going to be late, let’s go.” Mistpaw trotted towards the thorn tunnel that led out of the camp. Smokepaw followed his sister through the exit, but before disappearing, he turned his head and rested his gaze on Mosskit.

After the apprentice disappeared, Mosskit looked at Flamepelt. Her father was miraculously alive and getting better. His eyes were closed and he was resting peacefully. Mosskit looked back to Shadeleaf, the medicine cat was still talking with Ravenwing. Though he had said no rowdy cats around, there was certainly nothing wrong with her accompanying him calmly. Mosskit padded over to Flamepelt and laid down next to him.

“Did Shadeleaf say you could lay next to me?” Flamepelt asked without opening his eyes.

“He told you no rowdy cats, so as long as I’m not rowdy, there can’t be anything wrong.”

“I don’t believe that’s how Shadeleaf thinks.”

“Of course not, that’s how I think.”

Flamepelt rested his tail on Mosskit’s shoulders, and then opened his eyes to look at her. “When did you get so big, you’re nearly as big as an apprentice.”

“Really? Do you think I could be apprenticed when Dawnstep’s kits are?”

Flamepelt chuckled, “you still must wait until you’re six moons old.”

Shadepelt stopped speaking to Ravenwing and walked back towards his den. He grunted when he saw Mosskit pressed up against Flamepelt, but said nothing as he slipped into the bramble thicket.

“Mosskit, move or be moved.” Foxcloud was looming over the small kit. She scrambled out of the way as Foxcloud did her best to make Flamepelt as comfortable as she could.

“Foxcloud, do you have any extra moss?” Mosskit was startled when she heard the familiar voice of Brackenkit. Foxcloud pointed her tail at a small pile of leftover moss before settling down on the opposite side of the clearing to groom her pelt. “Thanks!” Brackenkit called as he balled up the moss. “We’re going to play a game, you want to join?”

It took a moment for Mosskit to realize that Brackenkit was talking to her, and another moment for her to comprehend what he was saying. “Sure.”

“Great! Come on.” Mosskit gazed one last time at her father who looked pleased before catching up to Brackenkit and his litter mates. “Okay, here are the rules.”

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