Book 1

Rainstorm and the Stars

The Lightning Thief

I. I Vaporize My MentorEdit

Before I begin,can I just say,I didn't ask to be a half-blood.And if you think you might be one,this isn't a story for you.If yuur a perfectly normal cat thinking this is fiction,go right ahead.Enjoy.But I suggest you put this book down if you start to relate ti this story,if there is something that makes you think you may also be one of us.You were warned.

It began when my mentor,Whisperdot,took me on a border patrol with several other apprentices.Along with us were my friend Soilwood and his mentor Sunstone.I didn't know most of the others very well,except Stoneheart.She was the meanest apprentice in the Clan,and was always pushing Soilwood around.

Soilwood walked funny and never cleaned his pelt.Ever.A thick layer of dirt always covered him,especially his hind legs,and his paws were always covered by long fur.His pelt was a stange pattern,and was very stiff on his hind legs.

Anyway,that border patrol was what started everything.Whisperdot never liked me.Ever.She favored Stoneheart over me,so it did'nt surprise me when she pulled me away from the group with a hard stare at me.I assumed she was going to yell at me.I had no idea that what was going to happen,happened.


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