Cloverstorm looked out over the canyon. It sparkled in the morning light. It was peaceful, that way she liked it.

Then she felt paws on her back. “What in the name of- oof!" The wind was knocked out of her as she tumbled over the canyon, landing on top of a rock. Looking up, she saw Berryice laughing his head off.

“Not funny!" she yelled at him. He was the prankster of WhistleClan.

Cloverstorm sighed. She was the one who always got picked on. She was the one no one cared about humiliating. She had no talent, and she was an outcast. She probably always would be.

Looking over the camp, she noticed a small cat crying. It was Thornpaw. Despite her tough name, she was terrified of everything. Even battle training. She came back in fits and wails from the training ground.

“Thornpaw," Cloverstorm said softly, “Can you please stop crying and tell me what's wrong?"

The apprentice nodded her head and gulped. “In t-the t-training h-hollow,Sk-skystripe tried to push m-me,and-"

“Thornpaw!" Skystripe yelled. He was the biggest bully in the Clan. “Get over here for battle training!"

Thornpaw's eyes went wide. Her paws began to shake but she obediently went over.

“Poor Thornpaw," commented Cedarpaw.

Cloverstorm asked “What?" And Cedarpaw shook his head.

“All the apprentices know how he beats her. She sometimes comes back at night with clawmarks on her ears."

Cloverstorm couldn't believe it. “You're sure?" She asked softly and Cedarpaw nodded.

“She should tell Ripplestar!"

Cedarpaw shook his head again. “Skystripe said if she told then her beatings would get worse.And he would take away her fresh-kill."

Cloverstorn gasped. How could any warrior -even Skystripe- behave that way? It wasn't fair, and what had little Thornpaw done? It just wasn't fair.

Enjoy my evil treatment of poor little Thornpaw. Oh, and on the Season one page it lists her as Pinepaw. I'll fix it later.

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