The Magical Mary Sues

By Gigglesplash


Long ago,a young cat wandered away from her Clan.All the rogues she met instantly fell under her spell.And so Mary Sue-Land was born.

Yellowpaw is all alone.She thinks nothing can go her way.Her mother,Windglider,is one of the greatest Mary Sues the Clan has ever seen.Her sister,Stonepaw,follows in their mother's pawsteps.She's pretty,glamorous,spoiled,and the star of everything.Yellowpaw is just....Yellowpaw.

Reedpaw is on top of the world.She is a beautiful she-cat,but things are crashing down.She isn't happy the way things are...but why?

Troutpaw has a secret.He holds the power of the Gary Stus,a secret gift that could  crown him king of the Clan...but it could also destroy him.

Wavewatcher is strong,handsome,and wonderful in every way.But things are changing.His power seems to be wearing off...and worse things are coming.

Skyrunner is different.Her whole life she was treated as ordinary.But her pull on Mary Sue-Land is strong.What is wrong with her?

Dawncatcher is a loner.He stays apart from the Clan,even ignoring his brother,Wavewatcher.Is he strange...or is he hiding something?


  1. The Quest

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